Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Comic 438: Internet Argument

Another comic with no words. Another comic that kinda sucks. Life is so...boring. What's the point here? "People fight online, but when they meet in real life they do not fight; they are just awkward and silent for a while." There's just no joke there.

Oh and in case you don't get the point the alt-text spells it out exactly for you. THANKS, ALT-TEXT. I DID NOT GET THE JOKE ON MY OWN.

Also Randall is really good at drawing mountains I think.


  1. title="It's easier to be an asshole to words than to people."
    alt="Internet Argument"

    It's a bit weak to bitch about the “alt” text. It's obligatory to be XHTML-compliant anyway.

    And you probably meant the tooltip produced by the “title” tag.

  2. Yeah, I know about alt-texts vs. title texts. I got in the habit a while ago of calling the title texts "alt-texts" and never changed. Other people seem to be ok with it (I know there are occasionally debates about this on the Dreaded Forums) and deep in my heart I know you are right. But change is hard and rationalizing the familiar, etc.

    No reason he couldn't stick an extra joke in the actual alt-text...just sayin, Dinosaur Comics does three extra jokes like that each comic...

  3. Why does it have to be funny? Who says that there's even a joke?

  4. I would say it is probably because it is presented as a comic? As in, the word comic is right there at the top of the page?

    Anyway, I said there wasn't a joke, so we agree on that one. I just think there are no redeeming qualities at all in this one (besides the drawing of the mountains). No joke, no new point, nothing at all...

  5. Comic (n.) from the Greek komikos, meaning of or pertaining to comedy, via the Latin comicus.

  6. I see you didn't get the message on this one.

  7. maybe i got it but disagree with it.

  8. Did you just find out about xkcd? It really doesn't look like you're criticizing this website for such a long time. xkcd is not always about humor.

    And this "comic" (or whatever you may call it) is just pure truth. It's probably my #1 reference when mediating online forums.

  9. Do you mean now? Or when I wrote this? In either case, I started reading in the summer of 07 so yeah, I've known about it for a while.

    if i wanted truth i would go to a philosophy book. I read xkcd expecting humor (well, i did, at least) and stupid "truths" are not supposed to be his thing.

  10. if i wanted truth i would go to a philosophy book. I read xkcd expecting humor (well, i did, at least) and stupid "truths" are not supposed to be his thing.

    That's one of your problems, then. xkcd is mostly about humour. But sometimes you'll find interesting strips that are not intended to be funny.

  11. more often you will find strips intended to be humorous that are not funny at all.

  12. Some random anonymous dudeDecember 7, 2009 at 6:55 PM

    Well, maybe. That could depend on which side of this blog you are. ;-)

    The fact is that #438 has no intetion of being humorous and you should have criticized it accordingly.