Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Nerdier Take On Comics 497 and 498

While I am catching up on stuff I missed since last week, why not read this very nerdy and very angry take on the end of the Secretary story arc that a reader e-mailed me:


I was genuinely offended by these two comics. Randall claims to be a geek, yet he totally fucked up his representation of the LightCycle.

Firstly, a LightCycle is always represented by some sort of portable stick when not in use. To activate the bike, the user simply holds the stick out in front of them horizontally, then that stick becomes the handlebars and they lean forward as the bike grows around them. Somehow, Tron Paul here just rezzed a LightCycle out of nowhere. Especially bad because he was just holding a cane which could easily have become a LightCycle.

Then, in comic 498, he fucked up again. LightCycles are perfectly capable of steering outside of the Game Grid. In the film, Tron, Ram, and Flynn escape the game grid and have no trouble out-maneuvering several tanks and recognizers. Sure, the bikes no longer have the 90 degree movement that is so characteristic of them, but they still steer just fine. As a smaller note, they don't have jet walls outside of the game grid either, but I'll let this slide because it was more of a parody of Ron Paul.

It just pisses me off that Randall would screw something up like this. He claims to be a geek, and yet he makes jokes about things that are far beyond his level of understanding just hoping that we other geeks out here wouldn't notice his mistakes and instead think of him as a god just for bringing up 24 year old sci-fi fantasies.

This movie was a huge piece of my childhood, and he totally fucked it up.

Just thought you might like to know.
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