Thursday, April 24, 2008

Comic 174: That's What She Said

People don't actually talk like this. Pay attention for it in Real Life: no one uses this many pronouns. And if anyone did, and you responded with "that's what she said", it wouldn't work like this - because in people's minds, they replace the pronouns with the actual noun. It's only grammatically ambiguous if it's taken on its own - like in this comic.


  1. Solution for you: stop reading xkcd if you don't like it...

  2. holy crap I hadn't thought of that! it''s so simple! thank you! why had that never occurred to me?

  3. Okay, you hate it because it "pains me to see lousy humor" because it's un-ignorable "like genocide."
    Aren't there far worse and far more popular things than xkcd? its is confined to the internet. You have to pick up the computer and get onto the web page. Shit music is everywhere. You read about it, you hear about it, you stumble on it. It pops up between good songs, it infests radio stations. There are shittier and more popular websites too. I just don't get why rant against xkcd.
    and some people do talk like that. They're damn hard to understand, but they do.

  4. Have you never spent any time around people who say, "That's what she said," at the slightest provocation? You may not think it's funny, but it's definitely a thing.

    And yes, actually, people in real life use pronouns like this. Actually, in speech, it's usually pretty easy to decode. It's enough of a thing that it was parodied as far back as, at least, _Ferris Beuller's Day Off_.

  5. Kurt, someone already exists on the internet who complains about music. In fact, he complains about pretty much everything imaginable. His name is Maddox. This blog is intended to be a critical analysis of the humor (or lack thereof) of xkcd, not just lousy humor wherever it may be.

  6. you're right. its not realistic or true to everyday life... thus it CANNOT be funny (?)
    also your criticism of the comic is ironic as you actually use that many pronouns.