Thursday, October 24, 2013

Comics 1272-1281: Over Nine Thousand Reviews

1272. This might be funny if there were more than two facts about shadows. F
1273. It's funny because Randy's job is basically producing shitty infographics. F
1274. One of the things I've always thought was absurd about conspiracy theories is they are usually espoused primarily by morons, and if there really is such a huge conspiracy going on, the morons probably wouldn't know about it. (Also, if there were huge conspiracies running the world, the world wouldn't be so terrible.) B-
1276. Noted webcartoonist Randall Munroe once wrote a comic about how shitty infographics are terrible. I concur wholeheartedly. F
1277. The joke here is literally that Ayn Rand's last name is also the first syllable of the word "random." F
1278. Here is a comprehensive list of fucks that I give: (intentionally blank) F
1279. Randall Munroe, observational wizard! F
1280. See also the review for comic 1278. F
1281. Yes, and? F

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Comics 1265-1271: GOOMHR

1265. I find people who talk about juicers annoying, and this still isn't funny. D+
1266. lolprogramming F
1267. This is getting back to the old GOOMH-bait I used to like back when I was an xkcd fanboy. C+
1268. More GOOMH-bait! Delicious spiders. C+
1269. Do not care. D+
1270. lolprogramming 2: revenge of lolprogramming F
1271. Still more GOOMH-bait. Not as good as the other two GOOMH-baits sampled here. C-