Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The way it should be

So yesterday's dinosaur comic was pretty awesome:

Then I read today's comic's alt-text, which informs us that Ryan North realized he basically drew this exact comic a few years ago - December 11th, 2006 to be exact:

Now ordinarily I would rail against this sort of thing - especially because Ryan North really should have known his own comic. But - and here's the key - when he realized the problem, he acknowledged it. Everyone makes mistakes, and the point is what you do afterward. Randall has yet to admit that he (perhaps totally unintentionally) completely ripped off Penny Arcade. This still bothers me.

Anyway, once again, xkcd continues to suck and qwantz continues to be exemplary.

On another note - I've started reading Daisy Owl and it's pretty good.


  1. Oh, if only more people would admit they have done things wrong.

    Honestly though. Dinosaur Comics is made of great deeds. And I think that's the only time he's really unintentionally repeated himself, despite basically using the same structure every day.

    I disagree that everyone makes mistakes though. I am infallible.

  2. Of course. I will now admit that I was wrong, and agree that from all I can tell, Rob is infallible. I just ordered the Dinosaur Comics book, though I don't expect anything more than you know, the comics. The Great Outdoor Fight book should be good too.