Sunday, November 15, 2009

Comic 662: Do Not Care

iPhone or Droid or NOTHING? hm? thought of THAT?
I know what you are all thinking, and it's "My god, how can Carl Wheeler get any lazier?" and the answer is: by not even posting at all! I know I'm usually late, but today i am just not going to do anything. Is it that I am too busy? Maybe. Is it that I have nothing at all to say about this mediocre comic? Perhaps. Is it that I want to manipulate your silly emotions by depriving you of that which you most love, ie, my brilliant words? Possible.

In any case, take this opportunity to write your own brilliant critiques in the comments, and a promise that maybe in the future i will not be so damn lazy, and I leave you with this video that has been making me laugh all week:

oh and: needless to say, any of the fellows with postin' power can feel free to blog today, and those of you without postin' power can feel free to chant the name of your favorite guest blogger in the comments, in the hopes that it inspires them to write something.


  1. Crandall, your laziness knows no bounds.

  2. Apparently the joke of this comic is there are a lot of apps for the iPhone and Droid.
    ...Uh huh.

  3. Perhaps crandall, you wrote this terrible sagan comic so that your carl ego can attempt to rebound, and post with double the energy!

  4. Anon 8:12
    While this comic wasn't actually funny, you did miss the point pretty throughly. It was a play on Apple's annoying "There's an App for that" commercials and the fact that their app approval process is abysmal and arbitrary. It doesn't actually have anything to do with the number of available apps.

  5. PostACommentSubscribeToNovember 15, 2009 at 9:57 PM

    If this one is mediocre, and it is, don't even look at the new one (663). The shittiest, laziest XKCD I've seen in a long time

  6. It's funny, because Carl Sagan said interesting things!

    Honestly, what an abysmally lazy joke. "Superpowers that are actually useless hurr durr" is a super old, lazy joke. I mean, come on, Dilbert did it like twenty years ago when Dilbert got bitten by a radioactive dung beetle--the side effects were nothing but a wicked urge to go into politics.

    And then he takes this ancient creaker of a joke and spices it up--by relying on the interesting things someone else has done. Congratu-fucking-lations, Randall, you've recognized that Carl Sagan is a phenomenally interesting person.

    You know who's infinitely, INFINITELY better at taking amazing historical (or, in Sagan's case, even contemporary) figures and writing great, funny comics about them? Kate Beaton.

  7. wiillllliaaam moooontttyyy huuuughes
    wiillllliaaam moooontttyyy huuuughes
    it's time to write a post

  8. this blog is now about angry old directors.

  9. Comic 662:
    Here we have yet another prime example of 'xkcd should be a picto-blog.' Clearly, Randall is musing on which smart-phone he should get. Worse yet, this would make (and will, when he makes a blog post about which one he did get) a terrible blog post. No one besides your fan{boy,girl}s cares about your fucking telephone, Randall.

    Next, of course, is his existential crisis about following trends blah blah sheeple consumer whore. I think George Thorogood has a good answer for that: Get a Haircut (and Get a Real Job). Next.

    But wait, there's more! We get the ever classic 'there's an app for that', but get this: it's a question. Oh, my, what a shake up to the established norm. Good old old-memes, eh Randall.

    After that, we get to the punchline, or lack thereof: the iPhone app was rejected. Another bit of old news tops of this one. Sure, the DROID just came out, but the real point of this comic would have been better served up at least a month ago. Or, better yet, never.

    Last, but certainly not least, it the artwork. Sure all the heads are attached, and he did put some effort into the arm-on-the-back-of-the-chair-leaning-back-with-legs-crossed pose in the first panel, but what the fuck is up is up with the lopsided head in the same panel? I don't know for sure, but I would guess that it would have taken about 3 seconds to redraw it. Also the head in panel 2 IS attached, but it looks fucking terrible.

    In the end, file this under 'common jokes of the internet' and picto-blog. Thank you and goodnight.

  10. Wait, there was a joke in Monday's xkcd strip? I must have missed it somehow.

    Also these days it's not radioactivity that gives superheroes their powers. Nowadays it's all genetic engineering. It should have been a genetically-engineered Carl Sagan (not that it would have helped it be funnier).

    About the video...people watch movies on their phones now? Great, now I understand how my parents felt when I was a kid and they didn't understand why I played that damned Nintendo so much. I Watching a movie on your phone. I don't get it.

    ...says the guy who watched Kamen Rider Hibiki on his PSP. But the PSP is meant to do that! It isn't a phone. Phones are for calling people.

    I know I'm not really old but I wish my opinions didn't make me feel old.

  11. Kids! xkcd is fun! It's like a safari to find the humour of x!

  12. Right Approach:
    If you are a webcomic artist, you only need 10% of your readers to find your joke funny. The other 90% will either take their word or "not be your target audience". You don't have set hours, everyone on the internet respects you, and you work one hour three times a week. If you go to a convention and tell a woman that you make your living writing a webcomic, she will probably sleep with you.

  13. Wrong Approach: It's like a safari to find MEGMAN!

  14. the biggest problem with monday's strip: the "joke", such as it is, is spelled out in excruciating detail in a box above the comic.

  15. I thought today's comic, Carl Sagan-man, was for lack of a better term sweet. A sweet tribute, mildly funny but not as good as the Gary Gigax game with death.

    That said, there may be a bias going on here. I was reading the comic with the intention of going to xkcdsucks immediately afterwards and for some reason humour, such as it is, tends to evaporate when you think like that.

  16. I have no idea who Carl Sagan is (is he anything like our Carl?) so I am obviously not in the target audience for this comic.

  17. Come one, come all, and witness the birth of Carl Wheeler's Random-Vid-O-Blog!

  18. Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB Rob ROB
    ROB WEEK 2.0 IS GO

  19. That is such a Ruperty thing to do, Rupert

  20. I don't think Randall could maintain a picto-blog. All he seems to know how to draw is mountains, stick figures, stick figures with lines coming out their head which tells us they're female (or maybe they're long-haired men, how would you know?), swivel office chair, a computer, and a desk.

    Nowadays, the art is just an afterthought. Which is odd, because so is the joke. I honestly believe Randall sits at home Sunday night, 11 o'clock and says... "Fuck, tomorrow is Monday. I should write a comic soon." And he just draws some crap and puts some random words in and who the fuck cares the fanboys eat this shit up no matter what and Randall knows it.

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