Friday, August 1, 2008

an idea!

For the newest xkcd comic, what do people think of me doing it as a video of me solving a rubik's cube while commenting on the comic? Seems like it could be fun for a change. Or it might be lame. I'm not sure how else I could make my next post interesting. The video would be about three minutes long.

vote in the comments, my fine friends...

update: I decided against it! Mostly out of laziness. Perhaps sometime in the future.


  1. this is just an excuse to demonstrate your skill at solving a rubik's cube, isn't it?

  2. A woman turning down someone for loving rubik's cubes would be a fine rebuttal. To Randall's face, priceless.

    Ask yourself: would seeing the writer behind the blog enhance or ruin the reading experience in the future?

  3. 1. Yes

    And thomas - I am imagining it as more just seeing my hands and the cube, to preserve my much valued anonymity. It doesn't really have to do with rubik's cubes, I just had this idea suddenly to do a video post rather than a written one, and this is sort of an excuse.

  4. Don't jump the shark!

    I don't want to have to start ''.

    (I am just talking.)

  5. Yeah, I decided against it, mostly out of laziness.

    But for the record - I am totally in favor of

    Quick! someone register it and start posting pro-xkcd posts!