Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sense of Humor Discovered in Blog Posts

Hey Kids, rich uncle carl here, making his once-per-decade trip out to a place with the internet to shout some opinions at you all. So take a minute, get used to the fact that it is I, Carl, not Richard or Robin or Robbo or whatever that guys name is.

Actually, there are two different things I want to write about so I am going to just do two short posts. Why? Why, because I am lovably eccentric that way.

The first is about xkcd! and surprise of the week, it's positive! No, the comic isn't getting better - though it hasn't been gut-wrenchingly horrible, either, it's really just been an incredibly long string of blaaaaah - but I noticed that there were two sorta recent blog posts that were, in fact, funny.

Now they are each about a month old - clearly, I've gotten less vigilant in keeping up with Randall Munroe's public life - and they are each about the pair of natural disasters that hit the east coast around that time. Number one, on earthquakes, and number two, on hurricanes. Now, the earthquake one is mostly self-congratulatory about a comic he made a few years ago regarding the twitters and earthquakes and such. But at the end, there's a great story! It's not a story about Randall or one that he made up, but it's still a great story.

The second link is entirely unoriginal material, and it is hilarious.

My point is this: Long ago, when I was a young idealistic webcomic critic, I always liked to stress the fact that I thought Randall had a pretty good sense of humor. I just don't think that means he can churn out 3 good comics a week (as an aside, I still would love to see if the quality of the comic went up if it became a once a week thing...). "having a good sense of humor" doesn't always mean "being funny." These posts are a good example of that - he's clearly got a good eye for humor. I say: good work.


  1. Humor? In my Randall?

    Its more likely than you think.

  2. I didn't realize the hurricane stuff was unoriginal material because I didn't really bother to read that closely, but I did think that the humor in that was far too... existent... to be Randall's creation when I read it.

  3. If you dig through everything he's produced/ is producing you'll find something good.

    If you go through his comic, you don't.

    Irony means it's a bit like iron.

  4. The linked blog posts are pretty shitty.

  5. Well you know what dude, you're just an asshole. You really are.

  6. ^that's me too!^ Why can you not just let Randall continue on without be criticized by you humorless little asshole?