Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I am the only non indian on Blogger

Or so it would seem. Every time I blog something new here, I am greeting with this message:
One day I am really going to have to take them up on that offer. I wonder what percentage of their users use this feature? Seriously - it's not like this message is one of several that Blogger scrolls through; it's there every frickin time.

Update: I decided to try it. It is very frustrating. It tried to turn all my words into Tamil (the language I chose - take that, Hindi, Kannada, Mayalayam and Telugu!) and is hard to turn off. Here's what it looks like:

ஒத் மண், இ கேன்'த பெளிஎவே ஹொவ் மச் க்ஸ்க்ச்து ஹாஸ் பீன் சுக்கிங் ரேசென்த்லி. குட் கோட் ரன்டல், இப் யு'ரே அவுட் ஒப் இதேஅஸ் ஜஸ்ட் அட்மிட் இட்.



  1. just for the hell of it i looked it up here.

    and got this:
    oth man, i ken'த peliyeve hov mach kskchthu has pin chukkin rechenthli. kut kot raantal, ip yu'ரே avut op itheas jast atmit it

    i think i get the gist of it anyway though.

  2. That's awesome. It looks like nonsense but if you try to read it it sounds pretty close to what I wrote. Like I'm writing in a strong accent.

    I say things in Tamil I would never say in English...