Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Comic 924: Penis

3D printer

[Comic title: 3D Printer; alt text: I just can't wait for the Better Homes and Gardens list of helpful tips for household reuse of sixteen-inch acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene phalluses.]

hahahahahaha penis


  1. ahahahaha enlarged penis

  2. unlimited plastic dongs in the mail is very close to my personal idea of heaven so randall has really struck a positive vibe with me with this comic.

  3. Now hopefully we'll stop getting Markov Chain-spammed.

  4. Due to my shitty Internet connection, the comic took a moment to show up. In those few seconds, I saw the title "3D Printer" and immediately assumed Randall was going to make a joke somehow related to sexy body parts.

    I was depressed to find out I was completely right.

  5. 1. Who has EVER got spam through the post about penis enlargement/Viagra/penises? Nobody. It doesn't fucking happen.
    2. He's too lazy to even colour in megans hair properly.

  6. @Anon11:42: I think the idea was that 3D printers will become so widespread that spammers can send you penises via e-mail (i.e. they just send you a template that you can print with your 3D printer).

    Or something. I don't know. Randall's not in my head, after all.

  7. Who the hell prints out their spam?

    3D photocopying of one's arse might have made for a more plausible joke.

  8. Spammers want to sell something. if they print penises on your printer, they cannot sell them.

  9. @awkisopen

    I think you mean GOOMH.

  10. What is up with Randy loving to zoom in on people's faces for a panel.

    And on and on and on and on...

  11. @11:42: It's Randall's creamy white manjuice.

    You are now thinking about Randall towering over you, his little man in his hand.

  12. Ahahahahahaha, acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene penis.

  13. And to that I would like to add: penis-enlargement spammers don't send you pictures of enlarged penises. So they wouldn't do so with 3D models. Therein lies the fatal flaw of 924. Randall, you need help.

  14. Clearly Randall wants for somebody to send him a sixteen-inch acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene phallus. He cannot actually buy a dildo due to social stigma involved in it. This comic is a cry for help, and Randall stopped short of actually including his home address (he concluded quite correctly that his biggest fans have already figured out where he lives).

  15. I reckon he just saw this headline and got the wrong end of the stick

  16. 11:42
    i don't think that's megan

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  20. @Timofei

    Someone on the forum suggested the exact same thing:

    "Right, people, Randal gave us an order! By next Wednesday, he should receive a package with all the penises we printed :-)"

    Randall does make our job too easy.

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  22. How to remove posts by CTRLH:

    Create a new bookmark, and as the 'location' paste this in.


    Click the bookmark after the comment thread is loaded and voila, no CTRLH no more.

  23. And when he changes his name?

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  25. But if we ignore his posts then how can we laugh at what a butthurt* moron he is?

    *I don't usually say "butthurt" but if anyone can accurately be called "butthurt" it's CTRLH

  26. Damn you Anon 8:48 for Tempting Fate!

  27. 9:29 = CTRLH

    captcha: uncibil. Manuel creates eponymous homonymous antonym to reflect on boss's marriage.

  28. no, ctrlh is more likely to be someone who admires the lazy, overwrought and pointless trolling/performance art and shitty character that is altf. i'm guessing jon levi by the way he keeps trying to draw attention to it
    speaking as someone who barely knows him, this is exactly what he would do.

  29. um, overwrought was definitely not the word i meant

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  31. Somewhere on the Internet, I sense a "CTRL" + string('A'+rand(0..25)) having just been added to a script.

  32. R you've fallen so far.

    What happened to bright young troll who created WMH?

    What happened to those days, man?

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  34. Someone who got Internet access before youJuly 14, 2011 at 11:50 AM

    Whatever happened to Signal 11, man? Canter & Siegel, man?

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  38. ctrlfag = altf = rob

  39. = randall = raven = R = jon levi

  40. 11:23 i cringe when i read some of the things i wrote back then. i've never been bright.

    and willy was never a troll.

  41. hey, ctrlh. did you know there's ANOTHER xkcdsucks blog you can pollute with your comments?

    xkcd sucks reboot

    sorry jon ;-)

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  44. This is not enough. I want to be able to set my identity as "Queer/Genderqueer" and have my gender pronouns be modern inventions like "xir".

  45. Comic 925: Not to GOOMHR inanely, but the alt-text was right for once... I actually did cringe.

    Those poor hinge joints.

  46. I didn't even notice the laptop until I read the alt-text.

  47. Single greatest use of html tables to date, clearly.

    Captcha: lurmis. Worm Lupus.

  48. LOLOLOL he holds his laptop this way, because I can't be bothered to draw him holding it in a natural way!

  49. Anon 7/13 11:42: That's not Megan. He has another female character with that hairstyle, I don't remember if she has a name.
    And I'm tired of scrolling through old XKCDs now.

    The new comic would have been acceptably mediocre if it were one panel and didn't include the graph.


    Wow, he made Google listen to him! Is there anything he can't do? What's next, is he going to cure cancer? Ahahaha I kid i kid. He couldn't do that if his girlfriend's life depended on it OH WAIT IT DOES

  51. Have Google done anything interesting since 1997?

  52. @Anon 12:05

    The blonde girl's name is Sarah. Way back in comic 84 she says the Cherokee for 'My name is Sarah.'

  53. 2:29 - much love

    also the best thing about the comic is the alt-text. this is just a regurgitated graph comic

  54. 925 is the same exact kind of joke as 914, take a popular myth/urban legend and switch the words around. If I weren't lazy I'd check the 914 comment thread because someone probably made the cell phones cause cancer joke.

  55. -But you are lazy, right?

    -Oh, don't get me started.

  56. So now Randall's making cancer jokes? Glad he has his priorities straight.

  57. Megan lay feebly on the bed, barely able to lift her head.
    "Please," she said," The radiation from the cell phone is killing me Randall."
    But Randall would hear none of that. He needed his smart phone to be constantly connected to wikipedia.
    "No," he replied," the WHO is wrong.I'll make them change their mind."
    "That's impossible."
    "I was able to change the mind of Google, one of the most powerful companies in the world. When this next comic goes up, the nerds of the world will silence WHO."
    Megan let out a quiet grown, defeated.
    "Come along now," said Randall," It's time for your pumping."

  58. That story makes me sad =[

  59. Google is a branch of the NSA.

    Prove me wrong.

  60. Proof you're wrong: Google has accountability.

  61. That's right, because every US citizen gets to vote on who represents them at Google.

    Fucking Libertardians.

  62. Maybe you should learn about the different ways companies and individuals can be held accountable before you make such stupid statements, you tinfoil hat-wearing cuntface.

  63. Yes 2:22 corporations r gr8 they engage in honest free trade and accept no special favour and shareholders TOTALLY wouldnt accept any underhanded activity which increases profit.

  64. Oh, boy. More political debates.

    Can't we all just agree that liberals are pissy, unintelligent sheep and move on?

  65. Every grouping of people in existence engages in special favors and underhanded activity to further their aims. Corporations are no different, and can be held just as accountable. Look at News International.

  66. Has anyone posited that Randall should just stop making comics while his to be bride is almost dying from fucking cancer? Considering his nerd reach and his vast swath of comics do you think anyone would mind if he just chilled out for a bit and, you know, remain undevotedly attentive to his probably scared as shit partner?

  67. *devotedly you know what I mean

  68. in fairness to randy, it's not like he spends more than fifteen minutes a week making comics

  69. Google plus looks to be the same pretentious shit as google wave, except with the added underhandedness of trying to destroy facebook. Reading the comments on the link some cuddlefish posted earlier (where the google+ testers took randall's penis into their mouths and jumped on the "gender identification is like totally an invasion of privacy u guise" bullshit train*) fills me with general irritation at the ignorant arrogance of its users. Yes, dipshit#1, thank god advertisers won't be able to learn what your gender is any longer thanks to trusty google plus! It is now literally impossible for them to know something as fucking obvious as your gender, because as we all know, once something's on the internet, it disappears right away. No, wait. That's not how the saying goes.

    Yes, dipshit#2, it is inspiring that the google+ admins are so receptive to user complaints, how noble of them to resist the currently nonexistent profit motive while they are still developing their product, and how inspiring that they are able to listen to the trivial bullshit through the requests they must be getting from the millions of people who use google+.

    *being forced to display one's sex is not an invasion of fucking privacy. When you meet people in reality, do you know what sex they are? Yes. Yes you fucking do. And somehow, for literally all of recorded history humanity has survived this grave injustice. It's a goddamn miracle.

  70. UndercoverCuddlefishJuly 15, 2011 at 5:43 PM

    google+ has a much better interface and more immediately useful social features than facebook

    either way i still refuse to spend more than 5 minutes a week on a fucking social networking site but given that i already have gmail constantly open and do not have to do any extra work i find google+ far less irritating than facebook

    the users are another story there are definitely a bunch of self important fuckheads wrapped up in a shitty world of crossposting circlejerks but given that it takes literally zero effort to ignore them i could not care less

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  72. I once made a Markov Text generator using only the transcripts from XKCD. It mostly sucked (as I guessed it would.) But I saved some of the funnier ones:

    "oral sex on the table. Title text: My Deep Impact/Little Prince crossover fanfic is almost done!"

    "The penis varies in size when flaccid and is pretty good If you're turning 27 and were born in the rotunda"

    "The thought bubble is shared between the user and hot, sweaty, tangled-bedsheets-fingertips-digging-into-the-back sex."

    "A person is pointing to a large pentagram with candles at the spawn point ... separate the labia, but watch out, there are more inside them ..."

    "I'm teaching every 8-year-old relative to say "I love you" _before_ I hang up first, or we're OVER!"

    I see a pattern.

  73. @2:35: The News International thing is just Vince Cable's determined trolling of Murdoch finally paying off - and the Tories have always been the authoritarian party, so it's no surprise they want more control of the media.

    As for accountability, there is none. Murdoch won't go to jail. Brooks won't go to jail. A corporation is a shield against accountability. The NoTW will be replaced by the Sun on Sunday and business will resume as usual. (And if you think share price reflects accoutability you don't understand how the secondary market works.)

  74. there was a brief period in American politics where it looked like we might actually start treating the criminals at corporations like criminals (cf. Enron), but the Supreme Court has recently been demonstrating that it believes corporations should have a lot more power and less accountability (cf. Citizens United) so I think we missed that era.

  75. The government can't go just around prosecuting corporations for doing illegal stuff, you know. They have to be heralds of free enterprise.

  76. 925 reminded me of 558 in the labelling of the axes, in the third panel.


    ^an early and previously unrecorded example of Randall's milk fetish

  78. when will people stop using sheep(le) as an insult

  79. The sky is falling, the sky is falling.
    Murdoch beats African Children!
    Free market is responsible for AIDS!
    Chinkies did 9/11!
    Captcha: Dingle.
    Jews mutilate baby dingles.

  80. @ Rob,

    The people get the Government, Corporations and Supreme Court they deserve.
    Rise up! You have nothing to lose but your chains.

  81. Q. And babies?

    A. And babies.

  82. I removed all the clutter from 925. Is the joke worth making now? Still no!

    alt text: buloadef

  83. And what the hell, here's one for 924.

  84. Look, Murdoch apologised already. The poor guy's been through so much, and we should show a bit of mercy. He'll probably need a therapist after this.

    I can think of a certain French Madame who could ease his burdens...

  85. ALTF, for the first time ever you made me laugh. but it was a misunderstanding.

    i thought you had said "Rise up! You have nothing to lose but your chairs" which is hilarious.

    but it was actually chains, which is pretty predictable.

  86. @3:14: Thank you. I wish I'd misread that as you did. This is the first time this blog has made me grin on the outside too.

  87. Clever wordplay is beyond the capabilities of lower life-forms such as trolls, silly cuddlefish 3:14

  88. My face when there is more in depth and funny Classic!XCKD Sucks posts in the comment field

    Hahahaha penis doesn't equal quality. You're putting as much effort in as Randal does

  89. Here I thought I spent a good long while on this post. It turns out there's only two words! Where did the rest of them go?

  90. Rob, we all know you ate the other words.

  91. @steventhehawk

    Boy, when you see just the graph for 925, it becomes much clearer how bad the joke actually is. I don't think the graph shows a correlation at all.

  92. @Ves: you're just falling victim to your sense of male privilege. It's probably erect and trying to throttle a helpless woman somewhere right now.

    @ALTF: did you issue an apology in the last thread? You're doing a really bad job of cultivating my hatred.

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  94. SHIFTP, your grammar is fucking awful.

  95. I found the missing words! They're in the alt text of the comic above.

  96. Randall should not have mentioned body parts. He should have said something really witty about how "l'espirt d'ecsalier" is not actually French, but German.

    That would have been FUNNY. Because it's IRONIC. Rob KNOWS that it's actually FRENCH, but he said it's GERMAN -- for the LULZ. Why can't Randall come up with great material like that???

  97. I feel positively, about this Blogge...!

  98. I feel positively, about this Blogge...!

  99. I feel positively, about this Blogge...!

  100. Where is the 925 post? that comic totally sucks

  101. אני מסכימה אם כי יש לציין שפחות או יותר כל קסקס"ד מהשנים האחרונות גרוע באותה מידה, וגם כל פוסט ב"קסקס"ד מסריח" מאחר בכמה ימים באותה מידה.

  102. God, 925 is terrible. There's not even an opportunity for an ILY, so I'm just going to do this. Whatever.

  103. I meant 926 but who cares

  104. What the fuck is a "Time Vulture"? I'm too fucking lazy to look it up.

    It is just a relativity joke?

  105. Hi, my name is Anonymous and I'm MALEJuly 17, 2011 at 10:25 PM

    926 is just such a nothing comic. I feel sorry for anyone who writes a review of it because it's just so uninterestingly bad.

    But, Rob, I'm sure you can deliver the exact amount of laziness this comic deserves.

  106. Anon, I am fairly certain it's not a relativity joke. I think you're supposed to enjoy it like you would enjoy Pictures for Sad Children, but being Randall he fails the execution miserably.

  107. Anon1109: I do think John Campbell could have made this touching, entertaining, and possibly both. And really, it's just that awful last line that ruins it.

    I tried to fix it, I'm not sure if I succeeded or not.

    "Don't try to fix what we should break before it breaks us"

  108. Randall is now moving towards the culmination of his plan. First he develops a large following of people with little to no social life. Then he develops a bestiary and a fictional world for it to habit. All the pieces will soon be in place for him to finally convert xkcd into a game of D&D, and be Dungeon Master to the largest party ever formed.

  109. Anonymous @ July 16, 3:14 PM said:

    ".....i thought you had said "Rise up! You have nothing to lose but your chairs" which is hilarious....."

    Actually I pixelated, no words were spoken. And your misreading is only funny if you assume all the oppressed masses are in a seated position upon a chair or chair-like appointment. Some of the unlettered masses are squating in the thickets or lying prone on the savannah. I am egalitarian, if I am anything at all.

  110. My reaction to reading 926: What the fuck is that shit?

  111. 926: randall badly rips off Doctor Who's Weeping Angels and forgets he's supposed to include a punchline.

  112. Croaker @ July 16. 7:51 PM said:

    ".....@ALTF: did you issue an apology in the last thread? You're doing a really bad job of cultivating my hatred....."

    I did apologise - it was mendacious though. Accordingly, was the apology really bad or was it a sublimely really good job of cultivation?

    @ VES,
    Yins is a cunt.
    I is a trawl - not a troll!

  113. Vultures are scavengers, not predators.
    Though some have been known to 'hasten' the death of an otherwise mortally wounded or ill animal.

  114. @ Kitten,

    You are right Kitten, we can't have Mr. Murdoch going the way of Robert Maxwell now can we?
    Just not civilised.

    Neil Kinnock, said of Maxwell: a man who "attracted controversy, envy and loyalty in great measure throughout his rumbustious life."

    A rumbustious life! I strive to live one of those!

  115. ALT-F, I would say you were more bombastic than rumbustious, but that word lies in ruins ever since Shaggy rhymed it with 'telephone-tastic'.

    Okay, he might have been saying 'boombastic', but the effect is the same.

  116. "....ALT-F, I would say you were more bombastic than rumbustious...."

    Past tense?

    "Chat bout you body you know me have to get musical
    Dem kind a woman de fe put me in a hospital
    No mek me body get week and disfunctional
    Woman a woman how you body so sexy gal"

  117. Of course past tense. We were talking about obituaries, after all.

    I have been informed that Shaggy never says the word 'telephon-tastic' and I have just made that up. My world has been turned upside-down.

  118. I want my obituary to read:

    "Sic Transit Gloria Cunti"

    I thought Shaggy and Shady were one and the same - so we're both worldly head over heels.
    Personally, I prefer to be 'heels over head' though.
    Ah shite!
    Histrionics again.

  119. HP's obituary will read:

    Here lies Harry Potter
    The boy who died

  120. I wanted to admonish ALT-F, in a display of ironic pedantry, for confusing epitaphs with obituaries. Now someone else has made the same mistake, I'll just look plain pedantic.

    Ugh, whatever. It probably wouldn't have been worth the effort.

  121. Fuck off!
    A Laudatio Cuntiae then!
    "Against you I will fling myself, unvanquished and unyielding, O Kitten"

    You can dispense with the word "probably" in that declarative by the way.

  122. @TLOK This is the sort of person who once read in a grammar text to use a comma for the vocative and ends up thinking it correct to write, "Neil Kinnock, said of Maxwell..." They're the worst of student because they achieve nothing except confidence that they deserve a reward just for trying.

  123. "...They're the worst (type) of student because they achieve nothing except confidence that they deserve a reward just for trying...."

    I would say 'impudence' rather than 'confidence' and the Kinnock phrase was a 'copy-paste' from Wikipedia - blame those unlettered japing cunts!

  124. Neil Kinnock, then Labour Party leader, spoke of him as a man with "a zest for life" who "attracted controversy, envy and loyalty in great measure throughout his rumbustious life."

    Actually, Anonymous, you are right!
    I maladjusted the 'copy' before the final 'paste'. My paraphrase, ostensibly born of laziness, was illiterate in it's construction.
    I shall learn and return stronger.

    The Wikipedia folks are still cunts though.

  125. And here I was hoping someone would point out your error in the most hateful way possible. Stop undercutting them, ALT-F!

    I like 'T-LOK', by the way. It is the most gangsta of acronyms, for the most ungangsta of names.

  126. You don't use "it's" for possession, you dumb shit.

    Captcha: wimmin. Amirite, men?

  127. Dearest Doof,

    "....You don't use "it's" for possession, you dumb shit...."

    Ain't I just!
    The phrase "was illiterate in it's construction" is itself illiterate in its construction.
    How 'bout that?

  128. "Legion of Kittens" is ungangsta?

    Next you'll be telling us NWA is North West Airlines!

  129. My self-referential 'construction' quip of 12:35 PM?
    Was that 'meta'? Or am I misunderstanding how you lot use that word?

  130. I used to like reading these comments. Now it's shit.

  131. You mean: 'Now they're shit'

  132. It could be that the act of "reading these comments" is shit.

  133. Indeed Doof, you are correct.
    I seem to fixate on one interpretation of an English phrase when I know that any given English phrase might be rife with multiple meanings.
    T-LOK has revealed this failing of mine often.

  134. "The phrase "was illiterate in it's costruction" is itself illiterate in its construction."

    What kind of phrases are 'literate', exactly? Parsers?

    Captcha: Murgical. Diction sniping is a murgical pursuit.

  135. Say what you will about CTRLH, but at least he was effective at getting rid of ALTF

  136. yes, i have been thanking my lucky stars that this thread is ALTF-free

  137. Wow… so… I’m really surprised there are people who dislike xkcd so much that they’ll post such negative feedback. I think it’s because they don’t get it.

  138. negative? I think you will find I laughed at this joke, IT SAYS SO RIGHT THERE ON THE POST

  139. I'll tell you a tale of ALTF,
    And she was a Whig and a Saunt;
    She liv'd a most sanctify'd life,
    But whyles she was fash'd wi her cunt.

    Poor woman! She gaed to the Priest,
    And till him she made her complaint;
    'There's naething that troubles my breast
    Sae sair as the sins of my cunt'.

    'Sin that I was herdin at hame,
    Till now I'm three score and ayont,
    I own it wi' sin and wi' shame
    I've led a sad life wi' my cunt'.

    He bade her to clear up her brow,
    And no be discourag'd upon 't;
    For holy gude women enow
    Were mony times waur't wi' their cunt.

    It's naught but Beelzebub's art,
    But that's the mair sign of a saunt,
    He kens that ye're pure at the heart,
    Sae levels his darts at your cunt.

    What signifies Morals and Works,
    Our works are no wordy a runt!
    It's Faith that is sound, orthodox,
    That covers the fauts o' your cunt.

    Were ye o' the Reprobate race
    Created to sin and be brunt,
    O then it would alter the case
    If ye should gae wrang wi' your cunt.

    But you that is Called and Free
    Elekit and chosen a saunt,
    Will't break the Eternal Decree
    Whatever ye do wi' your cunt?

    And now with a sanctify'd kiss
    Let's kneel and renew covenant:
    It's this - and it's this - and it's this
    That settles the pride o' your cunt.

    Devotion blew up to a flame;
    No words can do justice upon't;
    The honest auld woman gaed hame
    Rejoicing and clawin her cunt.

    Then high to her memory charge;
    And may he who takes it affront,
    Still ride in Love's channel at large,
    And never make port in a cunt!

  140. Listen, I don't want to sound like some super fanboy of xkcd or anything, but I think you are trying too hard at this point. You make fun of this particular strip on the basis of "it's just a stupid penis joke", but that's not the basis of the humor. It seems like you're just doing this for the sake of not skipping a comic and seeming like you cant think of anything for it.

  141. you think that typing the text 'hahahahaha penis' is trying too hard?

  142. @5:44 I'm often one to criticise Rob's tedious rambling and found this to be one of his best reviews in a while. The only way in which your post might not fail is if you were Rob's sockpuppet setting up for his perfect response at 5:51.

  143. ... Is it not somewhat sad that you have set up a blog dedicated to convincing people that something sucks? You're like a film critic who only reviews films he knows he hates. Why don't you try and write something funny yourself? 'Cause this blog certainly isn't.

  144. the best reviews are bad reviews.