Sunday, August 10, 2008


Holy Ghost

Is this the first overtly religion themed comic we've seen on xkcd? It might be interesting to see more. As a filthy hellbound atheist, I can say that there is plenty to make fun of in religion (though it would be a very different direction for xkcd to go).

As usual, I didn't think this was all that funny, perhaps because I think using a well known comedy as your own punchline is a bit of a cop out. Basically, at its core, this comic is just a play on the phrase "holy ghost" and the concept of "ghostbusters." I think a more interesting angle on it would be to actually show the capture of the Holy Ghost and what happens next with him and his captors, not just them getting in trouble later. It would have to deal with all the complexities and uncertainties of the concept of the holy ghost (how would you draw him?) but I think it would make it much more interesting and much funnier.

Also, if you want some hilarious awkward religious tension, read the forum thread on this comic. My favorite post was the one that started "It's nice to see so many Christians out there." Yeah, I'll bet you were feeling real lonely, what with Christians only being 75% of America.


  1. Remove panel 3. Suddenly, the comic is both funny and open to several interpretations.

  2. It does in fact make it more mysterious. And it funny, in a very different way. Do I have to start "One Panel Too Many" in addition to "One Panel From Funny" which I am still meaning to get around to?

  3. I think it's hilarious that you think be taking out the third panel, and thereby destroying the punchline and all comedy, and think it makes it funny. Yet, several comics ago in the comic regarding the crossbows and physics and how no one could understand the correlation (Can't remember the number) you CALL THIS EXACT STRATEGY UNFUNNY. THE EXACT GODDAMN THING. Seriously, either it's funny or it's not be fucking consistent.

    I don't remember you thinking it was "open to several interpretations" back then.

  4. What.

    I said it would make it "more mysterious", not funnier. I did say "and it funny, in a very different way" which doesn't actually make sense, so I don't know what I was trying to say.

    Anyway, this is different from the crossbow comic for 1 reason: without panel 3, you can still know it was a ghostbusters reference, because of the "proton packs" in panel 4. It's harder to figure out what is going on, I suppose, but not impossible. Perhaps it is too hard to figure out, and would be a worse comic. MAYBE THAT IS WHY I CALLED IT "MORE MYSTERIOUS" , HM??

    anyway, i appreciate the words you put in my mouth but could you please take them out?

    you are a moron,