Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Comic 429: Some more relationship bullshit

First, a note. Read this comic. Then read comic 390. Is it wrong to say this guy is getting repetitive? OK, on to 429:

What?! What is this?! A relationship that is...quirky and unusual?! Good god! This webcomic is truly in bold, new territory! Seriously, what is this? How many ways do we have to read about two people who are both in love and nerds? Gosh Randall, it does happen sometimes you know. It's not like you're breaking awesome new ground here by seeing What Would Happen...If Nerds Dated: An Extremely Hypothetical Situation.

Oh also - you already did "false consciousness recognized as such with only mildly amusing results" - check it out: #117. Is it really that different? I posit....no!

I should start a side page just dedicated to a list of Comics Where Quirky People Have Quirky Relationships. Does anyone know how to do that on blogger?

Update: I figured it out all by myself! Go HERE for relationship shit and HERE for programming! hoorah!

More Update: Guys, after reading 248 again I'm beginning to think Randall just programmed a computer to spit out the same few jokes over and over again. And by "jokes" I mean "shitty jokes."


  1. I enjoy this site, though I disagree with many of its points.
    I don't really see how, after reading #390 or #117, one would see that he's getting repetitive (117=colors, pong, technology rising up, etc.; 390=single panel, deals with dreams, short and sweetly effective, fairly creepy; 248 is the most closely related, dealing with interactive consciousnesses inside hypothetical situations--but the relationship side of 429 combined with its demonic ending make it stand apart).
    Also, I don't think repetition is necessarily a bad thing; there are many good jokes and new spins to be made on tons of his ideas--some work, some don't appeal to certain people. (And, really, 18 quirky relationship comics out of 716 is hardly "ALL THE FREAKING TIME".) Maybe you'll feel better if you think of it this way: by repeating certain themes, Munroe is just trying to make up for all the atrocious comics he cooks up.
    429 is a good, bittersweet comic, combining a quality joke about a guy's own imagination creeping him out with a more serious universal truth.

  2. I honestly believe this isn't something you should be mad about. Love is one of the main themes of xkcd, so I do think that it's one of the things he can draw about. It's quirky because they are quirky people. If it was a comic about different people in love, it'd be about different things. It really isn't the same joke; only the same theme. It's something that I accept, but if you can't understand why certain comics have the same themes, then I can't help you.

    And as for the "false consciousness recognized as such" part, that was, how much? About TWO years ago. I think we can give him some sort of an excuse for remaking a joke (which wasn't even that similar) after two years, since not a lot of people can remember that far back. How YOU did that, I have no idea. Seems like you were just looking for ways to insult xkcd.

    Comic 117 was about, first of all, Pong, with a twinge of the Matrix in it. That was the core of the joke. And 429, I believe, is different enough.

    And comic 248 is in no way similar to comic 429. Sure, it features an imagination bubble, but that's NOT the point of the joke. You can't say something is similar just because the two features the same things. It feels like you're getting to the point where you'll say xkcd sucks because two comics in a row has stick figures in them.

    I really hope this is a troll.