Monday, April 7, 2014

Comic 1350: Proof We Were Right All Along

I thought about trying to put up an image link for this one, but then I realized there is no single image. So, here's a link.

I think for most of us, the real problem with xkcd has always been its fans. The worst of the comics have always been the ones that are just pandering to the fanbase, whose sense of humor is insipid and whose fanaticism is unparalleled. Now, look at all of the text on 1350 is fan-submitted. All of these random lines and references? This is the stuff they think is funny.

Of course a lot of that comes from the disconnect between the art and the text, and the fact that each line is written by a different person, but the only interesting thing about this April Fool's comic is that he might be using the Humor Sans font for it.

In other news, I probably won't be updating regularly but if you want to submit guest reviews I will post them.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Comic 1345: Fencing Terms

[Today's guest review comes from noted monster "R". -Ed.]

1345: I bet Randall says 'touché' in real-life. R-

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Comics 1272-1281: Over Nine Thousand Reviews

1272. This might be funny if there were more than two facts about shadows. F
1273. It's funny because Randy's job is basically producing shitty infographics. F
1274. One of the things I've always thought was absurd about conspiracy theories is they are usually espoused primarily by morons, and if there really is such a huge conspiracy going on, the morons probably wouldn't know about it. (Also, if there were huge conspiracies running the world, the world wouldn't be so terrible.) B-
1276. Noted webcartoonist Randall Munroe once wrote a comic about how shitty infographics are terrible. I concur wholeheartedly. F
1277. The joke here is literally that Ayn Rand's last name is also the first syllable of the word "random." F
1278. Here is a comprehensive list of fucks that I give: (intentionally blank) F
1279. Randall Munroe, observational wizard! F
1280. See also the review for comic 1278. F
1281. Yes, and? F

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Comics 1265-1271: GOOMHR

1265. I find people who talk about juicers annoying, and this still isn't funny. D+
1266. lolprogramming F
1267. This is getting back to the old GOOMH-bait I used to like back when I was an xkcd fanboy. C+
1268. More GOOMH-bait! Delicious spiders. C+
1269. Do not care. D+
1270. lolprogramming 2: revenge of lolprogramming F
1271. Still more GOOMH-bait. Not as good as the other two GOOMH-baits sampled here. C-

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Comics 1259-1264: BEEEEEEES

1259. Am I alone in thinking that little drawing is creepy? C-
1260. Yeah, no. F
1261. Wouldn't it be hilarious if someone took a dance song's euphemism literally? Oh wait, no, it wouldn't. Thanks, Randy. F
1262. An interesting thought ruined by a terrible execution: The Randall Munroe Story. D
1263. You've done this before, Randy. It wasn't clever then. F
1264. Nobody cares. F