Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Comic 529: "Guys, remember that one funny thing? that thing was so funny!"

look. look at me.

A very long time ago, when I first started this blog, I was in a pissed-as-hell kind of mood. You'll see, if you go back into the recesses of the archives here, that the first post I ever made was this one, responding to the inanity of xkcd comic 409 (the posts that claim to be older than that - the category posts - are backdated by a few months). I was pissed because xkcd, which I had until what was then recently enjoyed, had decided to steal my favorite comic of all time (and I'm sure many of your favorite as well).

Two xkcdicks are riding along on a skateboard and talking about philosophy, with a layout that completely copied Bill Watterson and C+H. Then the characters crash into Calvin and Hobbes, as though Randall is saying "Don't worry guys, it's cool, I'm allowed to make my characters just copy other more famous more beloved characters so that you'll like them more! See the trick is that I KNOW I AM DOING THIS so it's ok! What, I need to end my comic with a joke, the way Calvin and Hobbes did? FUCK NO i don't. What, you think I should draw some goddamn eyes on my characters FUCK NO i don't. You want me to write 7 strips a week FUCK NO how does three sound, almost all black and white? Yeah 7 strips is TOO HARD." But it's OK, because it's just a reference you fucktards, he doesn't have to do anything new god forbid, just stick his characters in someone else's world and wait for people to adore him as they always do.

That's piggybacking off the insane amount of work that Bill Watterson did to earn his millions of fans. That's the guy at the party who just quotes Borat and expects people to laugh. (full disclosure: I am sometimes that guy. But I sound exactly like borat when I do it so it's ok.) What that is is a guy taking a picture of Calvin pissing on something and making it into a bumper sticker. Most importantly, what that is is utter shit.

I guess I should say something about the current comic, but it's basically the same idea. Except shittier than the last, even, for a few reasons: Worse art, even more obvious shoved-down-your-throat reference, and a nonsensical plot - "you not knowing a language reminds me that our anniversary is coming!" (on that last one, I realize that it's possible she's saying that "I am sad that my options are closed off and that is what reminded me of our anniversary" but that makes it a sad relationship comic and that would be even worse.)

On a related note, I have to say that Digg has really stepped up to the plate on this one. Sure, it put the comic on the frontpage, as always, but most of the comments are pretty good. Examples here, here, and here.

And then there are those like this, which remind me that my cause here is just and we must continue our crusade against this shitty, shitty comic.

If there was ever a sign that a comic was out of ideas, this was it.


  1. Unfortunately, your example #3 got de-Digged. The cuddlefish and sheeple of the interwebs are angered when you complain against xkcd.

    I liked the comment that said the comic was an effective metaphor for xkcd as a whole, though.

  2. Also check out the reddit submission:http://www.reddit.com/r/comics/comments/7p1mm/xkcd_sledding_discussion/ Plenty of people there didn't like it either.

  3. Stickman/Randall doesn't have to learn a new language, he just has to promise to!


    *starts timer for the inevitable "organic foods" comic*

  4. Sometimes I wonder if when Randall turns to (his photo of Megan)* his friends and says "man you guys I have no idea what to write for next week's comics" if they say.... "we know, Randall. Please just don't write any so you won't ruin any other classic comics."

    *dammit blogger won't let me use strikethrough! TEXT HUMOR IS LOST

  5. Here's a fairly funny geek comic:


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  7. I haven't read C&H yet. Now I understand the "stick figures go uphill. C&H go downhill" joke. I guess it's more amusing for people who did read it?
    I don't have anything to add on this post's page.

    Next comic really made me laugh, so I can't wait to comment about it.

    Positive points:
    * Made me laugh.
    * He did draw what actually happened, not just wrote what happened.
    * What about the relative complexity of the building's facade? Nah, lets just put it in the negative points:

    Negative points:
    * Drawings are pretty simple and
    * Randall's stick figure seems to be hovering five centimeters above ground... Obviously the signature characteristic of a python programmer.
    * Yet another "Using high-tech to solve low-tech problems" joke crossed with
    * yet another "I've tried it all and failed. (What about the obvious?) ... Damn!" joke.
    * img's title attribute is pretty unfunny and anticlimatic. Maybe if "Sadly, this is a true story" was written with the narrator's voice in the first panel, before any other text, it'd have been better? img's title attribute with only "at least learned about say command" is alright with me.

    p.s. at least hear what he has to say, Magen!

  8. Is he not supposed to comment on other comics? Really it's not trying to copy it, only comment on C&H use of metaphors and symbolism.

    Really, it's just another cultural reference. One could argue that cultural references are also riding on the success of various tv shows, politicians, etc.

    That being said, those two comics are making the exact same joke.

  9. Calvin and Hobbes is fucking amazing. It has been way too long since I've read some of it.

    This comic was a poor substitute :(

  10. The butthurt inherent in this post is *amazing.* I try to walk away, but then I end up coming back to marvel at it's hideous perfection a little more.

  11. What the fuck, butthurt? Are you fucking ten?

    And how does that insult even apply here?

  12. Oh Cuddlefish. You're not even good at trolling. Come back when you are not a useless human being. (ie never)

  13. Arlan: Yeah, the reddit thread is good too. I really should spend more time on that site...

    Thomas: Oh man that reminds me that I still need to do a "why this white guy hates stuff white people like" post.

    Cow: It's interesting that your list of negatives is so much longer than the positives for a comic you liked. Anyway, your lists will probably form the basis of what I write about it.

    Anon: "Is he not supposed to comment on other comics? Really it's not trying to copy it, only comment on C&H use of metaphors and symbolism."

    I'm ok with commenting on other comics - I mean, that's parody, that's great - but this didn't comment on it. An example of what is cool is this chainsawsuit (man I seem to link to that comic a lot, but it happens to be right for this situation...). He's commenting on a great comic, PBF, but he's doing so in a way that makes fun of it for something. This xkcd is not making fun of C+H beyond the mundane "hey guys in Calvin and Hobbes they used to have conversations while sledding." A parody of that would be if, I don't know, this conversation is happening between the two stick figures and then you see Calvin sled by and yell "stop being existential and just enjoy the ride!" or something like that.

    Another way of making this point is this: You say he is commenting on C+H, what would you say the comment is?

    Cuddlefish: I don't know if you are trying to insult me or compliment me. Whatever.

  14. @jay:

    "Butthurt" is a word that is used by true Anonymous (i.e. /b/tards), thus revealing that this particular Fish-o'-Cuddlin' is, indeed, a denizen of the 'chans.

    I am loathe to reveal how I am privy to this information, and will just say that I am not proud of some of the things I've done in the past.


    I believe that it was a compliment, as /b/tards tend to appreciate things that are full of hate (hence the term "hideous perfection").

  15. Vaguely related: I used to think "butthurt" meant "ass-raped."

  16. "Yeah, the reddit thread is good too. I really should spend more time on that site..."

    No, you really shouldn't.

  17. ok. Honestly i will never make the time for it anyway.