Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Comic 729: Laughing Out Loud Cats

Cats! They appear calm and lazy! But they have SECRET, VIOLENT MINDS that constantly want to harm humans and get THEIR TERRIFYING REVENGE!

This is perhaps one of the most overplayed tropes there is. It has birthed a Dilbert character, a classic Onion headline, a far too old meme, a good comic (last time i checked anyway) a bad comic, and god knows what else.

The "It's all a dream!" plot is also overused, at least in xkcd. There was that school nightmare one, there was that piratey one? There was this one, and like before, there's probably more that I can't find right now. feel free to add things.

Anyway, this comic is just another crappy "Cats! what if they were EVIL??" joke. These are nearly impossible to do well, and this comic comes nowhere close.


  1. I think this comic might be sliiiightly better if it wasn't for that "lasercat" part. It's completely out of nowhere, doesn't fit with a cat's dream. It fulfilling its ambition of getting the laser point is good enough.

    Meanwhile, new comic is... not a comic, for one. It's a huge panel with no such thing as a reading order. In fact, it's a mess. A mess of smaller jokes, some slightly funny, some just RANDOM LOL, some... not very funny.

    And the alt-text is a bit amusing. But the comic is a seemingly random mass of random jokes put together. And that's not good. At all.

  2. You think catbert is lolcat based?

  3. Carl never said anything was lolcat based. He said they were all based on cats being evil. Which is a very very old idea.

    I personally hated this comic. Lots of people seemed to like it. I tried to explain to them why but they'd just go "kitty!" or "lasers!" or "nom nom."

    Pretty hard to argue with that, I suppose.

    The new one is god awful but I'm sure fanboys will drool over it because its a circuit diagram. None of the "jokes" are funny. Seriously, the most clever bit was probably "not a resistor; wire just does this" and thats because it plays with preconceived notions.

  4. Anon 9:58, I'm weirdly gratified to know that I'm not the only one who looked at that whole absurd mess of a diagram and went, "Hah, the wire just does that, that's sort of funny." Most of it just seemed like a visual version of a prove-your-geek-cred quiz.

  5. This is not "Cats Are Evil", it's "Cats want to absorb lasers, and shoot with them. As opposed to simply thinking 'Shiney' instead thinking 'I WANT THAT DOOM RAY'".

    WAIT! Something that's a new concept but different than all the other ideas. Your analogy fails.

  6. And did you guys see Dinosaur Comics 1697? Awful. Effectively a copy paste of some Wikipedia article and then "oh look, T-Rex is distracted by a stupid astronaut story." There's no joke!

  7. @10:23 "I WANT DOOM RAY TO KILL MY MASTER" is not evil?


    That could have been longer but I got bored.

    And what's with people saying DC is awful? As if that makes XKCD better? I'm not a big fan of DC myself but that's probably the weakest argument ever. Carl is not immune to liking bad stuff.

  8. @10:47 Nope. Who doesn't want laser eyes... What would you shoot with laser eyes? The nearest living thing I bet. I certainly would shoot the nearest living thing that is not myself. (I'm not the 10:23 anon, I'm someone else entirely)

  9. It's a dream of mine too.

    Anyone who tries this "psyche the kitten" game with a laser pointer ONCE understands what an incredible mind-fuck it is for the poor animal. Imagine! A preditor who is unable to kill and rend, not through lack of skill, but by a two-dimensional object that it cannot comprehend.

    Anyone who does this TWICE is performing nothing less than a sophisticated form of pet-abuse.

    Any pussy-suckass coward who feels the need to torture his pets should be murdered in glorious fashion.

  10. Oh look. Another poster. How daring, Randall.

  11. Anon 11:27: My cat, while she may not know exactly what a laser pointer is, knows enough that I'm causing the red dot. When it stops, she looks at me until I turn it back on. And she will dash across the apartment if she hears the jingle of the pointer's chain.

    I'd hardly call a game she willingly plays and seems to enjoy "pet abuse".

  12. Yeah, if I so much as bump a table the laser pointer is on so that the chain jingles, my cat starts making that chattering noise and going crazy.

    She knows it's a game, just like she knows that my hands aren't really small animals so she shouldn't bite too hard or use her claws when we play.

    See, cats have these things called "noses" which they use to detect the presence of edible prey.

    Here's some cat-arithmetic: No smell + only sound is clicking coming from the human across the room = Fun indoor exercise, followed by some grateful snuggling.

    But then, maybe my cat's just smarter than Anon 11:27's.

  13. New comic was a sad low. Half the jokes were just "Lol, these pictures have no place in a circuit diagram!". Others are only there for geek cred ("LOL a flux capacitor I LOVE BACK TO THE FUTURE TOO!") and there's yet another annoying sexkcd joke stuffed in there. Also is there anything more pathetic than trying to get your own made up phrase into the popular lexicon again by using it in your alt text years later?

  14. Re: 730- GET OUT OF MY HEAD Randall!

  15. New one was uh. It could have been worse.

    I kept scolling down waiting for a witty punchline, like something to do with anything,

    But there wasn't one.

    It appears the whole joke is "this circuit is retarded" Which would have been better if less of the jokes were just "DOES NOT GO HERE NORMALLY"

    I giggled a little at the flip-flop joke, but that was about all.

    Alt text made me RAGE, reference to your own jokes is difficult to do well, reference to your own shitty joke is even harder.

    just ARG

    Maybe if there was more actual jokes about circuits and less of barfing your clip-art folder into the circuit diagram it would be funnier

  16. There are a few decent gags in there if you're willing to search for it amongst the filler. The "solder blob" as part of the diagram should be amusing for anybody who has stuffed up soldering before. The "touch tongue here" bit is mildly amusing, if a bit silly. "120 Ohms or to taste" is alright. People have already commented on the not-resistor-actually-wire one.

    The "two currents go in, one current comes out" arena section is a nice understated reference. I might even venture to guess that it was the centre of his idea and he just decided to make it more elaborate but quickly ran out of good ideas and threw in a bunch of stupid stuff like the squirrel, sad face, and scarab bugs.

  17. I've never seen a more sloppily drawn flux capacitor before in my life.

  18. Guys I just noticed, Randall has taken down the color survey. What sort of MAD GENIUS do you think he has in store for us with this?

  19. I thought that what you are calling the flux capacitor was just a Y in the I-95 road.

  20. Wow, you guys draw resistors like that? You mentalists.

    Anyway: "warm front" and "wire just does that" kind of amusing cos of the subversion n' all; I'm sure if I'd known that was a flip-flop that'd have been pretty funny; the mass grid of resistors is not sodding funny at all, because he already did "mass grids of resistors are hard!" in the nerd-sniping one and there it was part of an actual joke; most of the rest just LOLRANDOM.

  21. Your comments on 726 left a suggestion of "it was all a dream."

    Honestly, I find this blog to be a laughable waste of time. It's one thing to dislike a webcomic, it's quite another to search for things to dislike. No webcomic is ALL good or ALL bad, and your blog seems to think that every xkcd comic is just flat out terrible. The few of your posts that I have read have seemed stretched, searching for a complicated explanation of why something is unoriginal, and why those who find it funny are stupid.

    Tightening a close group of supporters while alienating others by belittling them? Sounds like Fox news to me.

  22. New one makes no sense.

    What is the circuit supposed to be doing?

  23. the comment section of this site reminds me of a sophisticated version of the youtube comments section

  24. @5:45 That's why Carl recently said he liked one?

    But yeah, I guess he DOES think every XKCD is terrible.

    Or, maybe, it's, you know, the fact most of them are terrible and if they actually were good most of us would admit it.

    Not me, of course, I hate them all with an undying passion for absolutely no reason. But most people here are more reasonable than I am.

  25. Today's was truly terrible. I couldn't even be bothered to look at every "funny" note because yawn.

  26. @5:45 Tightening a close group of supporters while alienating others by belittling them? Sounds like the xkcd forums to me.

    Also, your face is a laughable waste of time. BURN BABY BURN!

  27. Seriously? I loved this comic. I thought there was no way you'd be able to find something to criticize about it. It was cute and witty, and not the normal style for xkcd.

  28. This isn't an evil cat. So many humans have screwed with cats using laser pointers for so long, their revenge is entirely justified.

  29. It looks to me like Randall was trying to do something clever like http://www.jsayers.com/thingpart/thingpart218.html and failing miserably.

    Credit for trying, I suppose, were it not for the fact that thousands of people are convinced that Randalls arrant tud is, in fact, WIKKID BRILLIANT!

    Hint: its not.

  30. I enjoyed 729 simply because Mr. Munroe broke his horrible habit of telling and not showing. I think we can all agree this is better than a comic of two stick figures watching a sleeping cat going, "Hur hur I bet it dreams about catching a lazer pointer lol" or something.

    730 is... well, meh. It's not really visually stimulating, like some of his poster comics, and most of the text lines are just nerd references. The alt-text was another self-reference, but because it referenced a half-decent comic, I'll give him some slack.

    All in all, this comic does for me pretty much the exact same as the logarithmic scale of the universe, except less fun to look at; they're both larger panels than normal, filled with geek culture references, and almost certainly going to be an item in the store.

  31. A 1 or 2 panel comic based on "not a resistor, wire just does this" would actually be pretty good. As it is it's just buried among a load of crap.

  32. If you haven't checked Get Fuzzy, just try reading the arcs.

  33. Newest comic /could have/ been brilliant... if it had actual Electronic Engineering references. Even though it would only be funny to a few people, this is XKCD, that's what it's MEANT to be known for! But instead, he makes a slight few engineering references and a mass amount of randomness. Proving, once again, that he's the laziest comic artist ever!

    Also, I like Garfield. Sure, it's not the funniest, but it's not really bad either; most of the complaints against it seem to miss the fact that it's meant to be a comic intended for little kids.

  34. Resistance is futile.


    > XKCD 730.

  35. He is the nerd version of Family Guy.

  36. The newest comic is the ultimate proof that Randall thinks he can do WHATEVER THE HELL he feels like doing and get away with it with all the honours. And he's most likely right.

    The other "poster comics" at least had a somewhat interesting concept, and would be neat even without many of the gags, but this one has no concept at all, and there are startlingly few gags that have any actual humour. Amazing how there was only one thing that struck me as truly clever, and I came here and saw several other people had the same feeling -- i.e. the "not a transistor" thing. The rest of the comic is largely an egregious waste of Internet.

  37. Can we talk about the CREEPY AS MOTHERFUCK sexkcd "take off your shirt, baby" thing at the bottom right? I think we should.

  38. "Not a transistor," eh? You thought that was clever?


  39. 729 was mildly entertaining, though the logic of "eat laser dot; shoot laser from eyes" is not obvious to me. The variation from R:s usual art style was refreshing.

    730 is just boring poster bait. (Carl needs to add that as a cathegory under Repeat Offenders.) Some of the little jokes were actual jokes, and some of the actual jokes had something remotely to do with circuits, but they were in minority.

  40. Yeah I agree about Dinosaur Comics.

    Criticising it here IS relevant because Carl is known to love it, yet many of the criticisms he flicks at XKCD could apply equally to Dino Comics, if not more so. Especially things such as putting in irrelevant references just to please nerds, not having a proper punchline, and putting out whatever rubbish happens to pop into his head at the time.

  41. How do people not understand the new comic?

  42. If you think we don't understand the new comic, feel free to explain what the correct interpretation is.

  43. Anon above, we understand the new comic.

    We understand that there is no real joke, and is just a LOL RANDUM XD circuit diagram.

    Anon 2 above, while a few comments made here could also apply to Dino comix to some extent, this is XKCD sucks, not Dino Comix sux.

    And ad-hominem doesn't justify dragging the comments page into the "my webcomic could beat up YOUR webcomic" mire

  44. #730 is mostly lame, but I giggled at "may use an actual sandal instead".

    (For those who don't get the joke: those two NAND gates, wired together as shown, are called a flip-flop).

  45. I did laugh at some of the jokes, like "blue-blue-orange", EE102, and the "not a resistor."

    When I first saw where he was going with the comic (if it could be called a direction), I started looking for the lion.

    Why was there no lion? Either Randall is oblivious to this particular geek trend, or he omitted it intentionally.


  46. let's start a betting pool
    how long till the new comic goes up on the xkcd store?

  47. C'mon! I think the joke here is more "Whats are cats hoping to accomplish when they chase laser pointers?" than "Cats are mean."

  48. I couldn't understand this comic for a few seconds.

  49. This comic had potential. Sure, it's not the most original concept in the world, but who says it has to be original? The laser pointer thing isn't really overdone. And cats are funny.

    The reason I don't like it is that the concept of the cat 'absorbing' the laser just makes no sense and gives me a headache. I agree that catching the laser would have been enough.

    Ishmael out.

  50. I did consider this one of the better xkcd's of late, even though Randall overdid it, like always. Would this work better? http://i41.tinypic.com/n5shmp.png
    Maybe even better with just three panels, dropping the second one - but that one is sorta cool, even if it's just a clip art cat.

  51. I really don't see how these criticisms could be leveled at Dinosaur Comics. Dinosaur Comics isn't nearly as snarky or preachy as XKCD, T-Rex earnestly enjoys himself and even when he disagrees with something, it's not, "UR STOOPID," but rather, "You're wrong. Or maybe I'm wrong. Actually, now that I look at it, this is pretty petty." I've yet to see a Dinosaur Comic that could really be called preachy.

    Another thing is that Dinosaur Comics' characters are relatable (who amongst us has never stomped on a woman?).

    And even the comics that are largely just nerd jokes still add new elements that nonnerds can enjoy.

    Plus, it's got talking dinosaurs, how can you argue with that?

  52. The cat thinking that it will be able to absorb the laser doesn't have to make sense. Everybody knows that cats are bad at science.

  53. 730 is bad. The only slightly funny thing, as mentioned before, was the flip-flop ha ha sandals pun. Everything else is just random crap thrown together. He made no attempt to make anything even remotely make any sense.

    It's would've been miles better (at least for the nerdy types - but we all know Randall can't cater to the non-nerds anyway) if he'd actually written a coherent circuit diagram (say, a bog-standard amplifier) substituting joke symbols in relevant places.

  54. I didn't like the flipflop pun at all, it seemed completely obvious. The only thing I liked was the "this is not a resistor, the wire just does this" one

  55. Ishmael: would you say that the latest comic had...

    (puts on glasses)

    electric potential?


  57. Can we quantify the types of jokes for a second for a second? I really don't think there's as large a portion of LOLRANDOM as people are indicating...

    TYPE 1 - relates circuitry as pathways to actual pathways (schematics vs maps)
    - map distance legend
    - highway
    - compass rose
    - center of sun
    - caution
    - 55mph speed limit
    - I-95

    TYPE 2 - electrical components and characteristics
    - magic smoke
    - electric eel as LOLRANDOM V-source
    - touch tongue here
    - arena (2 in, 1 out)
    - flip-flop
    - holding pen
    - weird values
    > sqrt(2) V-source
    > pi resistor
    > yes resistor
    > 8 mm resistor
    > e resistor
    > 120-ohm, or to taste
    - most expensive chip available
    - 5-ohm decoy
    - 50V DC source grounded either side
    - 240V AC source
    - resistor mess
    - moral rectifier
    - hot glue, solder blob
    - brown blue orange
    - 666 timer
    - glue open, hire someone to open and close switch really fast
    - electrons single file
    - not a resistor, wire just does this
    - warm front
    - arduino
    - omit this if you're a wimp
    - transistor with two emitters

    TYPE 3 - electric-powered devices
    - blender (maybe?)
    - vibrator
    - neck strap
    - light bulb

    TYPE 4 - nonsense (TRUE LOLRANDOM)
    - squirrel
    - scarab beetles
    - batman (though this could be remarking on shape-similarity to resistor notation)
    - CH3
    - sad face
    - holy water
    - unconnected ? (near magic smoke), knotted wire, yarn
    - pull this wire really tight
    - sexkcd inductor
    - fishing bobber
    - balloon

    Not sure where "bury deep but not too deep" and the "Y-merge" (or "flux capacitor," as some people suspect it is?) belong... regardless, I thought this had enough giggle-inducing puns to be considered a comical success. Between the 666-timer and the most expensive chip available, I enjoyed it.

    (though probably not as much as I enjoyed Sam's electric potential pun)

  58. > sqrt(2) V-source
    > pi resistor
    > yes resistor
    > 8 mm resistor
    > e resistor

    How are these not LOLRANDOM? "Hey, it's a resistor... BUT ITS VALUE IS PI! THREE DOTS, HILARIOUS. !"

    I'll give you "120Ohms or to taste", though, b/c that's vaguely amusing.

    All the type 3s are LOLRANDOM too; "Hey, it's a blender... ATTACHED TO AN ELECTRIC CIRCUIT! HILARIOUS. !" is not any kind of joke at all.

    On the other hand, the phrase "sexkcd inductor" needs to go memetic. I don't know what it should mean outside of this context, but it should mean something.

  59. Most of your Type 2 joke-oids are lol random. Although I suppose they're actually the slightly more topical "Lol random RESISTOR".

  60. A. It's ironic that I - someone who likes XKCD - spend thirty seconds every other week or so reading the latest comic, while you - who say you utterly despise XKCD - seem to make sure to bathe in it daily.

    As far as I can tell, the time you devote to XKCD is really only comparable to its most devoted fans, all of whom - like you - seem to spend way too much time thinking about it.

    B. In defense of Munroe himself, all I can say is that he certainly appears to be far less high-strung than the people who come on here (including you as well as your commenters) to blow off steam by ranting for paragraphs about how bad the latest XKCD comic was.

    C. Everyone here seems to be disproportionately angry about XKCD. Grow up, people! If you really just hate people who like XKCD, ask people's opinions about the bloody comic before trying to make friends with them! I take no issue with people who dislike XKCD or find it contrived in one way or another. The reverse isn't true for you - when referring to XKCD fans (yes, including people of whom you know pretty much nothing, such as individual comment-posters), you've used plenty of insulting names, none of which are warranted or sensible. I kind of like XKCD, and I'm not really bothering to call you people cocksuckers or any other such name, am I?

    I find it depressing, to be honest, that you find it productive to follow XKCD more closely than most of its fans in order to keep a running tally of how much you hate every individual comic Munroe has created. I used to do things like this - rant out loud about how much I hated each new movie I saw. And I realized that it left me feeling pent-up and irritable the majority of my waking life. So I stopped.

    There's my two cents. I'm not going to post any more comments unless someone responds to me with something worth responding to.

  61. It left you feeling pent-up and irritable because you are really bad at it sorry.

    Also saying you will not respond unless someone posts something worth responding to is a pretty meaningless statement.

  62. "A. It's ironic that I - someone who likes XKCD - spend thirty seconds every other week or so reading the latest comic, while you - who say you utterly despise XKCD - seem to make sure to bathe in it daily."

    that's not ironic.

    "As far as I can tell, the time you devote to XKCD is really only comparable to its most devoted fans, all of whom - like you - seem to spend way too much time thinking about it."


    "I take no issue with people who dislike XKCD or find it contrived in one way or another."

    except when they express their opinion.

    "The reverse isn't true for you - when referring to XKCD fans (yes, including people of whom you know pretty much nothing, such as individual comment-posters), you've used plenty of insulting names, none of which are warranted or sensible."

    actually, stupid comments like yours tell a great deal about your character--namely, that you are an idiot. it has nothing to do with whether you like XKCD. it just so happens that, with very few exceptions, everyone who posts on here in defense of XKCD is a fucking moron. thanks for not being one of the exceptions!

    "I kind of like XKCD, and I'm not really bothering to call you people cocksuckers or any other such name, am I?"

    well, let's see. you have said that we are high-strung people who hate people who like XKCD, who need to grow up, who are depressing, and who are disproportionately angry individuals, exclusively because we dare to say that XKCD sucks. so, yes, you are.

    "And I realized that it left me feeling pent-up and irritable the majority of my waking life. So I stopped."

    it's not our fault you can't figure out how to enjoy how terrible things are.

  63. "Laser Cats" from SNL (Saturday Night Live).

  64. How is the "wire just does this" thing at all funny?

  65. Dan (we can share the name! :D)April 21, 2010 at 8:50 PM

    I believe the problem with the new xkcd comic is that it is FAR too cluttered... it's like trying to cram 20 'jokes' into one ... without something normal to contrast it with...

    Perhaps something more funny would be to take that diagram, take about 3 or 4 pieces out of it, and put it into a hypothetical physics exam that a stick figure needs to complete...

    Explain the purpose of each circuit:

    starts off simple
    gets more complex
    flip flop joke (maybe even have a two bit shift register and say you can use a pair of sandals instead)
    the finish off with something silly like the 2 in 1 out arena (mind you, it should be implied that the exam becomes extremely comlicated & silly thereafter)

    ... perhaps for added comical effect, it can show the person being overly confident before walking into / looking at the examination paper...

    AND! ... this comic would come just in time to appease his loyal readers, as they're most likely going through exam season right now! :D

    --Dan (wooooooooooooooooooooo!!!)

  66. Cat comic was ultra shitty. One of my least favorite in a long time. I do the laser thing to my dog on a somewhat regular basis to keep her on her toes, so I can relate, and it was still shitty. It just wasn't funny. I don't give a shit about what cats think. Shit shit shit shit. Bad comic.

    The new one isn't half bad. It's a picto-blag thing, which is fine by me because it's not supposed to be funny. Seeing as how being funny has not been xkcd's strong point lately, a comic that doesn't bother trying has got to be a step up. Or maybe it was supposed to be funny and it is therefore incredibly shitty. Probably not.

  67. What the fuck HORSE? What the fuck?

    If the new one isnt ment to be funny what the fuck is it ment to be?

    How is putting a batman symbol or a squirrel in a circuit diagram for NO REASON ment to be insightful, thoutful, or worthwhile to read?

    I mean what the fuck?

  68. LOL It's funny because nerds who like electronics are also likely to enjoy the comic book character Batman and his associated trademark LOL.

  69. "It's ironic that I - someone who likes XKCD - spend thirty seconds every other week or so reading the latest comic, while you - who say you utterly despise XKCD - seem to make sure to bathe in it daily."

    Should one REALLY make the Alanis Morissette joke here? I'm not really in the mood today.

  70. @Ben McCormack

    No one can follow more closely than a "fan." Obviously, the tools here drink Munroe's cum for breakfast, as any fan would.

    What you mean to say, I think, is that this site is more devoted to XKCD than the folks visit the actual site. These folks are proportionately enthused, whilst Carl/Rob/crazy_bitch is(are?)disproportionately enthused. This is what we expect from fans--disproportionate passion which is uncritical and, often, irrational. This blog is all the evidence required to derive this conclusion.

    XKCD followers read, comment briefly, then move on with their lives. FANS make websites and devote hours of their lives to their passions. There is nothing sadder in this culture than a fan.

  71. squares are rectangles but rectangles aren't squares.

  72. Look at me, I'm so brave and I can make stupid shitty comments about other people's attitudes because I have no name, LOLOLOLOL!

    Also, I suck. A lot.

  73. Also I am a rapist ass murderer.

  74. I murder people in the ass, then I rape them. In the ass. Rapist ass murderer.

  75. You're right, 6:14, people who passionately like things are the saddest people in the world. Pessimism and apathy are the marks of true intelligence.

  76. "How is the "wire just does this" thing at all funny?"

    On circuit diagrams a squiggly lines means a resistor or something. "The wire just does this" reorients the perspective of an engineer looking at the diagram - this is akin to the joke "A man walks into a bar and says 'ouch.'"

  77. "A man walks into a bar and says 'ouch'" is funny. The only problem with it is that everybody knows it. Are you too pretentious to enjoy uncomplicated jokes?

  78. This comment has been removed by the author.

  79. I thought a resistor was supposed to be drawn as a box, not a squiggly line. Is it a US/UK thing, or is my science teacher just wrong?

  80. @Dendodge: it's a US/UK thing. They're mentals.

  81. Two comments eaten by the comment box, I'm not even gonna bother responding Mr. Ben "My time is oh-so-important to bother reading replies, but I'm going to waste it posting a stupid comment anyway" McCormack or the "I think loathing something to the point I wish the author just get better or stop doing it already is the same as blind adoration" cuddlefish.

    Instead, to the point: guys! How is this not "cats are evil"? It'd not be if the cat just dreamed about eating the laser, but the sixth and seventh panels turn it into cat evilness! It's simple!

    Finally, I hope this last mess of a comic doesn't get turned into a poster, or my respect for Mr. Munroe will finally reach negative levels.

    Mole out(and hoping this fucking comment go)

  82. Why did you suggest that the airplane comic would be better if it were all a dream and then go and say that that is exactly what makes this comic bad? Honestly guys, unless this was intentionally ironic or self-effacing humor, you just come off as looking kind of dumb.

  83. Yes, Anon, because Carl speaks for all of us. Just disregard all the comments from us saying that would be a horrible idea!

    You gotta love these people!

    Mole out.

  84. Why you always gotta "sign out" we can tell you've stopped talking it's not like we're on usenet reading a bunch of plaintext messages with no visible means of separation stop being a douche.

  85. I liked this comic. I think it would've been funnier without the ending of it actually being a dream, but overall it had a good punchline, and I really really liked the second panel that was just the cat in silhouette with eyes.

  86. Well, Randall's right: The ocean is a very interesting place.

    Can we please stop using "a mound of sand with a single palm tree" as comics shorthand for desert island in the tropics? It bugs me.

  87. Ben : Your logic seems to suggest that people should only study things they love; or, alternatively, that all people who study a certain thing love that thing. Do you agree with this characterization?

    i hope that you find my comment one that is worth responding to,

  88. I vaguely remember watching a 1950's movie (Vikings) years ago. In it, a fortune-teller says that love and hate are horns on the same goat.

    Sounded profound at the time.

  89. @dendoge The convention I learned, studying in the UK was that a squiggly line represented a pure resistor, and a box represented any impedance - that is a component that has some combination of resistance and capacitance/inductance.