Monday, October 13, 2008



from the Dinosaur Comics Blog...noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

My favorite webcomic, being VIOLENTLY OVERTAKEN by my least favorite, and four days of warning in which to panic! noooooooo!!!!

I will admit that I liked xkcd's previous parody of dinosaur comics, but that was way back before xkcd started sucking.

OK guys, let's hear your predictions: Will it suck? Will be be good? Will it parody Dinosaur Comics or will it insert shitty nerd jokes in? Will T-Rex have a sad break up with Dromiceiomimus? Will Friday's regular xkcd refer to it? WHO KNOWS but you can expect hard hitting humor analysis right here on xkcdsucks.



  1. The URL for qwantz is broken... fix it! :)

  2. *prays* Just please don't let it use any memes, just be some non-sequitur punchline that brightens everyone's day.

    The dinosaurs can even be stick figures, I won't mind.

  3. xkcd and dinosaur comics are basically the antithesis of each other in the way I read them.

    for shame, ryan north
    for tons of shame.

  4. You should do something with this:

  5. Anon, thanks for sending that over. I will mention it, if I don't forget. If I do though, guys, you all should take a look at it.

  6. I like both comics. I was expecting stick-figure dinosaurs on Friday, but I was happy with what we got.

    I like the themes that xkcd addresses and I don't mind that they are limited and repeated or that sometimes the references are too specific for me to relate to. I approve of popular comics sometimes taking time out from being funny in order to inform, or urge social action. I think it's responsible. Xkcd is a niche comic and if I didn't like that niche I'd wouldn't be there.

    I don't know if Randall is unreasonably smug about his perceived influence on the world, but the only problem with someone having inflated self worth is if he attacks others for not being as good as he perceives himself to be. I don't get the idea that Randall does that. I think he's trying to share the joy. Most of the happiest, smartest people I know manage to exude their "I'm so wonderful" in such a way that all who behold them feel that they too are that wonderful.

    I'm going to read your blog for a while and see how it goes. I like the comments that are constructive or very observational, i.e. "the joke should have been written this way" or "the current more detailed artwork betrays the original concept" (although I don't agree with the latter).

  7. Aviatrix - I think compared to the other four guest comics, the fact that Randall just used photoshop or something seems like he just put less effort into it than they did.

    The thing about "taking time out from being funny in order to inform" is that this comic -no comic, probably, except maybe Doonesbury- has any authority on social or commercial issues. As we saw with the DRM comic, Randall just plain got it wrong - you totally can buy DRM-free music on iTunes, so writing a whole whiny comic about how you can't just makes him seem like a dumbass.

    The other thing about comics and commentary is that the best social commentary is often in the form of humor (again, see Doonesbury, see the Daily Show, see the Onion, etc..) so for a comic to intentionally leave out the humor in order to try to prove a point about something more serious strikes me as intentionally handicapping yourself.

    Anyway, thanks for giving this blog a chance even if you disagree with it; you are heartily encouraged to comment often with your opposing viewpoints.