Monday, October 15, 2012

Comics 1116-1121: Time, Flight, & Etc.

1116. Traffic lights in the Boston metro area are frequently pretty weird. C+

1117. Haven't we, as a culture, gotten over the term 'cloud' yet? D-

1118. This is several years late, and not really a very interesting observation at that. F

1119. do not care. D

1120. Reasonably clever, I guess? B-

1121. The alt text: "not sure why I just told everyone how quirky I am, but you guys, I am so quirky!!" F--

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Comics 1113-1115: The Quality Is Falling!

1113. Meh. C-

11114. I'm sure I would find this more amusing if I were capable of feeling anything at all anymore. C-

111115. More of Randy staring into the void. Does beret man usually feature in these comics? C+