Thursday, August 14, 2008

Comic 462: Another Case Of Deja Vu

First of all, there is nothing comforting about imagining some kind of horrible, eye-less Morgan Freeman monster. Nothing at all. Seriously, what is that below where his eyes should be? Some kind of nasty scarred flesh? That's creepy and gross. Combine that with the faceless priest in panel 3 here and I think you have a solid argument that maybe Randall should learn to draw some eyes.

But ignoring that as best I can, how is this comic any different from this one?


Answer: While they both involve getting celebrities to voice someone's thoughts, the celebrities are of different races! Also the newer comic has a conveniently placed dick joke.

I would point out that this is the second comic in only the last 11 (11!) that references enlarging penises, and I would speculate as to what that suggests is preoccupying Randall's mind, I would, but I am, shall we say, a larger man than that.

PS - Jeremy Irons reminds me of a wonderful simpsons moment. Allison is a new girl who has joined Lisa's class and is even smarter than Lisa. At first happy to have someone at her level, then jealous of her, Lisa visits Allison at home. To quote from the good folks at the Power Plant:
Alison: It's great of you to come over, Lisa.  I really want us to be
Lisa: You're a wonderful person.
Taylor: Hi, Lisa, I'm Alison's father, Professor Taylor. I've heard
great things about you.
Lisa: Oh, really? I --
Taylor: Oh, don't be modest. I'm glad we have someone who can join us
in our anagram game.
Alison: We take proper names and rearrange the letters to form a
description of that person.
Taylor: Like, er...oh, I don't know, uh...Alec Guinness.
Alison: [thinks] Genuine class.
Taylor: Ho ho, very good. All right, Lisa, um...Jeremy Irons.
Lisa: [looks with consternation] Jeremy's...iron.
Taylor: Mm hmm, well that's...very good...for a first try. You know
what? I have a ball. [pulls one from his pocket] Perhaps you'd
like to bounce it?
Ah, comedy...


  1. Now that you've referenced The Simpsons, you need to start up a sister "thesimpsonssuck" blog...

  2. Oh man...what a giant undertaking that would be.

    I love the simpsons, and a huge part of who I am as a person owes itself to the hours I spent watching it since, oh, I was 8 or so. But I think there's a pretty general agreement that after about season 10, the simpsons went pretty badly downhill (though I did enjoy the movie and I sometimes think it's rebounded a bit in the last few years). I think a lot of that has to do with running out of possible plots, the success of Family Guy and pressure to be more like that, etc. But that's another story.

    In any case, besides the fact that it's way harder to analyze 30 minutes (ok ok, 22 minutes) of cartoon than a few panels of comic and that there's no easy way to let anyone view the episode if they missed it (unlike linking to a comic) the fact is that most people would agree that The Simpsons is only a shadow of its former self. With xkcd, I think there is a sense, which I disagree with, obviously, that everything in xkcdland is just as good as ever.

    Also, just to give my opinion, the episode where the Simpsons jumped the shark was the one where we learned about the real seymore skinner. LAME.

  3. Why did he bother to draw all the facial features, down to the wrinkles, but leave off the eyes? It's horrific!

  4. I guess it's the xkcd trademark now. So no more eyes! It works fine for stick figures but it's the more detailed people where it is freakin me out.

  5. Just found this blog yesterday and I have to say: you are doing the Lord's work.

    That is all.

  6. "A larger man than that"?


  7. Please, you people are only encouraging me...