Thursday, March 27, 2008


As you probably have noticed, xkcd is more and more just about how Randall Munroe is in a fun but quirky relationship. They are so quirky together! Just read a few of these comics, and I'm sure you'll agree with my friend when he says, "I just want to punch them both in the face."

355 (both of these are the matter of some debate, and now I can't make up my mind about either of them...decide for yourself.)


Obviously this list will grow over time. Feel free to comment or e-mail additions.
And also just because I want to be honest: This post was started on May 27th, 2008, not march 27. But I didn't want it cluttering up my front page.


  1. I agree with the majority of these, but some of them have nothing to do with quirky relationship things at all. If you think they all do, then you know some boring-ass people.

  2. Which ones are you thinking of? I went back and crossed off the facebook one, becuase yeah, lots of people use facebook and talk about their facebook relationship status. But in all the others, I'd say there's a relationship with at least one person being an annoying nerd about the whole thing. Looking up foreplay on wikipedia? Seriously.

    Yeah, I do know boring people. I also know some INSANE people.

  3. Does Randall Monroe actually have a girlfriend? I've always viewed these comics through an amusing sort of "what if" lens.

  4. lol @ Max, I've always thought the same thing... or his girl is more O shaped than a straight line

  5. Does it matter? I mean some are mutually exclusive, of course, but many of the comics have captions or titles in the first person, so there's at least some kind of narrator that feels consistent, if nothing else.

  6. I want to punch them both in the face too.

  7. This category sums up in a nutshell the number one reason why I abhor XKCD. The "I'm better than you because I understand technology" thing is a close second.

  8. Why is there an asterisk next to 439?

  9. In 439 they are not ever in a relationship, he just refers to how a hypothetical relationship would end badly. And he refers to a recently ended relationship with Megan. Perhaps I should explain that somewhere. Or not.

  10. i don't HATE xkcd, but i went through a period where i hated it for being totally pretentious, then i liked it a little bit, and now i'm sliding back towards dislike. maybe since so many people i know in RL love it so much, and i'm starting to realize that they're not very nice people. and incredibly pretentious.

    but if i had to put my finger on it, THIS CATEGORY is the reason i'm starting to hate xkcd.
    it's not cute. it's not endearing. it's annoying.

    thanks for this website, btw. xkcd is the indie-rock, hipster douche-bag of the internet.

  11. Goddamn, you must have HATED "Juno."
    (But I did, too)

  12. I don't think 352 should be on the list. It's not FUNNY, or anything even remotely resembing humor, but it's a legitimate feeling that anyone in a long-distance relationship would have.

  13. Those umpteen "examples" are out of over 600 comics.

    Also, xkcd is "A webcomic of romance,
    sarcasm, math, and language.".

    Relationships with no quirks are just boring, and then you'd complain about THAT.

  14. i have read plenty of good stories about non-quirky relationships.

    also, you suck

  15. There's a difference between "Romance" and "This particular brand of irritating romance comics".

    Besides, you think he sticks to that motto? Please. When was the last time we got a "language" comic? Or "sarcasm" for that matter?

  16. hmm...i have to say, i don't find this category all that bad. at least, pitting this category against the sex one, i'd definitely pick this one as more representative of "romance."

  17. You seem to have a problem with him making jokes related to what his comic is about. do you also read garfield and get mad because jim davis makes a joke about how cats are lazy or eat a lot?

  18. You make me very sad, Carl. This entire site is nothing but you complaining about a webcomic that some guy started posting in his spare time, complaining and endless whining about how much better it would be if it conformed to your ideas of quality.

    You seem to either be a very unhappy person, or just supremely anally retentive. I hope you get better.

  19. to be fair, even if he started in his spare time, it's now his full time profession.

    But yes, I am very unhappy. That is where the blog gets all its anger from.

  20. Carl, you took the wrong comic of the list. Should be 352, you crossed out 355.

  21. uuuughhhh you are right. i am a crappy blogger.

  22. I also agree with Nulono; it's only fifteen comics out of four years of work, goddammit. I'm pretty sure some people are entitled to comics like these every, what, three to four months?

    And about xkcd being a webcomic of romace, sarcasm, math, and language, I completely disagree with what you said about that. First of all, school mottos often have nothing to do with their ideals. It's not like a Commandment that someone absolutely HAS to follow. And xkcd doesn't need to follow that either. It's more like a tagline, anyway.

    And for your information, there have been lots of comics about language. "Language" doesn't mean languages like french, spanish, chinese, etc. It doesn't mean the comic has to have russian wordplay. Language is Internet Language. And I'm sure all the comics about memes, internet, blogging, 4chan, and even the Secretary of Internet would cover all that.

    As for sarcasm, xkcd has certainly ridiculed a lot of things. Nerds, Vista, Scientists, even movies--that's what sarcasm is, if you didn't know. It doesn't always come in the form a remark; all it has to do is make fun of things--which it did.

    If you're really just a troll, I hope you stop trolling because it's wasting my time. I know it's really my fault for wasting my time, but I can't stand people who are acting stupid.

  23. Woah, how is "A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language" ANYTHING like a school motto? It's not like "Truth Above All" or some crazy guiding principle, it's "THIS IS WHAT THIS IS A WEBCOMIC OF" and then it almost never is! If you want to use an actual school analogy, it like a school called "Farmingburg University: The Best Chemical Engineering School There Is" and then every single class is about roman poetry.

  24. Roman poetry is pretty cool though.

    And a lot more insightful about juvenile relationships than xkcd.