Thursday, November 6, 2008

Comic 499: I keep misreading "Scantron" as "Scranton" as in the city where The Office takes place

epic story post is now finished!

xkcd: your source for standardized test laffs
Well, for those of you hardcore nerds wondering when we'd finally see Miss Lenhart, you are probably a little too obsessed. For the rest of you: Randall probably had a beloved elementary school teacher named Lenhart (no doubt she changed it when she got married and he refuses to accept that) and so he uses that all the time, much like he often refers to a mysterious girl named Megan.

This comic is exactly the same premise as comic 292. Person innocently thinks a minor mistake will be harmless, it ends up being catastrophic. The rhythm is even disturbingly close - even to the point of having the third of four panels have no border. Read them both together - it's crazy! The blood everywhere after a seemingly innocent action is also very reminiscent of comic 419.

Anyway, it just kind of feels like he needed to fill in space between his Epic Story Of Magical Awesomeness and his Post Election Comic Spectacular That Turned Out To Be Nothing Special so he went for some tired old everyone-jokes-about-this-their-junior-year joke.


  1. This also reminded me of the second boomerang comic - you know, "Oh god, the ozone layer!" That one.

  2. oh, very true. tiny little thing --> horrible, horrible (off camera) effect.

  3. I actually did laugh at this. Very hard.