Sunday, October 12, 2008

Comic 487: Numbers numbers everywhere

The first thing that struck me in this comic was that it was a little disturbing. I believe - though I could be wrong- that this is by far the most graphic xkcd we've seen. Panel 3 in particular seems a bit jarring.

But the second row is pretty good. I like the interaction between the narrator (so to speak) and the characters and the fact that the comic starts off being a sex joke and ends as a nerd joke. I approve heartily of this, especially given the tendency to go the easy sex joke (hence the ubiquity of "that's what she said," for example.) Perhaps a little more of the characters responding to the narrator, not just the sort of passive quitting, but still, this is probably the best attempt we've seen in 20 or 30 comics, at least.

I'm not sure we need the "xkcd presents a guide..." Seems a little like "woo!! look, it was my comic that did this! just try to copy it and not include attribution NOW! ha ha."

Can anyone think of a more graphic xkcd? I don't think we've seen one.


  1. 2 pi? Darn near killed 'em!

    This one was good.

    The latest one? The free software one or whatever? Fills me with rage. I am usually a peaceful guy.

  2. Yay I liked this one too. Was kind of too hopeful in thinking maybe it was a signal of his turnaround into good-comicky-ness.

  3. I was amused.

    And somewhat turned on, groooowr!

  4. This is graphic?
    This. Stick figures.
    Tell me, when you undress to have a shower, do you faint when you look down?

  5. He totally got 71 wrong, 71 is 69 with two fingers up your ass, that's one of George Carlin's oldest bits, and Randall should be fuckin fired from being an "artist" for not knowing that.

  6. well now that we've all seen comic 631 i guess this is in fact relatively tame. Oh well.

  7. In "99", Is the guy sucking the back of her head?

  8. Eat cum asswipesMay 25, 2010 at 10:24 AM

    Jesus fucking christ are you fucking prudes. You're jarred by bent-over stick figures?? What are you, seventy and a nun??

    You know what, that's unfair. I actually know a nun and she's not as big a prude as you. She seems to have gotten used to the fact that humans copulate. How much complaining can you do over a cartoon vagina?? GROW THE FUCK UP

  9. Drink poop dickheadsOctober 10, 2010 at 6:10 PM

    Thor's cunt-drenched beard are you overreacting. You're this bent out of shape by someone thinking stick figure sex is kind of weird?? What are you, twelve and an ass??

    You know what, that's unfair. I actually know an ass and he's not as big an idiot as you. He seems to have gotten past the phase where he thinks he needs to prove his masculinity by feigning outrage over something someone having different values. How much... you know what, fuck it. I sympathize with your view. Really, I do. I'm pretty damn sexually "liberated" or whatever you want to call it, and find Carl's reactions to some of the sex-oriented XKCDs and open discussion of sex a little odd myself.

    Still (despite what the XKCD fanboys may think) at least he manages to avoid acting like a twelve year-old with something to prove, which is more than I can say for you.