Sunday, June 29, 2008

Comic 442: Singalong time!!

I mostly like this comic. Perhaps it is because of all the criticism my last post got, but I do like it. It's cute. The rhymes work well and mostly refer to previous comics. True, one of the best lines, "I put on my robe and wizard hat" only refers to something even more awesome and hilarious, but I think the line about Taft slash fiction makes up for it. On some level, this comic is just sort of a self congratulatory "I love my webcomic" clip show, but I am feeling nice today. 4 stars (out of 5)!


  1. Hey, this blog is pretty damned awesome and accurate and I can't believe it took this long to find it considering it's been online since March.

    Pity you don't (AFAIK) drop by the #xkcd IRC channel because it's about thirty times more retarded than the comic and shows how popularity ruins communities that aren't ready for it. Thankfully I no longer bother with it.

  2. I don't hang out on the xkcd irc channel, not being much of an irc person. The forums are more than enough for me. I did like his idea for a self patrolling irc, the one he described in the blog a few months ago. I wonder it worked.

    Anyway thanks for the encouragement.

  3. I went there for a while. Basically he sent us into a channel with a very kick-happy bot and refused to tell us on what basis it handed out kicks and bans (which increased with each successive ban, on top of that). After days of people trying to figure it out, it finally surfaced that it "tried to keep people generating fresh humor by kicking whoever repeated stuff that had been said before". I have no idea how it's doing nowadays but it was pretty much a clusterfuck back then.

    He seriously should have just come around and realized that bots aren't going to fix a lame channel, more moderators are. Just ask SomethingAwful. The stupid bot got him lots of e-praise, though, so I doubt he cares. Despite the 20 or so halfops in #xkcd, there was no kicking of retards unless they were spamming, because nobody wanted to hurt the feelings of idiots who should have stayed in Y! Chat a bit longer.

    (Interestingly while he was testing out the signal-bot in the separate channel, everyone else was wanking themselves silly repeating the thunder meme in the main channel.)

  4. Ah, so it didn't work. Funny he didn't mention it on the blog...

    Yeah the idea was that it kept a log of everything that had been said before, and if you repeated a post that had been made before you got kicked out, for increasingly long periods. It seemed almost crazy enough too work, bu I guess it wasn't. Still, you wonder if it could be possible in some way - maybe regular posters could earn a certain number of points per day, which would let you stay on when you would otherwise be kicked off.

    BTW you should post with a name or fake name or nickname or something, just so I know which Anonymouses are you.

  5. I'm sorry, but this is the most inaccurate post yet. This song-comic is pure nerd wankery, and if anything from xkcd should cause someone to hate Randall Munroe, it's this strip.


  6. It is officially Bizarro World Thursday - I'm about to defend xkcd and disagree with someone who said I should be harsher on it.

    First off, 'My Favorite Things' is from The Sound Of Music, and this comic is not a parody of that. It's off some old traditional song. Though it is possible that Randall didn't know the original and figured he was just parodying the Discovery Channel ad, which was also a parody of the old song.

    Are you surprised that xkcd is nerdified wankery? My problem is that it still thinks that cute, when it isn't at all.

    Anyway, I did say "but I am feeling nice today" so if I had been in a shittier mood I may have been more angry about it.

    NONETHELESS I appreciate your anger am I am glad it is directed at the right person.

  7. I know it's not a parody of the song, but it's essentially Munroe's self-indulgent version of it. The strip is a socially maladjusted wannabe-asperger's sufferer's in-your-face presentation of his favorite things (and such choices- ooh Randall you're so quirky and random it makes me want to put a weasel in your pants and squeeze you silly), and while some of those things are nice this is like he's taking one of the other comics of "here's a socially maladjusted practice I came up with hyuck" and multiplied it 24 times and overlaid it with an insipid tune. And to be quite frank the bloodninja AIM chronicles are kind of old hat now (they were by the time they were posted on a few years ago).

    Anyways, that's why I hate it, but I can respect your reasons for not hating it, since after skimming the rest of your blog I am pleased that you have your critical bile calibrated to the right pH levels elsewhere.

  8. DAMN.

    You have some wonderful ways of expressing yourself. "It makes me want to put a weasel in your pants and squeeze you silly."

    Bloodninja still makes me laugh, what can I say. Certainly made me laugh hysterically the first time I read it (which was not on bash).

    I'm glad we can agree on the rest of the comics.