Sunday, June 15, 2008

Comic 436: How It Happened

This comic of course had to be called "How It Happened" because the title "That's what SHE said" was already taken by a comic about saying "that's what she said" in a hilarious new context. And in case that's not enough, this isn't even the first comic to use "That's what she said" literally: read 366, which even has the added bonus of also being followed by the phrase "Yes. Yes it is."

Combine that with the fact that ironic teenagers have been using "That's what she said" literally almost as long as they've been watching The Office, and there's really nothing new in this comic at all.

PS - Here's my favorite that's what she said moment of all time - I was playing a card game with some people, and made a very stupid move. So to express my disappointment with myself, I said "Oh man, I'm about to get fucked." To which my friend CB replied "That's what SHE said!" This always makes me laugh.

Update: So I often sulk around the xkcd forums / fora (Randall is inconsistent on this one) to see how other people are reacting to certain comics. Obviously the forums/fora are full of shiteating idiots who want nothing more than to clean Randall's shoes with their tongues, but still, sometimes you can see when the average rating of a comic is 5 stars and when it's closer to 4.5. Generally I think the ones I like less other people like less as well, so that's reassuring. In any case, occasionally something useful pops up. Forum hamtaro links us to some Cyanide and Happiness comics. I will cite one:

Obviously this is a "your mom" joke and not a "that's what she said" joke but, of course, if you simply replace "your mom" with the pronoun "she" then you've got some pretty close similarities, especially the "Yes. Yes it is." Isn't that how Randall phrased this joke twice? Yes. Yes it is. Anyway this one is better because it has both "your mom" and "last night" worked into it. And let me tell you, that's not the only thing your mom got worked into...

If you are curious, and you are, my opinion on C&H is that about 10% of them are funny. I had seen a lot of good ones quoted around this old interweb of ours, and so I started reading it, but was usually dissapointed. I think their shirts are awesome.


  1. I agree about C&H. Only now and then do they come up with truly epic strips. But rarely.

  2. Ummm, you are dumb. xkcd and C&H are both hilarious, all the time, always. Obviously you have a sense of humor which is extremely undeveloped, or extremely variable depending on your moods, and cannot correctly identify funny from not funny.

    Please see a doctor.

  3. OK, nurse williams, can you restrain the patient? He is showing signs of severe Cuddlefish Syndrome and challenging the doctor's credentials. We are going to need a padded room and about 80 tons of morphine.

    DAMMIT we don't have time for this! Do you know how serious this situation is? Patient thinks that Cyanide and Happiness is always funny, and according to the AMA that indicates a Class I mental deficiency.

    I prescribe 800 Married to the Sea cartoons and total sequestration from society.


  4. Good one Carl, and I think a lot of people agree about C&H - although their video 'Frank's Experiment' is freakin' hilarious.

  5. C&H has moments of brilliance. It's something to read knowing that about half of them will deserve more than a shrug and a click of the next button, but it's worth reading for the better ones.

  6. I do still read it most days, so clearly I haven't lost all hope.