Monday, May 28, 2012

Comics 1060-1061: A Timeframe For Sucking

1060. I feel like we've seen an uptick in comics about douchey startup douchebags recently. Is Randy trying to start a startup? Is he finally diving full-bore into the realm of douchery? Or is he just hanging around these douchebags, and combining douchiness with them into some sort of mecha-douchebag?

1061. This reminds me of that one comic about approximations in that I do not give a shit about it at all, and I can't be bothered to figure out why anyone would. Discuss!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Comics 1056-1059: Leopards All The Way Down

I'd apologize for the uncustomary tardiness of the review, but we all know the only thing I hate more than you guys is Randy himself (aka me). If it helps, Diablo was involved.

1066. Randy has some interesting opinions on what names are cool.

1067. Can we skip the part about using whatever social network Randy is talking about and just punch him in the face?

1068. Randy's fetishes concerning his hot porn star daughter are seriously creepy.

1069. Randy has just discovered that "Philadelphia" and "Adele for ya" rhyme if you pronounce them with the correct accent, and he is offended that people would do such a thing, because only white Northeastern US accents are valid ways to speak English.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Comics 1053-1055: Letdowns

1053. Well, here it is, the comic that appeared briefly on Monday and then got replaced by that one about how Randy hates learning. How dull.

1054. Look at me, I can come up with incredibly contrived situations to relay a pun that only works if you are familiar with an obscure chemical!

1055. Randy has heard of Kickstarter, apparently, and he had a WACKY IDEA!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Comics 1050-1052: Every XKCD Is Terrible

1050. I'm not sure where Randy is getting his data here, but: most of the people I know who have learned to play music still play music with some regularity; learning to cook is actually a valuable life skill; foreign languages also have actual utility for many people. I don't speak German at all anymore, but I still find myself occasionally using German words, and I occasionally find myself reading books that have German phrases I can piece together.

And people aren't "proud" of not learning math. They resent having to learn it and they feel justified when it turns out that much of it does not have any immediate applications to their real life (and everyone loves being right). And, as it turns out, knowing math isn't particularly useful to your garden variety human.

1051.  In case you forgot, Randy is quirky and goes to weird Wikipedia articles pretty frequently!

1052. When I first loaded this, it was a comic where he declared that ten thousand people learned something that "everyone knows" every day. Or something. Then a few minutes later it was this 'Every Major's Terrible' thing, which is all right, I guess. I can't tell if the bits where the rhythm falters are his fault or mine, but I'm going to assume it's his fault, because that's what I'm here for.

Did anyone else get this "the 10,000" comic or whatever? This comic switch is way more interesting to me than the actual comics. Is there a scandal? Were his maths so wrong he just pulled an entire comic? WHAT HAPPEN

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