Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Comic 414: Mistranslations

"I would like you to know that I am a nerd, but I have sex! It is crazy! I run into so many problems, as a nerd having sex! "

See the same concept in previous comics: 335, 355, 364, 387, 400, 403

Update: A commenter adds that 333 should be on this list as well. Damn, Randall, you need some new ideas.


  1. as far as i am concerned, this one is my favourite:

    but i certainly laughed at the mistranslations one.

  2. A couple "OF" mistranslations...


  3. If your idea of "same concept" is just "sex-stuff", and especially when it's concerining comics with completely different ideas, then there's something wrong with you.