Friday, April 25, 2008

Of COURSE we care about your trash, Randall!

Today on the blog: Randall Munroe's trash. Seriously! Looking through his trash, he found a piece of paper with some random words on it...and...he wants us to know. And there have been more than 200 comments about it already (one of which, I will admit, came from me), trying to guess what the random words he wrote down were. Seriously people, if he wants to blog about his trash fine, I mean, I'll make fun of it, but trying to analyze it? Do you have nothing better to do, really?

Fun related note: I once found that I had marked a day on my calender as "Artificial Fish Day." It was clearly my handwriting, but I have no idea when I wrote it or why.

Oh and if I spell "Randall" or "Munroe" wrong in the future, too bad.

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