Sunday, June 30, 2013

Comics 1229-1232: One Hundred Percent Sincere

1229. Jokes about the starfield screensaver that has been with Windows since at least Windows 3.1 are totally novel, Randy! Well done! A+

1230. I have literally never even considered the possibility that someone might make a joke about the shape of a graph! This is a true stroke of genius! A+

1231. Hahaha! It would be extremely hilarious if someone were to do this in real life! Does this man's imagination (and the attendant comic genius) know no bounds? A+

1232. This one kind of sucks. F

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Comics 1224-1228: Inexplicable

1224. What is even the point of this? F
1225. What is even the point of this? F
1226. What is even the point of this? F
1227. What is even the point of this? F
1228. What is even the point of this? F

Monday, June 10, 2013

Comics 1220-1223: Recursively Terrible

1220. No. F
1221. I like to imagine he tried really hard to actually have a "Who's the Doctor / Doctor Who" Abbot and Costello-style routine but ultimately failed, so he just tried to hint that, if you had only been there ten seconds before, you would have seen some wacky hijinks. F
1222. You should probably be worrying more, Randy. Most of what you do is terrible. F
1223. I actually kind of liked this one. B+