Friday, August 21, 2009

Comic 625: Pointless

enter crisis mode
So as I said, my intended guest poster lamed out on me so here we are again. this was supposed to be my two months off.

I'm not going to write too much about this comic because it really doesn't deserve much. Instead of trying to be funny, Randall just throws us some intense cynicism, which I guess is supposed to be the cool, ironic way that young people act now. Almost feels like he is trying to go for a Pictures for Sad Children vibe, like "there is no point to life, let us all be sad together."

Like a lot of people, I was a little confused by it at first, too. Not only because the "kindle" is just a rectangle (unlike the last time you drew one) and when people talk about books we, as a culture, still think of, you know, books, not computers (no matter how much you want it to be the future already). It's because in the first panel, the girl says "Kindle collections are pointless" and then she is like "NO they are pointless in general, collecting anything, because you will die." So why specify "building a kindle collection" then? That's so obnoxious. That's like:

"Why did you dye your hair red and make it all spiky, and attach blue LEDs to the ends of your hair spikes?"
"Oh, well I know it looks a little weird, yeah..."
"No I mean in general having hair is stupid."

dammit, if her point is that no matter why you do you will die alone, why the hell start that out by saying "it is pointless to build a kindle collection. Because anything you do in life is pointless. Because you will die alone." What a lousy way to shoehorn us towards a dumb line about pretend existential crises. am I making sense with this?

oh also: GOOMH I READ SOME DISCWORLD BOOKS ONE TIME! i thought i was the only nerd who did that!

update: Coviza points out below that Mr. Evans warned us the date may not work for guest posting, BUT when I e-mailed Mr. Evans to organize all this, I said the first available date was August 19th for comic 625, and he said, to quote what he thought was a private e-mail, "That date sounds good for me." END QUOTE. However, he did promise that in exchange for letting him blog he would draw a picture of me arm-wrestling a dinosaur (and winning). And he did, to be fair, send me that. And I should, to be fair, share it with the world. SO:

sweeeetoh john evans. I can't stay mad at you.


  1. I have nothing to say about the comic. I just want to point out that John Evans, the guy who was supposed to guest post today, posted this comment on the Summer of Madness thread:

    "Would anyone like to swap dates?

    Anything earlier than 8/14 would be good.

    Which could help to explain why he never submitted a guest post.

  2. Where's that damn super-soaker when you need it?

  3. Arm wrestle on the other side of the table!

  4. oh man carl I never knew how strong you were

    i am intimidated

  5. psh, anyone can wrestle a dinosaur
    the question is, who's man enough to handle "wrestling" with you?

    the answer is me

  6. Need evidence that that is really Carl, and that is really a dinosaur. And that you're really arm wrestling.

    And that Carl is really winning.


  7. what are you talking about, covizapetefucky?

  8. *Carl getting dragged by a bull*

    I'M ON VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ann Apolis: Oh, no, you figured me out! I'm Randall!

    And Carl. And Willy.

    And Jay and Rob and Thomas.

    Amanda: are you trying to tell me something about what you want... ?

    ps. I'm also Ann Apolis and Amanda.

  10. no, just that the second part of your name sounds a lot like "buttfucky"

  11. Very interesting...

    Tell me more about your desires- erm, I mean, what does the following sequence of letters look like to you?