Sunday, April 27, 2008

Comic 416: Zealous Autoconfig

Ok guys, I'll be honest here: I have no idea what's happening. I'm sure if you understand the intricacies of connecting to a secure wifi connection then it's TEH H1L4RI0uS but for the rest of us it is like reading a user manual, and I for one already have a bunch of those I haven't read so I don't need more.

Here's my guess for what's happening (a real guess) - He's trying to steal someone's internet, and he can't get the password, so he somehow manages to kidnap their children, I guess to exchange it for the internet. I don't know how he does that without leaving his seat if he has no internet access, but again, I don't know much about wifi. Maybe there is a 'kidnap' function but who knows? I guess I should check the xkcd message board but that's like kissass central so I dunno.

Oh by the way - if there is ever a time when the first say, 10 posts on the xkcd thread for an individual comic say it sucks, my job will be done and I'll end this blog.


  1. I think the idea is that autoconfig is so miraculous that if you want to connect to a wi-fi network autoconfig will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get you online.

  2. And I think the idea is not funny. Not, of course, mutually exclusive with your idea.

  3. "I don't know how he does that without leaving his seat if he has no internet access"

    The Wireless autoconfig connected to his bluetooth phone and called people to do the kidnap and negoitate settle passwroda!!!!

  4. CTRL + C aborts a command. So it's doing more than he wants.

  5. Autoconfig is a tool that connects you to a wi-fi network. Your entire critique of this comic is based on your own ignorance.

    If there's anything that proves that you're hating on xkcd just for the sake of hating it, it's this post.

  6. Heh. Really? All the posts out there and this one is your iconic one? Maybe you should go have a liedown.

  7. I dunno, I think I guessed pretty well. I can add some more critique if you want: This comic is dumb, even now that you have explained it and I learned I was right the first time.

    Can you explain what is happening in the comic?

  8. Um what is happening in the comic is that he attempts to connect; it fails, and then the computer continues to try (kidnapping, etc) while the user is baffled and tries to regain control (cntrl c). (an 'autoconfig' that is exceptionally zealous; thus the title)

    It is sad that your entire critique has nothing to do with the comic, as you (admittedly) don't understand it.
    I also find it odd that you call it "like reading a user manual" as a CRITIQUE when the demographic the comic is aimed at (me among others) finds this understandable and amusing...

    Just as a critique of my own, anyone who spends this much of their life calling someone else a fool (whether or not they are) needs to seriously re-assess their goals in life...

  9. don't make me take away all your points, both of you.

    I thought I was pretty upfront about passing on this comic 'cause I didn't get what was happening - a rare thing for me, but I do it when needed.