Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Flotsam and Jetsam

Here's some stuff that I've been meaning to talk about that've been building up for a little while:

--If You See Something is apparently no longer updating? It was pretty good. It did a good job of making a comic that was about politics but still felt like a webcomic, not an editorial cartoon. One I particularly liked (though not political) was this one. I know he draws Alien Loves Predator but I didn't really like that one too much.

--Spanish xkcd is also apparently not updating anymore. I always found those amusing.

--Abstruse Goose #85 seemed like a pretty big ripoff of Isaac Asimov's short story The Last Question and annoyed me for that reason. Update: Ok, well apparently the author agrees with me, to judge from comic 87. At least the thing I thought it was a ripoff of was on there. In any case, copying an old concept, adding nothing new to it, and then saying "ha ha, this concept sure is old!" is not OK. Also, totally misconstrues the bible, which is usually something I condone. But that's not at all what that part of the bible is talking about.

--The Onion with Bush Gettin' Hurt stories: If the first two installments didn't convince, the third and fourth should: The Onion is, inexplicably, running a bunch of short news stories about Bush getting horribly injured. And...I don't get it. First off, having a running series like this strikes me as very unusual for The Onion. And none of them strike me as particularly funny. Maybe they are leading up to something at the end, when he leaves office, or maybe after like 8 of them it'll suddenly get funny, like Sideshow Bob stepping on rakes. What do other people think?

--Lastly, to connect this at least a little related to xkcd: Hurrah, Randall has written a new blog post. It's a bit funny, though in all honesty, only two made me laugh out loud and they were both on the "I didn't think of it first" list (they were “Spocktoberfest” and "my bologna has a first name, it’s A-D-O-L-F”) I was in a library, too, so laughing loudly may have been a poor choice.


  1. The "crocodile bites of Bush's arm" and "Bush dragged behind motorcade" stories were funny, if only for bringing great images to mind. I think they work whether you hate Bush and want to imagine catastrophe striking him or just appreciate something so surreal getting a tiny mention in the news.

  2. I think it was said by someone else the last time the Onion thing was brought up on this blog, but I think the joke is that those stories are 'in brief' and tucked quietly in the tiny text of the run-off Onion news. He's our President, yet people probably wouldn't flinch if such things were real news.

  3. Thomas - surely you'd agree that the kidney stone one was gross enough to make up for those two. Anyway I just don't happen to find them funny, it's good to know that someone does. Perhaps you are getting out of it what they intended.

    Lint - you have a great name and maybe you are right but that doesn't really seem likely. The joke is just that they're brief rather than full stories? Maybe, as I keep saying, I can't figure these out at all. In any case, I'm not sure that explanation works for why there have been new ones every week.