Sunday, September 15, 2013

Comics 1259-1264: BEEEEEEES

1259. Am I alone in thinking that little drawing is creepy? C-
1260. Yeah, no. F
1261. Wouldn't it be hilarious if someone took a dance song's euphemism literally? Oh wait, no, it wouldn't. Thanks, Randy. F
1262. An interesting thought ruined by a terrible execution: The Randall Munroe Story. D
1263. You've done this before, Randy. It wasn't clever then. F
1264. Nobody cares. F

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Comics 1251-1258: I Have Literally No Memory Of Reading Any Of These

1251. So. Boring. F
1252. See previous comment. F
1253. Did you know that people on the Internet are stupid? It's true! Fun fact: Randall Munroe is a person on the Internet. D-
1254. Back to the mind-numbingly boring. F
1255. It would be kind of entertaining if kids were taught that Columbus's discovery led to an era of genocide and exploitation from which some of the affected cultures would never recover. C-
1256. No. F
1257. Stringing a bunch of cliches together does not a comic make. F
1258. This might be more amusing if it were actually true. (No it wouldn't.) F