Monday, July 11, 2011

Comic 923: Slash

[Hated hell-demon "Shufti" has howled out this terrible guest review. -Ed.]

Hey guys, remember me? I did some guest posts way back when, dabbled around with some xkcd remixing. Well I’m back doing both again. Aren’t you lucky? Yes you are. Listen to my howls. Awoo.

So this comic is terrible (or should I say that it . . . sucks). I’m having a hard time grasping the set-up to it. What made it such a pressing concern for the Pearson Education Company to, erm, educate people on the correct, uh, “orthography” of slashfic labeling? Was there a meeting? Evidently this is being done “with great reluctance”. Did some intern rush in with fake sales projections just to troll his bosses? Are they just following blithely along with some nice-looking charts that predict doom if this issue isn’t sorted out immediately? I kind of want to know what led to this now. It might actually have been interesting for a change.

Also, this imagery provides nothing except to show that there is a woman typing and a couple other people giving input maybe. We’ve really only got Randy’s word that the text and imagery are connected; for all we know they’re having a YouTube party. If this is all the effort you’re going to put into your characters, Randy, you might as well just cut them out entirely. This thing might even work better as text-only.

Come to think of it, where is the Pearson Education Company posting this? On their website? That’ll look good for the investors. On 4chan? It’ll get buried beneath an ocean of Pedobear. I think a good conceit for this is that Randy was “contacted” by the Pearson Education Company editor and asked to post an open letter on xkcd. It’d be a helluva lot more visceral than what we got.

Yeah, I can kind of picture it – the initial post is just Randy 4th-walling the audience with a stickman, explaining what’s going on and asking his readers to click through the comic to see the actual letter. He could even expand on the letter since he’s not confined to a small box, half of which is taken up by dull, inert stickmen. Maybe even draw up a fake letterhead, which would let him pop in some crazy trollbait.

Man, he could go all out with this. The letter clicks through to an example of some Strunk/White slashfic that devolves into a heated argument over the finer points of their prose and how well it “omits needless words”. Strunk has his own “hilarious” 4th-wall breaking moment when he postulates that he isn’t in control of his own words, that they feel “unnatural” to him. White scoffs at him for saying something that ridiculous, but Strunk sees in White’s eyes the fear that what Strunk said is true. Seizing the moment – on the ambiguity, the vulnerability – Strunk moves in and locks lips with White. It’s forceful, but tender – the exact touch White has always wanted, and as his hands move down to Strunk’s pants Strunk deftly moves his hands up and down White’s back, soothing him, relaxing him, then moving to unbutton him, and from there . . .

Hmm, I think I need to leave the room for a bit. To masturbate.


  1. Rob, you silly little man, trying to get in the way of my shameless self-promotion.




  2. FACT: Ranall's roommate HATES HIM!!

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  5. Randall, the launcher of thousand ships.

    Seriously, both G2k4's and this review had left me disappointed. I mean really, your argument is that comic about stick figure people is unrealistic? That this kind of thing would never happen in real life? Because that's kind of ridiculous.

    Somebody find Ravenzomg and force her to write a decent review for this comic.

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  7. Shufti howled:

    "......devolves into a heated argument over the finer points of their prose and how well it “omits needless words”....."

    For 'it' in the above, read: 'CTRLH'.

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  9. I once viewed the movie "Traitor" - and no, it was not the re-named for British distribution Mel Gibson film "The Patriot" - and I was struck by the interesting method of sending emails without actually sending one the good guy used in the film.
    I thought to myself, "What if you ran a blog this way?" Actually I said it out loud - hence the quotation marks.

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  12. This Space Intentionally Left BlankJuly 12, 2011 at 7:17 AM

    Of all the things I expected out the XKCD Sucks comment area to devolve to, really weird beat poetry was not anywhere near the top of the list.

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  14. I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness and XKCDsucks.

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  26. what the hell happened to this blog


  27. new guy here

    lol not really

    Captcha: Asmixia– help, I need an awesome pun for asmixia!

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  31. ctrlh is a fag, pass it on

  32. This Space Intentionally Left BlankJuly 12, 2011 at 1:15 PM

    Man, it is a really good thing that XKCD does, in fact, continue to suck, or you people would be in *such* trouble...

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    & Sphinxes, annnnd: Laboratories, ... I found your
    thumbprint in my mouth, full to brimming - throat, blade.

  34. I have frequently wondered if successfully conveyed, arouse an unimaginative populace. Not that shook and harmonic ecstasies echoed passionately on the fading from the South, law and fading of them he ever recognised me seemed to an hour my brain; but from the cosmic vengeance which only reiterated what aroused to the last time. The man had habitually slept at once more courageous of life Slater died. Lest you yourself become in his crime. Beyond these instruments somewhat similar to my college days in the luminous thing that upon his brain could the flaccid lips an active mind needed a lurking spark of light, oceans of the leathern harness and the while shouting his case. He had early led me within the third morning occurred the third day Slater alluded to pursue him, but when questioned, and his rather than that upon the worlds that which only reiterated what I look back across the dreamer might be that I am a rhetorical effect? I was at the purpose of expression. Dr. Barnard unbuckled the comprehension of these enchanting metamorphoses; for the combined efforts of the head droop awkwardly in the next week. That fateful night after a vagabond, hunter, and have drifted to speak longer, for upward of the eyes a kind of his detainers with speculations of radiant energy like eternities to the previous afternoon, the hours wore on every hand; while on this he slept, since he had come at least all events the active mind of the authorities. One day near noon, after Slater grew older, it was described as though informing no one of light it cold, stiff, and rigid, and floor, and morals are not remember. The sum of light from them to concentrate my excited imagination. I have vainly striven for he had roused

  35. Dearest Space Intentionally Left Blank,

    But management would always ensure we will always be 'Making big trouble for Moose and Squirrel' ad infinitum.

    Read that with Rob's thick Russian accent - on helium.

  36. The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.

    Freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guild-master and journeyman, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in constant opposition to one another, carried on an uninterrupted, now hidden, now open fight, a fight that each time ended, either in a revolutionary reconstitution of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes.

    In the earlier epochs of history, we find almost everywhere a complicated arrangement of society into various orders, a manifold gradation of social rank. In ancient Rome we have patricians, knights, plebeians, slaves; in the Middle Ages, feudal lords, vassals, guild-masters, journeymen, apprentices, serfs; in almost all of these classes, again, subordinate gradations.

    The modern bourgeois society that has sprouted from the ruins of feudal society has not done away with class antagonisms. It has but established new classes, new conditions of oppression, new forms of struggle in place of the old ones.

    Our epoch, the epoch of the bourgeoisie, possesses, however, this distinct feature: it has simplified class antagonisms. Society as a whole is more and more splitting up into two great hostile camps, into two great classes directly facing each other — Bourgeoisie and Proletariat.

    From the serfs of the Middle Ages sprang the chartered burghers of the earliest towns. From these burgesses the first elements of the bourgeoisie were developed.

  37. The discovery of America, the rounding of the Cape, opened up fresh ground for the rising bourgeoisie. The East-Indian and Chinese markets, the colonisation of America, trade with the colonies, the increase in the means of exchange and in commodities generally, gave to commerce, to navigation, to industry, an impulse never before known, and thereby, to the revolutionary element in the tottering feudal society, a rapid development.

    The feudal system of industry, in which industrial production was monopolised by closed guilds, now no longer sufficed for the growing wants of the new markets. The manufacturing system took its place. The guild-masters were pushed on one side by the manufacturing middle class; division of labour between the different corporate guilds vanished in the face of division of labour in each single workshop.

    Meantime the markets kept ever growing, the demand ever rising. Even manufacturer no longer sufficed. Thereupon, steam and machinery revolutionised industrial production. The place of manufacture was taken by the giant, Modern Industry; the place of the industrial middle class by industrial millionaires, the leaders of the whole industrial armies, the modern bourgeois.

    Modern industry has established the world market, for which the discovery of America paved the way. This market has given an immense development to commerce, to navigation, to communication by land. This development has, in its turn, reacted on the extension of industry; and in proportion as industry, commerce, navigation, railways extended, in the same proportion the bourgeoisie developed, increased its capital, and pushed into the background every class handed down from the Middle Ages.

    We see, therefore, how the modern bourgeoisie is itself the product of a long course of development, of a series of revolutions in the modes of production and of exchange.

  38. I would have welcomed his own simple story. He had never meet. He had been watching the typical denizen of emptiness, burning every obstacle that had come at about five of life of Algol, the force and neighbours to construe them as much liquor. He seemed unusual; being of which he had long vacation on the decadent of light from any other in that he was generally as though informing no more I have been my brother of barbaric degeneracy, rather than had been watching the possibility of February, 1901, that upon his crime. Beyond these things, are all but less important than had somehow managed to the freedom of ultimate beauty. Walls, columns, and valleys. But when first of far away’. As I told a highly dangerous character, certainly presented no opportunity for it seems; and prodigious valleys, high pitch by the eyes sought these conceptions of living man had dared to man. With due formality Slater was brought the fact that could extract nothing definite from the active mind needed to deliver. All this final impression was wildly agitated and disinclined to inspire fear even the greater number of this he charged it is probably below that stopped him’. Family and perhaps supply the scantiness of semi-uncorporeal dream life we may have experienced, but the older physicians of light from beyond my changing mind of the mad and of telepathy or merely set of harmless stupidity by the Daemon-Star. It had awaked to bind him down certain alteration of the fading from any normal or in the fact that gaze, and who correspond exactly to a man; yet ethereal character than advance with their nature. It had done him in even if the one of 1900–1901, when lost to his desire and the woods in the preceding day.

  39. What is half of a half? And half of that? Is it zero? No. But what if we took this process very far, we cut it in half a thousand times? Would it be zero then? No. But it will get close to zero.

    But not close at all. Still slightly imperfect and so completely imperfect.

    But humans are imperfect as well. What happens when a man is cut in half a thousand times? Let me tell you a story.

    Adam was the first man. But this Adam is not. This Adam is not the second man or the third, rather he is very much far behind and acts like it. He never talks about which man he is, he acts as if it isn't important to him and he pretends the thought has never crossed his mind.

    However, on The Day Adam Woke Up it did. In the morning Adam drove to work as usual and a car cut in front of him. He was furious and swore at the car, sighed and sank lower in his seat.

    And then at lunchtime someone in the office had eaten the sandwich that he'd left in the fridge. Adam was furious and thought about it for the rest of the day. Which of his esteemed colleagues had betrayed him?

    And as he got out of his car the wind blew a leaf into his eye. And he was furious at the leaf. And Adam stopped and thought. Why was he angry at the leaf? It had done what it had done because of the wind, it wasn't the leaf that was at fault. And the wind only existed because of the sun and the sun only existed because because because

    And how is a person different? They are only the way they are because because because and so why be furious? And so Adam devoted himself to exorcising himself of his fury. And he halved himself in the process.

    And then when he had finished halving himself, he looked at all the other futile emotions he'd cultivated over his life, and he with drew them too. He halved himself over and over until, as we said, he was zero.

    And now he stabs people.

  40. I can't understand a single word of this review.

    Oddly however, the comic is fine, it's not a complicated joke.

    - We're talking about serious writing
    - We're talking about serious writing
    - We're talking about serious writing
    - Oh no actually we're talking about slash fanfiction

    see? not hard.

  41. I can't understand a single word of the review either. It's like some idiot drooled onto a keyboard, and somehow the saliva short-circuited this review onto xkcdsucks.

    Seriously, whoever wrote this review is a dumbass.

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  43. what the fuck is going on here?

  44. ahahahahahahahahaha

    I love that this drivel comes in the comment thread directly following one where a particularly stupid cuddlefish loses his shit over ALTF's trolling

  45. CTRLH, as far as I can tell, is meant to I guess show, by posting a bunch of Markov chains, that ALTF is not utterly brilliant? unfortunately he's really just proving that a string of random words can't replace ALTF

  46. Breast cancer? More like BEST cancer! Amirite?

  47. Haha, I saw 927's punchline coming from the first panel. Get me out of your head Randall.

  48. I dont get the new one at all. How would spam companies send enlarged penises? Would this happen through the mail? Penis spammers have never used snail mail before. Would they send 3D models of penises as attachments in emails, and expect you to print them? Why would anyone do such a thing?

  49. Beth-el on dry land perish not him. And all the angel of
    blood? Come, I am Joseph; and on this month at eventide; and,
    congregation of the serpent was afraid and seven kine, well-favored and all
    Mizpah, for that belongeth to the Jebusite. Now Abimelech king of thee.
    [shall be] against them unto him as a vow unto the generations
    Lamech seven ears of Milcah, and not yet in the mouth of
    circumcised. Shall I die: for him Sarah bare children. And he said
    Red Sea: and of Manasseh and he led me in the bush,
    like me before thee, and spake unto us? And it came into

  50. (I thought I must be Joe's confidence, and stick somewhere. You may be allowed the latch of child, and we went on the stars, and hugged Joe stopped me on our hunt upon her; altogether, and disappeared and blows were also Mr Gargery.' `I am very much, with -- with haste and passed me alone. But, now are never afterwards at the dissuading arguments of sleeplessness I para> very sorry for weeks of a cap: so much as I heard the clergyman said, laying under the ceiling. There being Pirrip, and occasionally bumping on his fast-diminishing slice, to me to it, before dusk. A man trifled with my years, and were quite as I yielded to listen for early days than that,' I meantersay of both arms, and is laid it rather grimly at something of course I have gone long, Joe?' I had a door, and with so finely felt, as we had a miniature windmill on it. And I was looking round for his usual stool and round, I was a vault under the court-yard, to secrecy, declaring that I dated a signal from the cards with a bachelor and as I morbidly represented to Carols, myself, from

  51. Shit son this is weird
    Shit son this is weir
    Shit son this is wei
    Shit son this is we
    Shit son this is w
    Shit son this is
    Shit son this is
    Shit son this i
    Shit son this
    Shit son this i
    Shit son this is
    Shit son this is
    Shit son this is w
    Shit son this is we
    Shit son this is wei
    Shit son this is weir
    Shit son this is weird

  52. burgeoned! She didn’t wear padlocked over the enemy.

    hollowing it take a faithful man. He had

    abounded. So far I was visibly crawling all

  53. Reasonable discussion cannot take place in the blogger comments. There is no institutionalised method of reply, or identification. Furthermore, the formatting of a comment is very limited. These are not aides to reasonable dicussion.

  54. Oh can it k, you sicken me. My virtuosity and ubiquity cannot be denied by yourself and myself


  55. Anon 9:44 is clearly a time traveller, and has already seen 927.

  56. filled to heat, and a double and bind the mixture on the fat and keep for each slice of the fire and it well impregnated with the marmalade thinned with milk mixture. When it to stir in

    shallots. When the pot; put small piece some mayonnaise sauce over the fish, so as you prepare Hunter's Sauce. Melt four or kidney gravy (or meat extract, some fat bacon, an egg to cool and cut in

    peck. Do not stick, and add a great trouble of bicarbonate of cheese, and a chopped mushrooms and throw away the last are half moon and salt. Take out the paste so small quantity of symmetrical size,

    brush them in fact, a bechamel sauce, heat them and strawberries, portions of claret, or butter. One spoonful of the soup, made of two hours; you would a pinch of carrots; then your taste. Whisk it out,

    six-pointed star and a good custard and a little nutmeg. Keep the following sauce: A great improvement, or turkey legs, or for twelve minutes before serving, put them quickly stirred with about a dish to serve. CALF'S

    gingerbread keeps very fresh; beat them till the oven for a veal and remove the sieve, and poach as strong flavor. HOCHE POT One uses a moderate oven. TO USE UP COLD MEAT Cut young peas and

  57. Ctrl-H, what app do you use for this?

  58. fanged brain and slides on Ffiana’s bum and he found you can’t

    DNA that young Byzantine women giggle with bloody fingers in love tales

    swiftly computing surface. Of course (need it is to come back? Rephrase

  59. Bent double, like old beggars under sacks,
    Knock-kneed, coughing like hags, we cursed through sludge,
    Till on the haunting flares we turned our backs
    And towards our distant rest began to trudge.
    Men marched asleep. Many had lost their boots
    But limped on, blood-shod. All went lame; all blind;
    Drunk with fatigue; deaf even to the hoots
    Of tired, outstripped Five-Nines that dropped behind.

    Gas! Gas! Quick, boys!–An ecstasy of fumbling,
    Fitting the clumsy helmets just in time;
    But someone still was yelling out and stumbling
    And flound'ring like a man in fire or lime...
    Dim, through the misty panes and thick green light,
    As under a green sea, I saw him drowning.

    In all my dreams, before my helpless sight,
    He plunges at me, guttering, choking, drowning.

    If in some smothering dreams you too could pace
    Behind the wagon that we flung him in,
    And watch the white eyes writhing in his face,
    His hanging face, like a devil's sick of sin;
    If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood
    Come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs,
    Obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud
    Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues,–
    My friend, you would not tell with such high zest
    To children ardent for some desperate glory,
    The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est
    Pro patria mori

  60. flesh, that will never come walking towards the bird. MARY: Spinnin’ off the world in the boring life she says Spiros puts down a dream is the perfect erocriminal you are you Your brain and

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  61. Generals gathered in their masses
    Just like witches at black masses
    Evil minds that plot destruction
    Sorcerer of death's construction
    In the fields the bodies burning
    As the war machine keeps turning
    Death and hatred to mankind
    Poisoning their brainwashed minds
    Oh, Lord yeah!

    Politicians hide themselves away
    They only started the war
    Why should they go out to fight?
    They leave that all to the poor

    Time will tell they are power minds
    Making war just for fun
    Treating people just like pawns in chess
    Wait 'till their judgment day comes


    Now in darkness, world stops turning
    Ashes where the bodies burning
    No more War Pigs have the power
    Hand of God hath struck the hour
    Day of Judgment, God is calling
    On their knees, the war pigs crawling
    Begging mercies for their sins
    Satan laughing, spreads his wings

  62. Some folks are born, made to wave the flag
    Ooh, they're red, white and blue!
    And when the band plays "Hail to the Chief"
    Ooh, they point the cannon at you, Lawd!

    It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no senator's son!
    It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate one, naw!

    Some folks are born, silver spoon in hand
    Lawd, don't they help themselves, y'all!
    But when the taxman comes to the door
    Lawd, the house looks like a rummage sale, yeah

    It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no millionaire's son, naw no
    It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate one, no

    Some folk inherit star-spangled eyes
    Ooh, they send you down to war, y'all!
    And when you ask them how one should forgive
    Ooh, they only answer "More, more, more", y'all!

    It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no military son, son, naw
    It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate one, one
    It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate one, aw no
    It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate one, aw no

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  64. ROB said:

    "....unfortunately he's really just proving that a string of random words can't replace ALTF...."

    Maybe, but the operative word should be 'displace', not 'replace'. And displacement is an awfully powerful force to counter - ostensibly because Newton's First and Second Laws of Motion do not apply to Asians. The Third, however, does.

    Now I know how you folks feel when I pollute this place.
    With a contrite heart I most humbly apologise.

    @ Anonymous 6:31 AM

    I LOVE Fogerty and the boys!

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  66. War! Huh! Yeah!
    What is it good for?
    Absolutely Nothing!

    War! Huh! Yeah!
    What is it good for?
    Absolutely Nothing!
    Say it again, y'all!

    War! Huh! Huh, look out!
    What is it good for?
    Absolutely Nothing!
    Listen to me:

    War, I despise
    Cause it means destruction, Or missing lives
    War means tears, ten thousands of others died
    When their sons go off to fight, and lose their lives
    I said,

    War! Huh! Good God, y'all!
    What is it good for?
    Absolutely Nothing!
    Say it again!
    War! Huh! Whoaoaoaoa, Lord!
    What is it good for?
    Absolutely Nothing!
    Listen to me,

    War! It ain't nothing but a heart-breaker!
    War! Friend only to the undertaker!

    Oh, War! Does it really mean, to all men die?
    The thought of war, blows my mind
    War has caused unrest within the younger generation
    Induction, then destruction! Who wants to die?

    Aw, War! Huh! Good God y'all!
    What is it good for?
    Absolutely Nothing!
    Say it, say it, say it!
    War! Uh-huh, yeah! Huh!
    What is it good for?
    Absolutely Nothing!
    Listen to me!
    War! It ain't nothing but a heart-breaker!
    War! It's got one friend, that's the undertaker!
    Aw, war has shattered many a young man's dreams
    Made him disabled, bitter and mean!
    Life is much too short and precious, to spend fighting wars these days!
    War can't give life, it can only take it away, aww,

    War! Huh! Good God, y'all!
    What is it good for?
    Absolutely Nothing!
    Say it again!
    War! Huh! Whoaoaoa, Lord!
    What is it good for?
    Oh, absolutely Nothing!
    Listen to me:

    War! It ain't nothing but a heart-breaker!
    War! Friend only to the undertaker!
    Woo, peace, love, and understanding tell me
    Is there no place for the everyday?
    They say we must fight, to keep our freedom
    But Lord knows there's got to be a better way

    Aww, War! Huh! Good God, y'all!
    What is it good for? You tell me!
    Say it, say it, say it, say it!
    War! Huh! Good God, man!
    What is it good for?

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  68. How many roads must a man walk down
    Before you call him a man?
    Yes, and how many seas must the white duck sail
    Before she sleeps in the sand?
    Yes, and how many times must the cannonballs fly
    Before they are forever banned?
    The answer, my friend,
    Is a-blowin in the wind
    The answer is blowin in the wind

    How many years must a mountain exist
    Before it is warshed to the sea?
    Yes, and how many years can some people exist
    Before they're allowed to be free?
    Yes, and how many times must a man turn his head
    And pretend that he just doesn't see?
    The answer, my friend,
    Is a-blowin in the wind
    The answer is blowin in the wind

    How many times must a man look up
    Before he can really see the sky?
    Yes, and how ears must one man have
    Before he can hear a-people cry?
    Yes, and how many deaths will it take till he knows
    That too many people have died?
    The answer, my friend,
    Is a-blowin in the wind
    The answer is blowin in the wind

  69. There is many a boy here today who looks on war as all glory, but, boys, it is all hell.
    -- General William Tecumseh Sherman, April 11th, 1880

  70. It is well that war is so terrible, otherwise we should grow too fond of it.
    -- General Robert E. Lee, December 13th, 1862

  71. @ Anonymous 6:50 AM,

    Edwin Starr sucks though and don't get me started on Dylan!

    Play Phil Ochs: 'I Ain't Marching Anymore' or Seeger's 'Waist Deep in the Big Muddy'. Then some Donovan like: 'Happiness Runs' and we can all hold hands and sing: 'I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke'.

    Where the fuck is my Patchouli?

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  73. Do it yourself, I'm done here.

  74. laid, and stayed there. I really was trussed
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    han't made of trouble with a con- sequently
    backward, Joe.' `Why, see nothing more gravy. `Swine,'
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    wherein I an't,' said he, coming to you

  75. In about 90 minutes Han's daughter, Napoleon's niece, and her sisters take on the mighty French.
    This causes me much pain, but I detest the French more than I do the Yankees, so:
    Yankee! Yankee! Yankee!
    Oi! Oi! Oi!

  76. just gonna say that CTRLH is probably jon levi

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  78. CTRLH does an assturds countdown: 30

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  81. Well someone's evidently never been to 4chan before. Read up.

  82. trimming of egg and
    marinaded pieces and with
    saucepan, till they must
    finely, and dry prunes,
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  83. USA 1 - 0 France

  84. An example of an inward Coriolis force. The projection of the figure. Because the figure. Because the rotating horizontal motion in a stationary frame it moves in this case by exactly the rotating frame is the spiral motion. This force by a spiral. The Coriolis force. The projection of an inward centripetal force to provide the necessary centripetal force, provided in the ball's motion in this case by exactly the rotating horizontal plane is a stationary frame of the centrifugal force is a ball that steadily drops at the axis of straight-line motion in a fictitious force overcompensates the projected

  85. At the Half:

    USA 1 - 0 France

  86. CTRLH is a bot controlled by Randall.

    R. You are now my sworn enemy.

  87. And I've got your back, Jon

  88. sweet. There hath put none
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  89. USA 1 - 1 France

  90. Now I have Sabbath and CCR stuck in my head. Thanks.

  91. USA 2 - 1 France

    BP saw Black Sabbath live in 1971.
    He's a fecking old git.

  92. USA 3 - 1 France

    But not CCR

  93. Too bad they're so horrible live. Especially Ozzy. So off key.

    Bill's always on the ball, though.

  94. FINAL !
    USA 3 - 1 France

    In 1971, LSD fixed all!


  95. Son, son, you've gone too far.
    'Cause smokin' and trippin' is all that you do.

  96. BP tells me he first 'dropped' acid when it was still a 'legal' substance.
    Tune in, turn on and drop out indeed.

  97. megan megan megan megan megan megan megan megan meganmegan megan megan megan megan megan megan megan meganmegan megan megan megan megan megan megan megan meganmegan megan megan megan megan megan megan megan meganmegan megan megan megan megan megan megan megan meganmegan megan megan megan megan megan megan megan meganmegan megan megan megan megan megan megan megan meganmegan megan megan megan megan megan megan megan meganmegan megan megan megan megan megan megan megan meganmegan megan megan megan megan megan megan megan megan

  98. I see a bad fool writing.


  99. ALT-F: I think a more pertinent question is:

    When did BP last drop acid?

    I imagine you as the Dennis Hopper to his Marlon Brando out there in Kampuchea.

  100. Hey, man, you don't talk to the BP. You listen to him. The man's enlarged my mind. He's a poet warrior in the classic sense. I mean sometimes he'll... uh... well, you'll say "hello" to him, right? And he'll just walk right by you. He won't even notice you

    What can I say?

  101. I mean I'm... no, I can't... I'm a little girl, I'm a little girl, he's... he's a great man! I should have been a pair of ragged claws scuttling across floors of silent seas...

    Oh, and I think it was Friday, last - Window Pane I think.

  102. I see a bad fool writing.
    I see trouble on the way.

  103. So Prosper posts in xkcdsucks now, too?

  104. We wanted an ALT-F, and for our sins, they gave us one. Brought up to us like room service.

  105. Hey, man, you don't talk to the BP. You listen to him. The man's enlarged my mind. He's a poet warrior in the classic sense. I mean sometimes he'll... uh... well, you'll say "hello" to him, right? And he'll just walk right by you. He won't even notice you
    So he's an autist? I see.

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  108. If I say its safe to surf this blog, Kitten, then its safe to surf this blog! I mean, I'm not afraid to surf this place, I'll surf this whole fucking place!

  109. stop plagiarizing fake movies re: cambodia

  110. Forum thread for 924 immediately hits lowest common denominator:

    "Is that a penis he's holding in the third panel?"

    Two people pointed out the obvious false implications of the comic:

    "But... who prints their spam?"

    "What? Spam prints itself now?"

    I also notice a trend, that forumites are hardly discussing the comic itself these days. In the 918 thread they most of it discussed Google+. In the 919 thread they spent most of it discussing language. Now they're talking about 3D printers, with hardly a mention of the comic.

  111. It's not safe now.

  112. I've seen horrors, horrors that defeats us. I've seen horrors, horrors that you've seen. But you have a diamond bullet right to utilize their primordial instincts to do that! Perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure. And then I want to judge me.
    It's impossible for words to describe what I … a right through my teeth out. I realized they were men, trained cadres — these men who fought with Special Forces. Seems a right to be feared. They are truly enemies.
    I thought: My God, the strength to inoculate the camp to forget it. I wanted to forget.
    And I remember when I thought: My God, the genius of little arms. And then I was shot! Like I was crying. He couldn't see. We left the camp to utilize their hearts, who are not, then I was shot with Special Forces. Seems a thousand centuries ago. We went back

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  115. wind ripped into the barman. - and groaned again, - What? You mean you've his shoulder

    grubby mattress, unwashed cups and wasn't small furry creature bounded through become President Yooden told me.

  116. Your source material is not altogether random I see Ms. CTRLH.


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    The Dwarf clan spread southward down to a long, oval lake, which was universally prized yet founded by the vales of Anduin, all the far distant past, long lifetime, Khazad-dûm was already "a name given by the Eldar of Anduin, all the words of the which appeared amongst Durin had awoken

  119. CTRLH is the greatest author since James Joyce

  120. @ Ann Apolis,

    After an indeterminant amount time scaling the rock-face of Germanic staircase wit I have decuded to rephrase my comment of 11:59 AM.
    To wit:

    "You may see a bad fool writing, but I only see trouble on the way."

    We's both correct. Innit?

    James Joyce you say? In that case, 'Get thee from my sight ye cursed, into everlasting Hell fire!'

  121. Vladimir knightly orders can raise it again decision.) Similarly, the lord who call their fee. At best, mercenaries! Brave, yet paid will no loyally, and, unlike a "vassal" mercenaries will have a "vassal" mercenaries will retain the lord who cannot pay the Crusader Kings us to the lord who cannot paid with the faith, and they eventually, and, unlike regular states. No, I don't mean prostitutes. No, not politicians eithere are limits, even for soldiers were they call on the game, ther. I am speaking, of those who know no loyalties can still freely call their employer. At best, mercenaries who do not get paid, they will request ownership of those who do not pay their own (as, for example, the island of God can be hired not fight brother more pious, knightly orders. They do not get paid, they will not fight loyalties and would shamelessly sell the faith, I shall their employer. (If lost), and every pious act). Landed mercenaries can seize (acceding is a very pious act). Landed Holy Orders. This brings us to standings they get paid will not companies of predefined mercenaries will retain their employer. At worst, they will request ownership of those who cannot pay their start acting like regular states. This month, I shall speaking, of professional soldiers of professional soldiers of the holdings that can be hired not for soldiers of prostitutes. No, not politicians eithere are a "vassal" mercenaries! Brave, yet prudent, they will have access to the island of Gotland of the holdings II period. In the game, they even reinforce, however, and woe to the enemy. Some disgruntled but enterprising condottieri might loyalties around for much of the holdings that can be hired not get paid with the island of Gotland in the game, these humble soldings II period. In their main for month, I shall on their services for money. No, I don't mean prostitutes. No, not pay their own (as, for example, there are a number of predefined mercenary force. army, though it will request ownership of the faith, and they will retain through a speaking, of course, of course, of Gotland to call speak of though a special decision.) Similar, but rather. I am speak of professional soldiers of professional soldiers of Gotland in they will retain the game, ther3e more pious, knightly orders cannot politicians either. Nor Poland into space.

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  122. tango lima semicolon delta romeoJuly 13, 2011 at 1:25 PM

    Summary of this thread: someone with histrionic personality disorder read one of the many reviews published in the last few days of To Live Outside the Law.

  123. (heaven helping it!) and her cowrieosity and younger than his lards porsenal

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    Barry his mundyfoot to himself and blow the redheaded girl, a onestone

  124. @tl;dr: And CTRLH is also here.

  125. Dearest Stephen the Falcon,

    I do not have HPD.
    I express no emotionality, though I am an ardent believer in attention-seeking. I do not possess any need for approval and my seductive behavior is quite appropriate. Therefore I present with only one of the four primary diagnosing behaviours.

    Mind you, if you lick me you'll ingest histrionicotoxin.

  126. they’ll do? pork walks off a Dream. The cracked looking

    reasons that day, that we are heard across Old Town.

    garment, and it came in Egypt, upon all that I in all the seven daughters: and Ahuzzath his foreskin. And Judah said unto me? Did not the hand didst thou found in their journey prosperous or herb of Israel; and said, Wherefore are come: and his people; he kissed them,

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  127. Jon Levi is right. I am secretly trolling you.

  128. Randy, can I fellate you? I love your work.

  129. You're right you know. The idea for this comic was marginally funny, could be even funnier with the right angle, but really is just very poorly suited for a comic strip format; reminds me of the old argument for Randall operating a picto-blog instead of an increasingly forced comic strip that requires.. uh...

    I started masturbating and forgot what I was saying. DAMMIT SHUFTI.

  130. @Zack S

    Sure, but you have to join my fora first.