Monday, May 12, 2008

Comic 421: Making Hash Browns

This was pretty funny, if poorly executed. The idea of doing something in a terribly inefficient way and using fire is pretty solid comedy stuff, though the idea that you could actually slice a potato with a tennis racket is a little crazy for a man who claims to like "science" which as I understand it is somewhat reality based.

Anyway, I like the picture and the idea but I wish there had been some talking, maybe? It looks like an awful lot of white space, and the potato is so tiny and stuff. There also shouldn't be a cup on the plate, it doesn't have to do with the cooking and is distracting. I stand corrected; it is meant to hold the completed has browns.

Oh and alt text: There are ZERO ways this can go wrong.


  1. I took the cup as stick#2 wanting Orange Juice with his hash browns. Do Americans do that a lot?

    And I felt the "ooh I'll crossover with a previous comic" (the fork alt text) totally killed what was slightly funny. I like XKCD. But Munroe is a bit of a twat.

  2. Oh I am sure the orange juice is what it is. But I think that from an artistic point of view, we'd be better off without it.

  3. A background would do pounds of good for this single panel. For one thing, it would offset the awkward speechlessness and would make it seem like a brief, humorous snapshot of some picnic or a gathering or a context of some sort.

    It's really not unfunny or bad, it's just too half-hearted to be artistic.

  4. I think that's one of those McDonald type hashbrown holders, not a cup.

  5. you are probably right.