Thursday, April 24, 2008

Comic 206: Reno Rhymes

No Randall. You do not get to make fun of Johnny Cash. Or more specifically, you do not want to mock Johnny Cash unless you want his badass, guitar toting, dressed-in-black corpse to come straight out of his grave and beat you senseless. Because you are a nerd, and he is a badass. Hell, you talk about going "home to cry" and "watching cacti" right here. Sorry. Folsom Prison Blues is a great song and you do it a hell of a disservice...why? To show you can rhyme stuff with the word "die"? WOW! Guess who else can do that? A computer.

Ok, you do get a point for suggesting that Man-in-hat killed some innocent Vietnamese people during the War, but you lose that point for crying again about how Firefly was canceled. We know! It was a good show! Arrested Development was also canceled! These things happen!


  1. Man Carl you need to get on some meds. It's a goddamn joke. How much of a prick do you gotta be to see yourself as a goddamn protector of all that's good? I mean seriously--he doesn't "get" to make fun of someone? Now free speech is a goddamn privilege? Stop being such a pretentious phony.
    Here's what I don't get: xkcd is a type of humor. You don't like that kind of humor. Therefore, the logical step would be to not read it. For instance, I think Family Guy sucks the big one. I don't go on rants on some phony blog about how Family Guy shouldn't dare mention Socrates, that Socrates was the greatest man of his time, that Socrates was far more brilliant than Seth McFarlane could ever imagine. Me writing some douche blog about Family Guy--not just that I hate it but watching every single show to rip apart its jokes and do NOTHING else on the site--is just mental.
    I mean, do you hate xkcd so much that you have a problem with its actual existence?

  2. So what if someone would be so angry with this blog that he/she would make a hate blog about it ? How would that be ?

  3. Please link us to it when you do.