Thursday, April 24, 2008

Comic 415: Restraining Order

Eh. This feels close to a good comic - sort of like a funny idea but with a few spots missing. Maybe it would be better if there were some funny reason why regular restraining orders didn't work? Or some explanation for why this woman has decided to go to these great lengths in her restraining-order-filing. "Not content" doesn't do it for me.

Also the idea that someone as comically harmless as Randall Munroe could possibly require a restraining order is funny on its own. Remember, this is the man who once drew this picture:
Maybe that's supposed to be the joke? "I needed a restraining order! Ha ha! I'm a freaking computer programmer who worked for NASA! What could possibly be less threatening?"

I mean, he once wrote the words "None of the places I floated had mommies" for christ's sake.


  1. A computer programmer who worked for NASA?

    You know else who once worked for NASA? A Nazi, that's who. Granted, I'm not sure how a restraining order can save you from a NASA kill-laser but you gotta try.

  2. Agh, fellow anonymous. You have to employ godwin's law (kinda) so early?

  3. Well, it's obvious. That's what every woman would want.