Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Comic 953: 10 Things I Hate About Randy

1 to 10

[Comic title: 1 to 10; alt text: If you get an 11/100 on a CS test, but you claim it should be counted as a 'C', they'll probably decide you deserve the upgrade.]
I guess Randy got the memo that on the "stud finder finder" comic, his fanboys were complaining that it wasn't nearly meta enough (though they had faith that there was something super deep that they weren't nearly brilliant enough to comprehend), so he sat down and thought really, really hard about how to make a comic self-referential. He sat down for hours and hours, posting the comic so late that I was pretty sure he was making another poster comic. It could have been something interesting, or at least something that shows that he's willing to put a lot of time into things.

But no. Instead he gives us this. He gives us the same joke as this damn comic, which has been around for ages, but with the added drawback that Megan is for some reason confused about the number four. Despite being a human who speaks English and has learned to count in base ten, she doesn't understand what a four is. Perhaps we are meant to assume she's joking (because she is as quirky as her tits are milky, and will often pretend to do quirky things like be a binary-robot, for laffs (and sexiness))?

The best worst part of this comic, though, is the alt text, which has been full of winners lately. "If you understand binary, you are probably good at computers! They will give you a better grade! lolololololol!" Jesus Christ, Randy, make a goddamn effort, won't you?


  1. Today on xkcd: smart girl tricks male via a technicality no one gives a shit about, then acts smug about it.

  2. And the only thing funnier than source code jokes is reused source code jokes: http://shouldiplayminecraftnow.com/code/index

    I like how it's prefixed with "xkcd" just in case you don't get the reference.

  3. #954: black hat dude creates dangerous situation. why the fuck is this supposed to be interesting or funny?

    and they call us dark.

  4. they are kind of racist i guess

  5. (1) They are talking - you'd be able to tell from whether she said "ten" whether the question is "in binary";

    (2) Asking a question in some format doesn't mean the answer has to be in that same format. Only someone with self-diagnosed Internet Asperger Disease will make a thousand unwarranted assumptions like this;

    (3) Randall needs to kill himself. He is awful and is bringing down the world;

    (4) Actually, no, maybe Randall is just an excellent troll. Surely he knows how awful his produce is?

  6. https://www.xkcd.com/169/

    Clearly, Randall has forsaken his own advice. Or is it just that you're allowed to communicate poorly when you're talking about computers, numbers, and other fun mathy things? (Then again, one might take that as a given...)

  7. Usually I find xkcd to be pretty ok, but this one was particularly poor for three reasons:

    1. It's an old, old joke. You've all seen the T-shirts that read 'there are 10 types of people in the world - those that understand binary and those that don't. Which leads me to...
    2. It doesn't work when spoken, as the female is doing. 10 spoken in binary is 'one zero'. In base ten it is 'ten'. There's no reason the other guy should have been confused.
    3. For the alt text, nobody, particularly a CS prof, is going to be impressed that you know binary.

  8. I think that 10 spoken in binary is pronounced "two".

  9. I've seen it as both 'two' or 'one zero'. Either way, the joke fails when spoken out loud.

  10. Either way, the joke fails.
    F A I L
    also: only 9 comments on Xsux? is it the apocalypse?

  11. The linked comic was superior to the xkcd one in literally every way. Hoorah.

  12. this post has no comments because i posted it like half an hour before the other one

  13. Thats sad, for you.

  14. what makes you believe you have to say "one zero" on reference to binary numbers? You can easily count "zero one ten eleven onehundred ..." and i've seen every three possibilities, whre "one zero" is only used when dictating binary numbers.

    And yeah the alt text is unrealistic, what a horrible flaw for a joke o_O

  15. 11010011 11000111 00100101 10011111 01000101 01001010 11010100 11111010 00000101 10100010 01010001 10001111 11010010 00000001 10001011 00110100 00001111 10100011 00010001 01001001