Sunday, June 1, 2008

Comic 430: Every Damn Morning

Here we have another comic with no words. I wonder what's up with that. In any case, this isn't so bad. I like the visual representation of forgetting dreams as the morning goes on (it looks like someone just learning how to use various levels of opacity on photoshop...). But the joke is a little lame. I mean, what's the joke? People forget their dreams gradually. It's true, usually, but in the end I dunno.


  1. I find the title interesting here. I'm guessing that what he meant is "Every damn morning, I wake up from this amazing dream but when I get downstairs to tell my girlfriend about it, I've forgotten it." But it could JUST AS EASILY mean "Every damn morning, my boyfriend bursts into the kitchen blathering incoherently about his *awesome* dreams before trailing off in confusion. It gets old."

    I find the ambiguity very amusing. But I'm not convinced that Randall intended for the ambiguity to exist, since he doesn't often (ever?) use the sexy-nerd-girl as a POV character.

  2. An intriguing idea. I also think he meant it to mean "every morning I forget my awesome dream" but there doesn't really need to be a POV at all - every morning, the Dude gets up and gradually forgets his dream in a frustrating way. The Girl is annoyed, every damn morning.

    I still don't find it that amusing, but hey, I didn't get into the mocking-a-webcomic-in-a-cheap-ass-google-blog business to make friends!

  3. I think the wordless comics stem from his admiration for Calvin and Hobbes. Bill Watterson was great with those and did a lot of that. Well, I'm not sure that he "admired" him, but he seems to appreciate Watterson's comics.

  4. Could easily be related. I think he probably does admire calvin and hobbes, but that's because I think everyone does (or should). Of course, Bill Watterson's wordless comics also had great art, which xkcd certainly has sometimes, but not always.