Saturday, April 1, 2017

Comic Review: All Of Them

xkcd is really good


  1. Do you really think people still care about this dumbass blog after you haven't updated it for almost two years? Shut up and end this already, you negative, egotistical prick.

  2. Oy gevalt, I was not prepared for this...

    Seeing an active comment thread on this old blog once again makes me yearn for the glory days of xkcdsucks no-hyphen, when memes abounded, pastas were copied, and when regular commenters on this blog were so close, we were practically a family. Lord, how I never thought I'd miss some of that. Even the Chris Houlihan's Room guy was kinda charming in their own way...

    And though I know, it's not long now before this comment thread will soon fade away like the others, I can't help but wish that it could be was possible to cross the vastness between our lonely souls, hold each other's hands, maybe even hear each other's voices... Maybe then we'd learn to love again.

    I promise, sincerely, with all my heart, that this comment is not just one big excuse to plug my podcast.

    Ooh, and DID I MENTION I have a podcast now? It's called Panel Beat and you should totally check it out. Featuring the one and only, History's Greatest Monster (yours truly!), and co-hosted by the gorgeous Greg Greenwell of XKCD Isn't Funny fame. In it we talk about webcomics, pop culture, and just about everything else in between. If you kinda like when podcasters go off on long tangents to talk about something unrelated, then this is probably the show for you!

    We're on iTunes, Stitcher, and all the great online radio apps. Just search Panel Beat. Keep up with our *cough* regular updates from @Panel_Beat, and follow the host at @atJonLevi. (Also follow @Greg_Greenwell, but only if you follow me first.)

    1. Hey, be thankful I didn't do the thing I was originally going to do, which is post the entire Bee Movie script in a comment.

  3. Too bad I wasn't fast enough to comment. My life's one true regret! Retards ...