Wednesday, November 12, 2008

some random housekeeping stuff

Hey guys-

1) Some dude named George sent me an e-mail to recommend the webcomic Subnormality, and I can say having read through the archives: it is very spiffy. Be warned though - there's an ungodly amount of text in a lot of them. Places to start: this one, this one, this one, and this one. It can be very PBF-like at times.

2) Why has Spanish xkcd not updated since Scrabble? Did they just get intimidated by the Secretary story and give up?

3) I think it's high time I changed the title of this blog (not the url, the title part up at the top) to xkcd sucks (or maybe even "xkcd suxkcd"). I have lost most of my faith that it can get better.

4) I still think just hearing what I have to say gets boring after a while - if you want to say anything even mildly interesting about xkcd (in general, over time, the newest comic, and old comic...) I will probably post it unless you write like a stupid person. .


  1. Awww. I like "xkcd: Overrated," though. I think it's fitting. (For example, the latest comic. Even the little forumites couldn't come up with anything to say other than "OMG I TOTALLY AGREE.")

    Although I do like the idea of "xkcd suxkcd." Hmm. I am conflicted.

  2. Oh, "xkcd suxkcd" gets my vote for SURE

  3. Way to make the choice easier GUYS. I can of course always switch it back and forth on the tiniest of whims.

    Monday- xkcd:lame
    Tuesday- xkcd:fucktarded
    Wednesday- xkcd:more like xkcmycomicsallsuckass
    Thursday- xkcd:murder-y
    Friday- xkcd:electronic

  4. Googling " site: "get out of my head" " gives 553 results.

    Seeing that phrase in the forums makes me want to cut out my eyes.

  5. Re: Spanish xkcd. Looks like it doesn't actually update with every new English comic - for example, the one before 'Scrabble' is 'Going West'. They missed out 'Twitters' and 'Morning Routine'. The one before that is 'Flash Games'. In the immortal words of Tom Jones, it's not unusual.

    Re: the title. Personally, I prefer 'XKCD: Overrated.' It's easier to agree with - I don't think XKCD sucks, but it is certainly overrated. And 'easier to agree with' => 'more regular page viewers', surely.

  6. "Or 'The Mongooses'. That's a cool team name. The Fighting Mongooses!"

    Seriously, though, don't worry about the name. It's fine as is.

  7. Follow your heart (where 'your heart' is 'your Google Analytics account').

  8. oh man suxkcd is such a good idea