Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weekend Fun Links

WELCOME TO WEEKEND FUN LINKS, EVERYONE, it is where I realized I have TOO MANY LINKS to merely stick them underneath another post. Let us get started!

--Ryan North, as you all no doubt saw, got married last week and is having tons of guest comics while he is off on his honeymoon. The difference between this extended guest week and others is that all the comics are on the theme of love, marriage, and ryan north's marriage. Some are better than others, of course, but I think on the whole it's been a pretty good run - I was a particular fan of Joel Watson's comic and also David Malki's, though I thought his choice of final panel was awfully tricky given how random and forgotten a character Morris was. Do you remember him, dear reader? I do. He is a tiny bug who lives on T-Rex's nose and generally is quiet during the entirety of the comic.

--Proving I can do this from both sides: I yell at xkcd a lot for copying other jokes, so it seems only fair that I point out that I think this recent Toothpaste For Dinner comic is basically the same as xkcd #597. To be fair, Drew has been making a comic every day for the past 6 and a half years, so perhaps something like this is to be slightly expected.

--That said, elsewhere in the Natalie Dee/ Drew world (the Drewniverse, I am going to call it) we have an actual example of getting real life revenge on real life idea-stealers. Nicely done, my friend. Nicely done.

--You all know that I love Moe and I'm glad to see that the comic is still being updated, if irregularly. I'm not totally sure how I feel about the newest, animated comic - I'm usually very wary of animation in comics, though in this case I think the fancy animation contrasts well with the low energy, regret-filled actual content.

--I'm also intrigued by the new way Michael Firman is raising money for his comic. I still feel like Moe should be more popular than it is, and he should be able to make some money selling things, so hopefully this is a good start. GO BUY HIS STUFF, guys. Seriously though I think the art in Moe is really amusing and maybe I will have to send him some money and get one of these done for myself. Maybe.

Those are all the fun links for this weekend! Try not to have any more fun outside of the fun gleaned through these links!


  1. Woody After Hours is another comic I like and they do fundraising like that as well. You should check it out!

  2. My favourite DC guest comic was zach weiner's. It is indisputably the best and you are wrong carl, end of story.
    That is all.

  3. I think the Toothpaste for Dinner version of the joke is much better than the xkcd version.


  5. I LOVED David Malki's guest comic and have started following Wondermark as a result. So far it is one of my favorite comics.

  6. That's what Natalie Dee looks like? Huh

  7. I dunno if you're joking, Anon 9:12, but no. That's a photoshopped image of the HOPA girl.

  8. Or, the HPOA girl. It makes more sense that way, and it's spelled both ways, but the first way is more pronounceable.

    Can you say "more pronounceable?"

  9. More context is needed for the Natalie Dee one. I have no idea what the situation there is and that one strip is too vague to infer.

  10. That "WoodyAfterHours" comic is terrible. Unlike this new exciting comic Blub Cheese, which is totally rad.

  11. Carl, you have time to write up those links, but not to criticize xkcd?

  12. Can you imagine xkcd doing the same promotion that Moe is doing?

    "Randall made me a stick figure!"

  13. @Timofei

    Your webcomic is terrible

  14. You know what? xkcdsucks needs to evolve into a broader webcomic critique blog—more guest writers, more diverse subjects. This is a fairly silly idea, but I've learned a lot about comic construction and criticism from reading it, and I've always considered the posts about things other than xkcd to be really fascinating.

    Is anyone out there doing anything like that presently? If not, why?

  15. hmm...

    if only there were to be some sort of guest-written post critiquing another webcomic...

    some sort of webcomic whose content was, how shall I put it... questionable.

    (JK! I love you Carl despite your unique approach to punctuality)

    captcha: urnommin. Why yes, yes I am.

  16. New comic moral: Randall is discovering that no, life is not an adventure like he used to think in Junior High. Life is hard, and nothing is perfect.

    At least he has a format that works this time. I know what happened, and I know where it's supposed to be funny. I just don't really enjoy it.

  17. 780 I actually rather liked.
    Though perhaps its just my addled, sleep-deprived brain that thinks so.

    We will see in the morning!

  18. Wow, the new one reminds me a lot of #70, except I thought that one was funny.

  19. 780 made me chuckle. I'm tired, but I'll take it. It's been better than the last few for sure.

  20. There's nothing wrong with 780 -- he told a joke correctly. He told it WELL, even. It's just not a particularly interesting observation or joke. But, sleep deprivation will help you there and once he's smoothed out the FAULTS with his story-telling method, your mind can fluff up the rest to your fitting. Point in fact, I don't think this is actually funny between the hours of 7 am and 11 pm.

  21. I didn't find 780 funny. I don't really understand the premise of "make a bunch of really good songs, with a blatent and obvious flaw in each one, and you'll be popular and hated AT THE SAME TIME!!!"

    I can't get past that contradiction of a song being super popular, but having a glaring flaw that makes everyone hate it, but it's okay because it's popular so it doesn't matter that everyone hates it because it was able to garner enough success to be popular even though everyone hates it and ARRRRRGAGHSHGFD sg,mkppljkgvb;etshoego'es';fewas.

  22. I love how xkcd sucks will nitpick the logic of porn characters all meeting each other at the same time, but wont nitpick making songs that are so good they are guaranteed to become popular but they all have annoying problems with them.

    Fuck you guys.

  23. I love how idiot cuddlefish assume that this blog is a hivemind and that a few people saying they liked it less than an hour after the comic is posted is representative of some sort of mythical blog consensus.

  24. @ Steph

    Really? I thought a fair few of the recent ones were actually pretty similar to this - simple and hardly far reaching, but still reasonably worth a brief chuckle.

  25. I love how rob thinks I'm a fucking cuddlefish when i fucking hate xkcd

    yeah fuck you rob

  26. I actually think the alt-text to 780 would probably serve as better comic fodder than what Randall actually went w/. 'Deceptively annoying songs are annoying'? Comedy!

  27. I love how idiot cuddlefish think that hating XKCD immediately disqualifies them from being an idiot cuddlefish

  28. Someone should do a cyanide and happiness sucks blog. That would be the upmost sillyness.
    Also, I like the idea of woody after hours- a webcomic interviewing other webcomics. They just need to interview better comics.

  29. This one showed some actual joke-telling competence. It was a pretty lame joke, but the drawing and formatting added to the joke rather than subtracting from it. A small victory, but we'll take what we can get.

  30. If only it were all a dream, Randall.

    If only it were.

  31. It may be optimistic of me but I think maaaybe he is getting on a better track here.

    Within the past two weeks or so we have had simple jokes passably-executed, promising jokes badly-executed, and weak jokes well-executed.

    Surely it's only a matter of time before he successfully combines all elements into something that is, dare I say... funny?

  32. Anon 10:08:
    You are ignorant. (Probably stupid also.)

    So, I'll tell you the story of Cuddlefish, to make you less ignorant. Can't fix the stupidity issue though. A several months ago, an XKCD comic was made about Cuttlefish. At the same time, a glaring problem was noticed on this blog, that Anonymous posters were becoming rampant. Since referring to "anonymous" as a collective sounds awkward, and that a now very irregular, if even active, poster (Amanda) had made the suggestion that we need a name, and it should be Cuddlefish. Now it is often used to describe anonymous posters in a collective sense.
    For example: Instead of "Anonymous are very annoying," (Awkward) we now just say "Cuddlefish are very annoying." (Normal, now) What is the plural of anonymous? Wait, I'll google that myself after this post, if such a word exists.

    Hope this has been helpful :). (Yes, this information is available on the FAQ, but it really leaves an incomplete story)

  33. if it helps, the thread in question that started the term came from the post "My Little Cuttle-Muffin", written by blog hero Rob.

    the term has since evolved slightly, but it retains its essence--it still mostly just refers to the masses of anonymous posters, but sometimes to infrequent or one-off posters in general (anyone who isn't a regular).

  34. oh my goodness! remember when posts only got like 25 comments?

  35. So I set "Sunday Morning" by The Menzingers as my ringtone and now everytime this song plays I think that someone's calling me! That's cutting edge humor right here.

  36. Strip 780: It's been done. There's a version of Rammstein's Sehnsucht where someone snuck a ringing phone into a couple parts of the album, to make people instinctively run to the phone.

    The band denies it, so apparently they weren't the ones who planned it.

  37. UndercoverCuddlefishAugust 16, 2010 at 12:24 AM

    hey carl do you know what would actually be fun

    making your posts in a timely fashion

    i have no idea what the newest xkcd is about because i stopped giving randy page views but i assume it is just as crappy as everything else he makes even if some of you losers are giving it a pass (you probably just started feeling sorry for him and lowered your standards or something)

  38. The latest comic might have been good (emphasis on might) if I could actually suspend my disbelief for it at all. And I should, but for some reason this one completely crosses that line. I dunno whether its the comic or just me.

    It also didn't help that the comic itself is a complete mess in every way! There's absolutely no sense of timing, or even pacing, making me miss the joke entirely the first time. The image is a single panel zoomed in to a ridiculous degree (it's a sure sign of Randall's lazyness when he won't even draw a single full-size panel, he has to draw a small one and enlarge it), the word balloons are in a much thinner "ink" than the rest of the image, making it much harder to read, and the art... well, just look at that stick figure. Look at it. I do not even have to explain why it looks nothing like a humanoid in any way.

    It's also the first comic where I've noticed that it wasn't drawn by hand, which is what I thought he always did. God, now it's even MORE pathetic!

  39. I agree with all those saying he got the pacing right on this one, at least. See? There's a gap where there should be a gap when you're telling it! Timing!

    ...obviously then about ten seconds later you think 'wait, why couldn't the radio stations just cut that bit out? make their own radio edit' and then it kinda falls apart a bit?

  40. Zach Weiner's guest comic for qwantz is the best thing ever (combined with his previous one).

  41. Speaking of people being copied- has anyone seen the new DC newspost? where he basically admits he and nerdroid have came up with identical ideas and even linkes to the previous one?

    Gee golliy gosh, this makes me want to play some frogger

  42. LOL @ "brillant" instead of "brilliant" in today's comic.

  43. My hobby: Recording covers of "Revolution #9" and "Good Morning Good Morning" by The Beatles.

    At least, I'm pretty sure GMGM has an alarm clock in there somewhere with all the animals. And Revolution #9 pretty much epitomizes what Randy is going for; a quasi-unlistenable avant garde noise collage recorded by a band known for "brilliant catchy, instant classics"

    Of course, there are tons of industrial bands* that stick obnoxious samples in the middle of fairly listenable songs. None of these bands are "guaranteed popularity and airtime", since the aren't going for "instant classics" and their bad habit of sticking obnoxious samples into the middle of what might be almost listenable songs tends to guarantee that none of their songs are ever considered instant classics. Surprisingly, theses bands don't become popular and hated; they just languish in obscurity.

    *as an elitist dickwad, I'd like to point out that Rammstein as mentioned by Anon@11:58 is not an industrial band although they do rip off some industrial bands for their music.

  44. Oh yeah, so besides Rammstein and various industrial bands, there are plenty of hip-hop songs with samples of phones ringing and police sirens.

    What is Randall going for here anyway?

    1. "Wouldn't it be awesome if a band confused the listener by using samples of environmental sounds so the listener isn't sure if the sounds are coming from their stereo or from the world outside?"

    2. "Wouldn't it be awesome if a pop band ruined their song with obnoxious samples and achieved popularity anyway?"

    #1 happens all the time (albeit in genres Randall isn't familiar with). #2 is completely unrealistic. If the samples are obnoxious enough, the band won't achieve popularity; see all the unpopular bands that do #1. If the band is already popular (i.e., The Beatles), they can get away with some obnoxious songs, but these songs will never be considered in their repertoire of "instant classics".

  45. How long before "Brillant" is quietly fixed?

  46. I'm pretty sure Randall is confusing "instant classic" with "niche cult pseudo-hipster 'it's cool because it's ironic'"

  47. I finally got to see XKCD on xkcdexplained- I think it was at it's very core a good idea, but fairly poorly executed-
    He's telling- not showing (wall'o' expository text; I hate when SMBC does this too) and the panel art looks a little 'busy' for me.

    It also reinforces my belief that XKCD should have faces- without any expression the guy could just as easily be doing the robot in his car.

    That being said, I think this idea would be funny if framed differently; like instead of blatantly sampling confusing noises, the band inserted low volume subliminal stuff so whenever people heard the song they'd have this overpowering urge to check their phone for texts or go to the toilet.

    That and if it was an actual comic and not just a captioned stickman having a seziure inside his car.

    or maybe outside a car on front of a steeringwheel, it's hard to tell.

  48. Goddammit I made a big long angry review of how much 780 sucks now that ive gotten some sleep and this fucking blog ate it.


  49. VES: our anger powers this blog. Keep it up.

    Does anyone know that "Single Ladies" Beyonce song, and how every second it sounds like an NES character is jumping? I feel like Randall is just irritated that this song is popular. "Is" being the Munroe present tense, which takes place anywhere between 1-55 years in the past.

    Thomas Edison: that guy was a jerk, amirite guys?

    RE: Brillant(e)... Randall, pedant that he is, is obviously telling us to return to our French linguistic roots. But keeping it American...? "Brillante" apparently gives an English definition of "in a gay, showy way". I kinda like it.

  50. Umm, YOU GUYS! If there was a horn in a POPULAR song from the beginning, it wouldn't be all that annoying. It would be expected, then when it came on you would enjoy it (and maybe pantomime a honking motion). Then when the radio jerk deleted it from the song it would sound all weird because you were expecting it and it wasn't there and you would swerve off the road.

  51. Well done, Qwantz. You've put more thought into this joke than Randall.

  52. Alright, this is the skeleton of the observations I made that were gobbled up by this ravenous blog (there's a rob joke in there but I don't feel like hunting for it, so whatever).

    1. As Plasma pointed out, randy appears to have drawn today's panel smaller, rather than simply drawing it at its current size (which, incidentally, is still a [i]pretty goddamn small panel as far as those things go[/i]) in an effort to save time. In addition to being unbelievably, pathetically lazy, this has a few flaws: for one, it looks like shit. For another, his gaping flaws are that much more apparent. Just look at Stick Boy's head!

    2. Stick Boy's head (or, The Art Sucks Part 2). It is not attached to his neck. Nor is it floating! It appears to be resting on his arm (left? right? no way to know!), held in place by his hand that is not actually touching the hand either. randy, take note: while blowing up the panels makes your life easier, it makes your shitty mistakes more noticable (and therefore shittier)

    3. The joke is shitty. The kernel of the idea in this joke has some humor potential, but there are way funnier ways to do it. Personally I'd go with something like shouting "FIRE!" in the middle of the song to create confusion in crowded places.

    4. Why the fuck is Stick Boy's mind apparently blown by hearing a car horn [i]while he's driving?[/i] If the whole point is to mess with you by placing realistic environmental noises in the songs to blow peoples minds, why show a guy freaking out at hearing a car horn in the one place you'd expect to hear one? I'd be more freaked out if I was sitting at home and suddenly heard a car alarm go off. Not while I'm driving a goddamn car on a road populated by other goddamn cars with goddamn car horns.

  53. gah wrong html tags. That's what I get for using two forums at once >_<

  54. We had them especially kept back to these boring html tags so that Carl could use his god-forsaken square brackets [at least this is the theory]. [url=www.CarlIsTheWorld']AmIRite?[/url]

    Captcha: Thysiv. Sounds kinda like a new age emo band.

  55. "4. Why the fuck is Stick Boy's mind apparently blown by hearing a car horn [i]while he's driving?[/i] If the whole point is to mess with you by placing realistic environmental noises in the songs to blow peoples minds, why show a guy freaking out at hearing a car horn in the one place you'd expect to hear one? I'd be more freaked out if I was sitting at home and suddenly heard a car alarm go off. Not while I'm driving a goddamn car on a road populated by other goddamn cars with goddamn car horns."

    If you're driving and hear a car horn you perk up and try to figure out why someone is honking, and it is annoying when you realize it was the radio. Music with sirens does it to. The other day a song started playing right as I turned on my turn signal - the beat sounded just like it but faster, so at first I thought I had a bulb out.

  56. Also, radio stations will be fined for transmitting a siren sound over the air. If the song is popular, clearly they will know if there is a siren prior to broadcasting and either edit it out or not play it.

  57. Probably old news...

    but in the XKCD store, you can order prints for the price of 15 per. These are done "Radiohead style" so you can pick any price you long as it is at least 15 dollars (this is not radiohead style, as then the print would be free, but I digress). Naturally, there is a box to enter your desired price point.

    You would think it's $15 as a default, as that's the minimum cost per. Nope - $25. Seems a bit sketchy to me.

  58. UndercoverCuddlefishAugust 16, 2010 at 3:37 PM

    yeah the comic is up on xkcdexplained now so i can assert that it sucks as much as i had assumed it would

    people have complained about a lot of the other shit in the comic so i will take a different route and say that i have some first hand examples of songs that include car horn sounds and one that even makes me think my cell phone is going off

    the point here is that randy says you can become a hated band by making catchy songs with confusing environmental sounds slipped in and i am saying that i have heard catchy songs with confusing environmental sounds slipped in and do not hate the bands that made them

    no matter how clever you think the joke might be (oh man randall must have tried so hard to think of this idea and i am sure he did not simply hear a song with a sound that confused him) it is essentially pointless because the one assertion it makes is entirely inaccurate

  59. Unrelated note: while searching for cyanide and happiness on the Google, I noticed a sponsored link promising me I could "save big on cyanide and happiness at eBay". So apparently not only can you buy happiness, you can even bid on it.
    An ad which, I might add (oh god), was significantly funnier than the comic itself.

  60. There's the sound of a ringing bell in a White Stripes song, I think "Take, Take, Take" and it always gets me because it sounds JUST like my doorbell (it's like an old-style, actual bell).
    I think they also do another song where it sounds like my name is being shouted in the background.

    Which makes me think, this comic could be made potentially better if it is instead about Black Hat Guy inserting a specific name (like David or something) into songs on the radio to confuse any people named David that might be listening.

    Actually. That's not much funnier. Whatever.

  61. A much better way to tell the joke would be to have songs that are masterpieces as written, but record them with the worst vocals/guitar tone/mixing. This would be better because it would actually make sense.

  62. What the hell is WRONG with this guy? He's STILL obsessed with high school. You pointed it out, and Randall keeps confirming it.

    Seriously, high school? Dude. Grow UP. What's worth remembering about high school?

  63. I think he just confused "hated" with "annoying".

    Because if they were a popular band that did this, then they wouldn't be "the most hated"... by definition of being popular.

    But yes, it could still be pretty damn annoying! And yes this already happens all the time, but I guess that's just what he's making fun of.

    In conclusion: Randall get your terms to convey the right meaning damnit. This and the viagra thing, I shouldn't have to figure out what you MEANT to imply in order to find the joke funny.

  64. You should have said "by dint of being popular". People should say "by dint" more.

    captcha: "anongr". Rob sees an anon has posted, he goes "gr".

  65. As classy as that expression is, I'm not sure it was really the one I was looking for there.

    Although if I HAD used a related term inaccurately in the attempt to make my point... Ah! Damn, another missed opportunity for irony.

  66. A much better way to tell the joke would be to have songs that are masterpieces as written, but record them with the worst vocals/guitar tone/mixing. This would be better because it would actually make sense.

    There's a band on Youtube that does just that with rock classics like Nothing Else Matters and such. The whole production looks totally professional except for the fact that they intentionally screw up the song. It's pretty funny, but of course I can't remember the name of the band.

    Regarding the comic, I think the thing that annoyed me the most is that it's a teeny tiny panel crammed between massive walls of text, and then in the teeny tiny panel there's a HUGE close up of a dude. So huge and so poorly detailed that you have to look twice to see that it's a dude in a certain position and not just a bunch of random rods in a car.

    The composition totally ruined the joke for me. My eye was naturally drawn to the panel first, rather than the text above it, presumably because I'm not autistic. The trouble is that the text above it is required reading before you look at the panel. Without it, you just have no idea what is happening. Then you read the text above it, and look at the panel again, and while you get it, it's lost the impact it could have had.

    Also the whole "mess with people through songs on the radio" thing is potentially a very funny concept, which this is one of the worst examples of. My personal favorite is an album I once had where they slowly fade out over the course of 15 minutes or so, so that every now and then you turn up the volume, and then they end with a huge explosion at normal volume.

    There's been a couple of way better suggestions mentioned here, and I'm sure Randall would've been able to come up with some even better ones if he had actually sat on this joke for a couple of days and developed it. You know, like professional comedy writers do.

  67. I had this album, 'Don't be afraid' by a band called 'information society'.

    It was a generally fucked up album, with weird electro-surreal gothy songs, with bizzare monolauge dispersed throughout- I baught it because the same guy makes the soundtracks for the legacy of kain games, so I thought it'd be cool.

    One of my favourite tracks on the album was a cover of 'Are Friends Electric?'

    a youtube link to this song is here

    and here's a comical website promoting the album with samples

    Now, you don't need to listen to the whole song,
    but at the end of are firends electric (in the youtube link) there's this fadeout,
    and then this crusty old voice starts spluttering nonsense and talking gibberish-
    That voice freaked me the fuck out for years, I thought it was casting some weird satanic spell or some shit, and would always panic when the song ended to try to fastforward onto the next track before the voice started.

    Because the rest of the album was so fucked up and surreal it was pretty plausable; and if you had a look at the album website the guy clearly looks like he has some screws loose.


    it turns out if you reverse the voice it contains a secret message, which I learned only recently;

    The secret message is

    "Obey your parents. Do your homework. Winners don't do drugs."

    That was by far- the best music-type joke I've ever experienced, and is better than XKCD because the guy actually went out and did it, rather than
    "wouldn't it be funny if..."

    Also because the rest of the album and presentation of the website lends itself to this one joke.

    I donno, DISCUSS?

  68. That's fucking hilarious. I'll have to find that album somewhere.

  69. Anecdote: I have a song on my MP3 player by Dream Theater, I can't remember the name of the song, but there is a part in it about halfway through where the guitar fades out a little bit and there is a slight siren sound. This sound, without fail, ALWAYS causes me to look around my car while I'm driving, as if cops have just decided to pull me over for speeding. It works on passengers too if I have any. I don't know if this is intentional on Dream Theaters part, or just a happy coincidence. Regardless, it is quite an amusing thing when it happens.

    With regards to the latest XKCD, the seed of his joke is not terrible.

  70. Charles Augustus FortescueAugust 17, 2010 at 4:24 AM

    I agree. The latest XKCD is founded on a good observation about distracting sounds in pop songs, but doesn't capitalise fully on the potential of the idea.

    A better approach might have been a longer strip of increasing absurdity: a phone sound in a song, then a car horn, and so on, building up to someone's mother calling them for dinner or something equally personal. The final panel could depict Mr Black-Hatt in a studio surreptitiously adding these noises to the recordings.

  71. UndercoverCuddlefishAugust 17, 2010 at 4:38 AM

    @charles augustus fortescue expecting something other than mundanity from xkcd is dangerous business

    i mean we are talking about a comic drawn (and i use the word drawn loosely) by a guy that can make hallucinations boring so it should come as no surprise that randys version of this joke satisfies itself with being little more than observational "humor"

    i mean it is pretty telling that the most overwhelmingly common response to his comics these days is "there is potential for humor here i bet it could be pretty funny if"

    randall should stop making webcomics and replace his site with with a box that says "make your own joke about this concept" and then contains a word or phrase because that is exactly what xkcd has turned into

  72. "randall should stop making webcomics and replace his site with with a box that says "make your own joke about this concept" and then contains a word or phrase because that is exactly what xkcd has turned into"

    Couldn't have said it better. The forums have turned into exactly that -- a way to fill in the blanks the comics leave.

  73. Fucking hell Randall must listen to Spike Jones I bet it's all the music he ever listens to too what a dumb cunt.

  74. As an aside: I can never remember which one is Spike Jones and which one is Spike Jonze.

  75. Carl, you lazy hack! Where are the new comic reviews? Don't make me go to to read them!

    Oh, wait, you're a lazy hack... just like RANDALL MUNROE! IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!

    I was blind but now I see,


  76. At least Randall is a punctual lazy hack.

  77. Where the HELL is Friday's comic critisism? You suck 1000 cocks Mr Carl. I hate you.

  78. eating shit out of your nanna's arsehole

  79. I'm sure Carl could be just as punctual as Randall if he were to put the same amount of effort into his work (and made a living off of it).

  80. Maybe Carl is DEAD!

    Please don't be dead Carl.

  81. You (Anonymous 12:41 a.k.a* the post directly above mine) say that as if it were a bad thing. Strange as it so clearly is not.


    *Also known as

    -William Montgomery Hughes, esq,
    Intelligence Quotient (IQ) 224
    "Cogito Ergo Sum"

    Your days are numbered and finite. My judgement is eternal. Know this as you weep upon your fallen King of Mongs, oh Frabjous Day.

  82. Willy... I find it sad that you will never experience a "GOOMH! Randal" moment. If only your brain were not so massive, perhaps then, and only then, would Randal fit in your head...

  83. Oh, hey, Willy! It's been a while!

    Too long, in fact...

    Hmmm... anyone else notice that whenever Carl disappears for long(er than usual), WMH shows up?


  84. Don't insult William Montgomery Hughes that way. His cranium contains at least 10 times more power than that simpleton Carl.

  85. @HOLY SHIT GUYS from 1:21,

    There's a Mindless Self Indulgence track called Backmask that does the same trick. Forwards, the lyrics tell you to kill yourself and destroy stuff. But backwards, there are hidden messages that say to do your homework and clean your room and be nice to people, etc.

  86. Yeah basically it's a common enough joke now that examples of ironic "good" messages actually outweigh examples of the Satanic kind.

  87. UndercoverCuddlefishAugust 17, 2010 at 6:15 PM

    carl you lazy fuck you are as slovenly as you are obese

  88. I was about to declare Carl dead and crown myself new King of the Blog, but then he had to come back and ruin EVERYTHING.

  89. It STILL says "brillant"? COME ON

  90. um, yeah. sorry about that guys. hopefully won't happen again. Good points all around about the comic and other bands who have actually done this as opposed to drawing a comic where someone has done it.