Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Comic 631: Robbed of a joke

[golly, even Rob wants to get in on the anti-631 fun!]



Am I the only one disappointed that Randy didn't show some balls and draw some balls? Come on, man. I WANT TO SEE YOUR CARTOON SCROTUM.

Seriously though. This was a rotten piece of shit! I am normally at least vaguely aware of what the joke is supposed to be. But this? What is this? What the fuck is this?

I went to the forums in the hopes someone would enlighten me but all I found was this:

I do believe we have here a return to form for Randall. I wonder how the haters will try to justify their feelings now.
"I got fired for looking at this at work today, I hope you're happy!"
"How DARE you distribute this filth!"
"You drew the labia minora/areola/something wrong, you hack!" (Labia is in spellcheck but not minora or areola? Huh.)
"Wheres the tripod, huh?"
... Okay, I'll stop now.

And who among those that have been under age 15 in the last 5 years hasn't visited Wikipedia for their jollies? It's this generations National Geographic!

YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS SHIT UP. This fellow not only thinks it's a return to form, but he is convinced that it is so brilliant there is nothing left for the haters to say, except for minor nitpicks! (He also thinks it's normal to go to Wikipedia for porn, but maybe kids these days really do that--he appears to be the expert. I was 15 a long time ago, before Wikipedia was a twinkle in your father's eye, maybe.)

So, for the poster linked: there is a lot to find wrong with the comic! Most obviously is WHERE IS THE DANG JOKE because seriously, I can't find it. Also there is the fact that, oh, Randy is drawing detailed female genitalia and breasts (though in fairness, a breast is pretty simple so detailed isn't that impressive), without warning, for no reason at all. Because Randy, you see, is obsessed with sex. Sex sex sex. He just can't get enough any, at all.

What really interests me, though, is the Megan reference. See, I'm pretty sure Randy is trolling us here. He's been increasingly mentioning her out of her usual context of creepy romances, and in creepy sex-stalking, and I think that's deliberate. He knows. He wants us to freak out, and he knows it'll blow up each time.

The thing is, this means he loses. He's counter-trolling, sure, but that means he's letting us get to him--and in the wrong way. He wants us to freak out. He's banking on his fanboys loving him forever, and it's going to cost him. He's not good at this game. He's got thin skin. He cares! He really cares! It's hilarious!

(I did not promise it would be a good post.)


  1. Ahaha, three whole posts on this indefensible turd of a comic. I love you guys.

  2. not just a turd, sir. an ass turd.

  3. I was hoping for something angrier than that post. I took one look at the comic and my only reaction was "..the fuck?" Perhaps Rob was so perplexed by the sheer degree of fucked-upedness that he was rendered completely incapacitated. Maybe this is Randy's master plan to bring xkcdsucks down: confuse the living fuck out of the writers until they wind up rocking back and forth in a corner mumbling something about better times.

  4. Fantastic, three separate posts on that single thing. This is more momentous than The Race.

  5. "he's letting us get to him"

    exactly, he's going completely overboard and the result is that he is dragging megan down with him

  6. Three posts, one comic. This sure is a happening. I still don't know what Randall's doing, but it's something big.

    ...not good at all, but big, for sure. And it still confuses me so.

  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Xkcd&diff=311540196&oldid=311540070

    I tried editing the article on XKCd, but they reverted it 90 seconds later...

  8. This comic is so bad it's almost as bad as penny arcade.

  9. Rob's post is closest to fulfilling Randall's intended "Switcheroo Troll" of "I'll get everyone upset over a vagina to the point they demand seeing cocks in my comic," except the comic was also painfully unfunny and any vaginal capital is wasted.

  10. xkcd bookmark replaced with xkcd sucks bookmark. I don't think I'll trust Randall about anything ever again.

    Fuck you randall. Get an editor.

    Interesting fact: I actually made the largest order of xkcd shirts ever, afaik. (group order, >30 items) Back when it was good, I guess.

  11. Regarding No Jokes Comic Strip:

    It's one of those Better For A Blog strips, so there's no joke.

    I really do like his blog posts. Really, Rob. It seems like his drawing style is great for cute diagrams put in light heartedly posts about math.

    Consider these two:

    What do you think? Is this good enough for web comics?

    Regarding Megan:
    Congratulations on poking Randall into acknowledging xkcdsucks!

  12. "He's got thin skin. He cares! He really cares! It's hilarious!"

    A little megalomaniac, aren't we ?

  13. Rob, change the title of this blog post so that "robbed" has a capital "R".

  14. Am I the only one who can't get onto XKCD's blag, forum or store, it seems only the comic loads right now.

  15. Normally I agree with you, but the joke is that what we were seeing were, basically, what the customers and staff at a TGI friday's as a couple were preparing to, very publicly, make love


    more like


    ps I am moving this to below my own post on the matter. Unfair? Yes. but that's the power you get when you are dictator of the blog!

    Thanks for writing, rob.

  17. wait, you guys don't use wikipedia to wank off?

    oh man but where else can i turn, labels on anatomical drawings totally get me off

  18. Thanks for capitalizing the title. The double meaning works better this way, also it would have bugged me for the rest of the day.

  19. that was ME who capitalized the title, just so you know.

  20. Yeah Rob, way to make a sub-par post above the good Carl post with all the comments. And Carl, way to rectify the situation.

    captcha, rebacha: the first xkcd girl character until Randy turned on spell check and realized megan was a lot easier to spell.

  21. If I could pay tribute in some way, I would.

  22. @rast


    see If we can make this happen (small victory at least)

  23. Its a harmless little comic. Megan is just a name. He's uncreative with names. She is a little bit of a perverted character.
    Why do you think these things are so gross?
    Wikipedia defines a lot of words, and when you're a kid just learning them and don't want to ask its helpful to find out why all your friends are laughing. No one wants to be the innocent one who doesn't get it, and children are incredibly sexual in their jokes.