Thursday, January 14, 2010

Official xkcdsucks Mascot

I was organizing some clothes yesterday, and one of my dogs peed ALL OVER the xkcd t-shirt I received at the book party. This is unusual for her, and she did not soil any of my other clothing. I can only conclude that the offensive presence of the shirt drove her to this behavior.

I therefore give you the official xkcdsucks mascot, Miss Tesla Connery.


carl here. ALORIA. you may have bought be fabulous gifts but you do NOT get to declare any official xkcd anything. We have an official food and two official mottoes (i forget what one of them is) and we do not have a mascot. COME ON. i gave you blogging powers so you could guest blog while I am busy fighting crime, not brag about the quirky, nerdy names you give your pets.


WTF. OBVIOUSLY her name is Connery because she is a SCOTTISH Terrier and thus must automatically be related to Sean Connery. You do not want to fuck with a relative of the original (and best) James Bond, do you?

I did not think so.

carl again. I DUNNO aloria, if his best weapon is pissing on my shirt I can't say i'm so terrified (terrier-ified?). this blog has no mascot THE END.