Friday, January 9, 2009

Weekend Party Mix #1

Welcome to a new irregular feature. I have a bunch of links and commentary relating to various comedic things or non-specific-comic xkcd things, and now you are going to read them.

The comic Abstruse Goose continues to fascinate me, alternating wildly between really good and utterly terrible. For example, 92 I liked. But 91 and 96 struck me as having really, really old and tired jokes. Also I just want to state this for the record: Given the interesting ways he's been messing with a traditional comic format (i particularly enjoyed this and this) I am predicting right now that soon enough we'll see a cubic comic. I don't know how, I don't know why, but AG is going to give us a 3x3x3 cube of panels (boxes?) and that will be his comic one day.

I know the shitty Palm contest is over (congratulations to MR. RIZWAN PARVEZ) but just so you know that I hate other things besides xkcd, have you ever seen anyone try so hard and fail so hard to appeal to young people as the folks at palm?

I hate it when people are like "well hey maybe xkcd is being serious today HUH how about that" and so I love it when chainsawsuit makes fun of that shit.

Oh digg. You suck when it comes to trying to out suck-up other xkcd fans, but sometimes that leads to humorous times.

I know there's no way I can show this to you but I have acquired a George Carlin daily calendar and despite the fact that George Carlin has said way more than 365 hilarious things, the calendar sucks so far. But I've only seen 9 days of it. It's pissing me off.

You really should check out The Hourly Comic. For one month only! Read about it here, and read about participating here. There is a strong chance I will do an hourly comic on hourly comic day, and if I think it's any good, I'll upload it and show it to y'all. It would be fun if a few of you did it too...

And lastly, it's always frustrating to see someone else express themselves so much more clearly than you, but in this case I agree so completely wholeheartedly with what Biff Boulder is saying that I can feel totally good about linking to it. A consice, intelligent, and scathing critique of xkcd: it's official


  1. Carl, I saw Biff Boulder's page before I found my way here. His was good too, but take heart: the internet has room for your ongoing commentary.

  2. Also, for conciseness, it's hard to beat and the like.

  3. ohhhh, so that's what that chainsawsuit was about. that one was so lost on me, but now it all makes sense. and it's even better now.

    biff's post was wonderful.

    and carl, i'm awaiting your post about today's comic. it's so exceedingly unfunny and annoying that it needs to be blasted apart.

  4. Wheeeee fun links! I enjoyed the first "this" for Abstruse Goose." Clever.

    The people at Palm need to learn that nobody really says "get your funny bone in gear" unless they're on an afterschool special.

    Poor xkcd. Sometimes I am sad when I remember the good times.

  5. By the way YES PLEASE DO HOURLY COMIC I would be amused to see your comics. But I am being kind of a jerk because I don't want to do it myself. =D

  6. Hate to rock the boat, but I'm pretty sure chainsawsuit was referring to THIS:

    and to the blogpost that accompanied it:

    Or, as I like to call it, the "HAHAHAHAHAHAHANow we're going to talk about dead babies... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" strip.

    It seems to fit better to me, but then I'm biased. I like xkcd, even when they randomly do something serious. Plus, other than that weird stalker comic, they've never quite bordered on this level of tasteless.

  7. You're probably right about CAD; the only reason it might not be is because that story was more than 6 months ago and the chainsawsuit was so recently. Seems like a long time to wait.

    Hey guys remember how at the exact same time that that was written xkcd did this?

  8. I hated that fucking comic, but I don't think it's what he had in mind. The chainsawsuit was "Look, webcomics trying to be serious!" and Randy's was some kind of a joke attempt that failed.

  9. Oh I wasn't implying that Randall's was a comment on the Ctrl-Alt-Del comic, just that it was supremely poor timing.

  10. oh hey, thanks for the kind words.
    i actually found your blog a few months back
    and was quite relieved to see i wasn't alone in my feelings. hah.

  11. I'd just like to point out to the Randall-wannabe who draws Abstruse Goose that knowing the order of the monster group is not elementary at all.

    Please please stop trying to make yourself look clever by looking up some obscure maths thing and acting like everybody in the world should be interested in it. It actually makes me ashamed to be a maths student.