Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Comics 1071-1073: Partyin' Partyin' Yeah

1071. Maybe someone out there is excited by the portrayal of exoplanets as uninteresting brownish circles, but I am not. D

1072. Randy, you have already used this exact joke before. F

1073. I think Randy just saw this SMBC and decided to get in on the hot Garfield joke action. This one is mostly interesting because the forums seem to think that Randy is somehow suggesting some new interesting profound thought, where it seems clear to me he's mostly just saying he thinks is absurd.  C-

Monday, June 18, 2012

Comics 1068-1070: Words For Terrible Comics

1068. Randy, nobody believes you when you tell them that your inability to maintain an erection when there is no milk involved is a novel experience. Give it up. D+

1069. I had no idea people gave a fuck about the order of the alphabet! Thanks for teaching me a new reason to hate the world, Randy. D-


Monday, June 11, 2012

Comics 1065-1067: A Laundry List Of Bad Comics

1065. This one actually surprised me. I totally pegged Randy for the sort of dude who would think Vibrams are the best thing ever.

1066. Randy is apparently still stalking college girls. He tries to take advantage of the fact that they need to do laundry sometimes in order to meet them, and notices that the longer he stalks them, the less likely they are to spend time in the common laundry area for him talk to them about how he makes a webcomic and has sex all the time.

1067. The fuck?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Comics 1062-1064: The Greatest Evil Ever

1062. Did you know that people use the word "hawk" in a non-literal sense? It's true!

1063. It's getting hard to even come up with shitty two-sentence blurbs for these. That's how boring they are.

1064. Randy has given up on telling jokes and is now just trying for GOOMH-bait. The alt-text basically says that explicitly.