Sunday, June 14, 2009

Comic 596: Stalk Show


Sometimes Randall Munroe draws comics and I go "ewwww, that's creepy, that makes me feel gross." And I write that on the blog and invariably, some people go "what are you talking about, there's nothing creepy about that, you just use that word to describe everything, lame"

Can we all please agree that this comic is fucking creepy? This is stalking, what is happening here. Nothing else. That's creepy, all the time. Ok? What Mr. Hat is doing is following where this person is at all times (yes, she has chosen to in some cases broadcast where she is, but Mr. Hat's exposition makes it clear that she does not intend for to be followed in this case).

Then there is the "Megan" question - as you all know, Randall has this habit of always having his weird breakup comics (and, as in this case, a few others) feature a girl named Megan, and there is Much Debate over how seriously to take this - whether it is just a stock name and Randall just likes using it all the time, or if he actually has had some serious unresovled drama featuring a Megan. Obviously, if it is the later, then that ups the creepiness in all these comics exponentially. It also means that Randy is really just weird, and not very careful at all. That's why I tend to fall on the "It's just a name" side of the deabte. But who knows? As he uses it more, it makes me feel a little creepier even if it's just a name.

Oh my goodness so far into a post and I have yet to get mad at the humor! The humor is bad. The joke is bad. First off, it's another Noodle Incident joke - where he doesn't actually tell you a funny situation, he just gives you some Guarunteed Humorous Material and makes you imagine what funny thing happened - in this case, he gives you Sex + Electronics/Tools -> ? -> Injury and you get to figure out what ? is. It's perfect - because if you can't come up with something funny, it's your fault for having a crappy imagination, and if you can, well, give Randy credit because he inspired it with his ideas. FUCKER.

Anyway, whatever you thought of for the hilarious situation, it wasn't that good. It just relies on the usual middle school awkwardness about sex that makes it always funny no matter what. Add the usual middle school humor about people getting hurt, and you have yourself a joke that will not fail to entertain 14 year olds, time after time after time, with no extra work required! From a standpoint that is only a little more advanced, it just seems lazy. And it is.

With the alt-text ("The G1, especially with the new Android upgrade, is way better than I originally thought.") he just isn't trying anymore. That's OK randall. Your jokes are bad when you write them, so you might as well stop writing jokes at all and just skip to basic technology reviews.

XKCD-Obsessed-With-Sex count: 3 out of the last 5! And one of the two that didn't was about uterus-based-humor.

Update: god fucking damn it I promised to say something nice about each comic and this time I didn't even remember. I found something else I disliked though! Two things actually. One was the excellent point made by Commenter Raekwon the Deaf about how when Mr. Hat says "when they're doing something discreetly" it really does telegraph that the joke will be something awkwardly sexual and embarrassing. That's basically all the word "discreet" is used for.

And then what pissed me off (and this is one of those little things) is the names of the stores: "Eastview Adult Toy Store" and "Lakeview Sex Toy Shop" are made from the same formula. Can't even think of a clever sex shop name? Come on. (hey! that's pracically a name right there). And then the hardware stores are "blue collar name + 's + what sort of thing we sell".

Oh right I was here to say something nice. Ah crap. I really can't think of anything. I will try harder next time (though I may fail again, 597 sucks ass too)


  1. At least it had two guys in it! ... Being creepy as fuck.

  2. When I first read it, I didn't piece together the destinations, so it just came off as Randall sending megan to the hospital for no reason.

    It's still creepy even knowing the punchline, but whatever.

  3. Yeah, it took me a couple reads to realize there was a joke there. Horrible execution even if it would have been funny otherwise.

  4. where's the daily positive you're supposed to do?

  5. Sometimes, 9:02, there's just nothing left in the glass.

    What, you want him to say "Good job!" at being super fucking creepy?

  6. It is odd that there are two sexy-thing-with-electronics-ruined-by-burning comics in a row. But whatever. It is also odd to bring in the hatted fellow for something so relatively mundane, but also whatever. Neither of these things are bad, just strange.

    If you have the right sense of humor, the punchline isn't bad. I don't happen to have that sense of humor, but obviously that isn't Randall's fault.

    All that aside, there is one glaring failure in this one. The setup -allows- for the punchline, but doesn't actually relate to it. The whole comic could be just the second panel, and given the caption "Megan's Day". The first panel just seems to be Randall showing off a nerdy thing that he happens to know. Again. But it is less flagrant showing off than other situations.

    How could this comic improve, you may ask? Rather, how could the list of daily locations actually tie in to being watched? Easily. Make Megan visit conveniently named locations to spell out a message. Perhaps the equivalent of "I know you are watching me." Granted, it would be hard to find location names to spell out such a message, but if it can't be done, then the setup should not exist at all.

  7. It's telling there's so little discussion about this.

  8. In the forum, I mean.

  9. Holy shit 597. Holllyyyy shit this might be the absolute worst one yet.

    There HAS to be some joke I'm not getting. This isn't a cartoon. This isn't a cartoon at all, its something a friend of his told him probably last Thursday. That's it, a 15 second convo with a friend.

    Sorry for hijacking this thread so early, but I need to get this out.

    That is all.

  10. this would have been much funnier (ie not as shitty as it is now) if he hadn't given away the joke in the first line.

    "but haven't learned the habit of turning it off when they're doing something discreetly." tells us exactly what the punch-line will be: Megan does something crazy sexual and whatnot!

    if it had just been
    "I made an app to track people!", then we are at least given the option of being surprised by the crazy goings-on of Megan.

    I guess the joke is really "you wouldn't expect a visit to the hardware store to be kinky!", but if that's the case, it only means randy wasted an opportunity to pack even more precious humor nuggets into the comic.

    i really think many of the problems with xkcd stem from randall's lack of literary sensibility (as has been pointed out before). he simply doesn't know how to transmit his ideas. they may be slightly clever, but he's an engineer, not a writer, so all his prose and storyboarding come out horribly stilted.

  11. This joke was already done. But it was already explained. In the Moral Orel Season 3 episode "Numb" it shows Orel's mother, Bloberta sexually injuring herself with a jackhammer while Orel and Clay were at their hunting trip. In truth, it wasn't so much a joke as it was sad. Which is what this comic was. But not in the meaningful way that leads to character development.

  12. "Obviously, if it is the later, then that ups the creepiness in all these comics exponentially."

    That should be "latter," not "later."

  13. you forgot to post something you like about the comic

  14. "What, you want him to say "Good job!" at being super fucking creepy?"

    Oh, and he forgot a punchline?

    Doesn't matter if there's something "good" about it, there's ^. Do you read other people's comments? Apparently not.

  15. Why does the dialog in the latest comic seem like it's spoken by male-computer-user's crotch area?

  16. What annoys me most about this comic is that he uses "people are using" to project something he's used as being more popular than it really is. Not all stores will be labeled like that, either, if Google Latitude uses Google Earth data; the user probably had to take the trouble to map buildings to place names using Street View.

    The latest comic has me guessing he's getting his material from or something.

  17. Have you thought about commenting on how even the forumites didn't know that there was an app like this? I sure didn't, and it negated the humor outright. I literally had to figure out what it was to get the joke.

  18. 597 is 100% mediocre, which is actually an improvement over these past few.

    It's official: xkcd sucks.

  19. The presence of the other person (probably "Robert") in the little table just opens up more questions. I would imagine it's just someone unrelated to Megan. But then I noticed that all of his activity is occurring while Megan is out buying sex toys. And, I dunno, maybe it's nothing, or maybe there was some larger idea here (a husband or something?) that Randall just failed to communicate.

    Robert's locations also don't make much sense together.

  20. Anon, Spot on with the comment. That's exactly what I thought.

  21. Can we add "Constant novelty saps my initiative" to the list of things no girl would say? Fuck, no PERSON would say that. Jesus.

    My CAPTCHA for this is "wrathiza." That speaks for itself.

  22. ramsey i have had many female friends (alliteration FTW) and i have heard at least five of them say that



  23. Do people read Xkcd because it makes them feel smart? Even if they don't get the jokes?

  24. I did not finish this comic. Two panels and I couldn't finish. I still don't know what happened.


  25. Woah, Randall, what the fuck. Guess what? Women in real life are not the same as the women on Try talking to them some time.

  26. "Constant novelty saps my initiative." is terrible dialogue, definitely. I had to read it twice to figure out what it meant ("Novelty saps? Like.. maple syrup with glitter?") and it just comes across as incredibly awkward. I know people talk like that, especially on the internet, because they feel it makes them sound like intellectuals, but that doesn't mean it's not terrible writing.

    Interestingly, it's not in the same vein as "Do me without a condom" or "Ugh, stupid uterus", because it's more like somebody trying to talk like a pseudo-intellectual/HAL 9000, rather than straight out blunt. This means that we may be able to start dividing Randall's dialogue in separate categories soon. Exciting!

  27. i'm 14 and hated it. lern2separateageandmaturitykthnxbye.

  28. Something good, carl

    But yeah, I agree

  29. "lern2separateageandmaturitykthnxbye"


  30. it's funny because it connects three things you'd normally not connect together: adult stores, power tool stores, and a hospital.
    Maybe I'm just insane...

  31. Except it's not funny. Just strange.

    The next one though, well the alt text made me laugh but maybe I just have that sense of humour.


    As ridiculous as it might be, it is a much more pleasant interpretation of the comic.

    I find it sad that xkcd has come to the point where _others_ have to find a possible joke for you. Where is the kxcd I loved?

  33. On the previous thread a few people were saying this comic wasn't too bad.

    Odd, because this is the first one I've actually hated. I usually like xkcd, even the recent ones, though I do sense a decline in quality.


  34. I liked 597. But my perception is all messed-up now because of all these horrible a previous commenter said, it's admittedly quite generic and mediocre.

  35. [10:53] [Megan] Constant novelty saps my initiative.
    [10:53] [Megan] I'm gonna try to spend a weekend at home without Internet.
    [10:54] [Randall] I give you an hour.


    [11:35] [Megan] So far, it's not actually too bad!
    [11:35] [Randall] Ahem?
    [11:36] [Megan] Wait.
    [11:36] [Megan] Shit.

    Prior posters were right, this is basically a bash joke, only less funny because the small amount of humor it contains is from the timestamps. The alt-text is also lame.

    And in bash form it highlights how horrible 'constant novelty saps my initiative' is for dialogue.

    Randall desperately needs an editor. When there's notable examples of terrible writing in the last like 3 out of 5 strips, something's wrong.

  36. I thought that lot of the recent comics really read as if they were taken from irc transcripts, so I really feel the vibe of 597. While jokes on IRC are funny

  37. And this is reposted from A WEEK AGO (seriously, update faster)

    The explanation in the first paragraph could have been worded more clearly.

    I can't see any real way to revise the thing that makes it funnier, perhaps replacing the last, "home", with, "Slappy's Clown-a-Palooza and Brothel".

    The Alt text could be funnier, or funny to begin with. Here's a better rewrite, "Looks like I have a stand at the hospital tonight."


  39. @Joe Bloggs:

    That was worth reading for the following phrase: "like Speed 2 only with a bus instead of a boat"

  40. Evilagram,

    Thanks for putting all that in caps, I almost didn't see your comment.

    Fair enough.

    Why does anyone complain about this? It is a stylistic choice he made, and I would imagine a lot of people like it. Even if no one does, I doubt he would change it as it would then cease to be xkcd, really.

  41. Have you really seen the last few strips?

    They're UNTOLERABLY bad artwork wise.

  42. At 9:37 Anonymous:
    It's not the stick figures, I personally can buy that as a style since it's worked, I guess. Randy's lazy everywhere else. Considering his last background was in comic 592, and that was 6 comics ago. Even then, the best there was was a corner in two panels and a small glimpse out the door of actual background. Apart from that, these stick figures have been sitting in a blank, expressionless void, as has Randy's humor. Seriously, even a horizon line would improve his comic.

  43. Maybe Randy is trolling his readers by uploading intentionally shitty comics and waiting for responses?

    Carl = Randall?

    Unlikely, but it would be pretty funny and probably something he would do.

  44. actually i think a horizon line would make all his stick figures look like they've sprouted new limbs, since randy generally doesn't know how to use different line weights.

  45. Yeah, and why would Randy need good drawings when his amazing writing stands out for itself?

    Ba-dum tish.

  46. @Lint of Death:

    That's a joke from the Simpsons.

  47. Trust an Xkcd fan to steal jokes from superior sources.

  48. not so much to steal but to reference it for no reason randomly in a location that doesn't fit with the dialogue.

  49. At least the girl in this comic has wisely resorted to pleasuring herself instead of tossing her body wish-fulfillment style at the Twilight Zone-esque world of Randall-men that surrounds her.

    Oh wait, the stalker-knowledge leads to another "we've figured out women and their vaginas" joke. Will someone build Randall a Nathan Fillian sexbot already that only speaks Firefly quotes?

  50. (mal from firefly)

  51. @format: Flawlessly executed. My compliments.

  52. @John
    Haha, I knew it sounded familiar.

  53. @Lint of Death, John: I agree, that's a great line.

    @596: Maybe Randall should just start writing pornography.

    MEGAN: "Oh, no! My Ubuntu distribution is acting up! I'd better call... the computer repairman!"

    RANDALL (wearing only a pair of socks and an APPLE PROBOOK over his genitals): "Do you need... assistance?"

    MEGAN: "Oh! My uterus!"


    @597: Nothing about this is anything other than a middling quote. At least that's, like, half a step up from 4chan memes.

  54. Ken has it spot on. The joke, as much as it exists, is just the second panel. Once it's been stripped down to just the second panel, it's just xkcd 236 with a hardware store instead of a supermarket and the joke being played on us instead of us being in on the joke.

    Maybe something like:
    11:00 AM - Home
    12:30 PM - Eastview Adult Toy Store
    1:00 PM - Chipotle
    2:00 PM - Laketown Sex Toy Shop
    2:30 PM - Fry's Electronics
    3:00 PM - Ed's Powertool Emporium
    3:30 PM - Pharmacy
    4:00 PM - Behind you
    Or, add a third panel where Megan enters innocently. Or, remove the name Megan and add a third panel (or just replace the second panel) with him saying, "Um, I can explain...". These can also justify the presence of the first panel in that they set up the characters. Basically, turn it on the characters and let us laugh at their wily shenanigans.

    Or, at least have it interplay with Robert's day:
    11:00 AM - Home
    2:00 PM - Pharmacy
    2:30 PM - Home
    3:00 PM - Chiropractor
    4:00 PM - Home
    4:10 PM - Hospital Burn Ward
    Possibly replacing some of the home's with the other's name or with a common address, or we can just assume they're living/rooming together.

  55. One thing that really jumps out at me again after reading it is how he clearly does ZERO editing, or even re-reading of his strips. Which is why the dialogue is so stilted and unnecessary. You can kind of imagine his thought/writing process:

    -Funny idea
    -Write funny idea as dialogue "We're in a window..."
    -"Draw" idea, because, you know, it's like a comic or whatever, maybe add some details

    This might fly when you're ideas are good enough the bad writing is overlooked, or (more rarely) that the ideas are so good that they take up enough space just getting the idea out the first time. So I can imagine that in the early days of XKCD, that was fine, so no one ever told him how real writers work. But those days are long gone.

    But if he'd just edit his goddamn comic like a PROFESSIONAL (which he is), he could take it from truly bad comic to just a generic crappy comic. Even if this is the best idea he could come up with in the 48 hours he had since the previous one, he should just edit out the stupid dialogue, have his crappy chart with a title like, "Why Google Latitude is a Bad Idea."

    Of course, if you applied this to all of xkcd, Mr. Hat (or any other character) would have all of ten appearances. And all this inevitably leads to "Randall should get a blog/twitter".

    C'est la vie.

  56. I would just like to point out that "Fry's Electronics" is a real chain of stores. It's hardly the artist's fault that it appears formulaic. I don't know about the other one,(I doubt it's real, given the specificity) but still it's hardly a trend with only one valid data point.

    You have point with the sex shops, though.

    As for creepiness-- yeah, okay, this one's creepy. But that's the point. It's knowingly creepy, featuring a character long since established to be sadistic and obsessive. It's creepy in a "that character is creepy" way, not creepy in a "the author who produced this comic is creepy" way.

  57. @Evilagram: doing any such thing would result in said person being immediately shot down by several dozen forum members who believe there is nothing wrong with xkcd and that the webcomic is the very representation of perfection.

    Randall might be able to take critisicm, but since he never addresses any of it we may never know.

  58. Also I swear I saw somebody say somewhere that "10 minutes for crazy sex to the burn ward is a bit fast" I have to make the obligitory joke that if Randall was involved you would expect it to be.

    (or maybe I just have a dirty mind)

  59. Hahaha so many zings here, and all of them delivered so artfully. Well done, everyone. I feel we have made the world a better place.

    captcha: peesst.

  60. Randy seems like the type who doesn't take criticism very well, but not in a very public way. When John Allison posted snarky things about XKCD he just took down the link. I guess it's possible he also sent a sad email but I think he generally avoids that phase.

  61. I think we have seen Randy sneakily fix typos and then delete incriminating comments often enough to know that he does not like attention to be brought to his mistakes.

  62. Apparently he feels pretty okay about it.

    Which reminds me, I've been meaning to reply to that thread since forever.

  63. Everytime I see that thread I have to laugh at what an obvious sycophant Belial is.

  64. It would also appear that Belial is a bit of a douche.

  65. "Okay. And?

    Piss poor criticism doesn't get better just because you're failing on purpose. It just adds an extra level of stupid to the mix."

    I think randy is missing the point. Cyber-bullying? Against _who_?
    For many many comics we weren't even KNOWN on the xkcd forums, much less to randy himself (I assume)

    It's really easy to dismiss something as bad and ignore it. It's even easier to do the same to critique.

  66. @Everyone replying to my comment about randal getting an editor/better art:

    Yes, the stick figures are a stylistic choice, but that doesn't mean that he can't work on improving the other things that aren't stick figures, not to mention the poses and the flow of the stick figures themselves. That, and at the beginning of the comic he posted some really cool landscapes, and at least a few of his comics have included some nice stuff like that. Where did that go? Let's push to bring that kind of stuff back.

    As for raiding the xkcd forums, it's wholly possible. We have a bunch of readers here, we can stand up to a few forumites. If they're really as delusional and stupid as everyone here thinks, then we can take 'em easy.

    As for Randal ignoring criticism to protect his precious ego: Murder 'em. I'm quite the infamous art critic in some parts of the internet, and I cannot allow anyone to simply hide like that. Make him or break him, Randal needs to feel the heat.

  67. "As for raiding the xkcd forums, it's wholly possible. We have a bunch of readers here, we can stand up to a few forumites. If they're really as delusional and stupid as everyone here thinks, then we can take 'em easy."

    Wouldn't that require me making an account? It seems like a lot of effort just to get banned by the xkcd blowjob brigade.

  68. @those forums:

    First, you can see that the "Fernie Canto" that occasionally posts here in action, username SirMustapha. He seems more cordial here.

    Second, it's annoying that Carl's posts are taken to be the be all and end all of xkcdsucks. Granted he's the benefactor of this blog, and his posts are on the frontpage, but I think xkcdsucks is more about the community and posts. People bring up many good points in the comments. That, and I don't find myself agreeing with all of Carl's points, and I generally hate every new xkcd.

    Third, 'Belial' seems like a colossal tool. I only say this because it makes me question Randall's involvement on the forum. Does he post in it? Does he have a say in how it's run? Did he appoint this guy? Are they buddies? Though it's probably no coincidence that the biggest and loudest sycophant there seems to be in charge.

  69. @raiding those forums:

    I'm not for it, and I assume most of the other regulars (Carl, Rob, poore, Amanada, etc) would not be as well.

    I like to think we're above that 4chan type crap around here.

  70. Quite, we have the moral high ground, here.

    And John, I've been told that Belial is a good real-life buddy of Randall (and there I thought he had none), which is why he can give Randall's opinion in some things. It's quite clear that he's a douche, though. Yes, me calling someone a douche. Speaks volumes about their level of doucheyness, doesn't it?

  71. I propose for a new blog:

  72. Chris, it's not at all creepy because he's stalking her. That's standard black hat behaviour.

    It's creepy because Randall makes her name Megan and, because she's a woman, assumes she is a unidimensional character.

  73. Dude, this is the Internet. If anyone had the moral high ground, they wouldn't be here. You know, they'd be somewhere on the moral high ground, looking down at anyone who thought "hmm. this internet thing looks interesting. but randall is clearly unfunny/carl is clearly wrong/poore is clearly drunk! i must intervene!" and pointing. And laughing. The pointing! The laughing! The laughing and pointing and pointing and laughing, and pointing and laughing and pointing and laughing... I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!

    @Rehoboam: Surely someone who is a douche would be more likely to find other people a douche?

  74. Ack, two people got in before me, and I made it worse by only using @Rehoboam for one part of the post. So now I look like an idiot.

    Hey! I heard that!

    CAPTCHA: "drouri", which is dreary in a Seeth Efrican eccent.

  75. @John: Randall does not really post there. There's like maybe 350 posts to his username.


  77. Belial says "I suppose entertainment value is valid, I find the general flailing and idiocy entertaining enough that I keep going back, so there must be something to that."

    Hahahahaha, oh man, bottom of the barrel guys! Randall's designated ball-muncher finds our 'flailing' and 'idiocy' endearingly entertaining. This is the guy who's closest thing to being funny and/or witty was banning people on the forum, this leading one of them to miss a meeting with another forum creature (although to be royally fucking honest if your only method of contact prior to meeting in real life is forum PMs then you're pretty fucking stupid). One could argue that people posting in that thread were retards (verdict: yep, they were), but the existence of such a thread is equally retarded. But hey, when you're a "humanities type" I guess that's what counts as being super-awesome. And, of course, this overreaction is just a whiny little kid crying into their pillow.

    So basically I end this on the note that both of them are idiots, but Belial has gotten it into his head that being a mod on the xkcd forums means he's funny/intelligent by proxy. He is a nobody on the internet just like the vast majority of people, myself included. I cannot for a second fathom that this will matter much though, as someone with an ego like his will just make some crappy retort from the safety of the forums if he even chooses to acknowledge anything I said. Obviously I'm 'flailing' to insult him in an 'idiotic' manner or something.

    Considering how elitist Randy is supposed to be about people not smart enough for him, I wonder why he's buddies with Belial. Must be a brilliant brown-noser, I guess...


  79. Some seem to be defending the creepiness because Blackhat is creepy, but this isn't "classhole" creepy, it's just "asshole" creepy. There's no sense of flair to it, no panache.

  80. Plus, there's really nothing that clever about it. See, it's different and funnier than regular stalking because he's using Google! It's computers!

    Let's see if Randy can write a joke about a guy who stalks an AI by installing a keylogger or something retarded like that. Blurring the lines between humans machines and idiots etc.

  81. @Ann Apolis:

    Hey! I'm not drunk when I post from work...usually.

  82. I'm afraid to look at that thread now. I might have done something stupid.

  83. what did you do, i don't get it

    also i am wholly opposed to raiding the forums. what would be the point of that?

  84. OK, so no one has responded. That's a good thing, but now I'm disappointed.

    I do not like those people.



  86. Amanda: posted the link to the thread.

    And yeah, raiding the forums would be stupid. I actually DO think we have the moral high ground here, as silly as 'moral high ground' sounds. We don't have to act like kids.

  87. Oh nooo, I'm not the electron dude. Goddamn that guy has a lot of posts.

  88. And it is so confusing when two of us are trying to comment at once.

  89. I went to the thread you posted! Did I go to the wrong page?

    I am even more confused than before, thanks Jay.

  90. jay that is not an answer at all

  91. OK here is what I was trying to say.

    Last night I posted the link to the xkcdsucks thread on echochamber.

    I checked these comments a few minutes ago and saw people talking about raiding it and was like, "shit, what have I done."

    Then I looked at the thread and saw that it had not been raided and I breathed a sigh of relief.

    Then I posted a comment and CONFUSION ENSUED

  92. ohhhhhhhhh. okay. Now it is my turn to clarify what I thought was going on:

    Remember how you said "I have been meaning to reply to that thread since forever"? Yes. You also posted a link there.

    Then you said "posted a link." So I was like I CLICKED IT NOTHING HAPPENED

    I will blame you entirely for this.

  93. I mean you posted a link to an xkcd thread within that comment.

  94. Is he even trying anymore? The man who brought us "sudo make me a sandwich" and "citation needed" has been reduced to rehashed sex jokes and LOL INTERNET IS ADDICTIVE AMIRITE GUISE?

    Let those faggots raid us. It's easier to mock them if they're over here.

  95. GOD DAMN IT someone posted before me again. I should just learn to pause the internet whenever I'm using it.

  96. Forum raiding is incredibly lame. Remember the ass turds.

    Also, for the record, I never thought sudo make me a sandwich was funny. I know what the sudo command does, but a guy responding to a unix command like he's a unix machine alone isn't funny enough, to me. It either needs a word joke or some additional thing that would provide some humorous reason for the guy to respond to unix commands.

    CAPTCHA: Sculporr. If I ever make a superhero movie, Sculporr will be the main villain.

  97. "Remember the ass turds."

    Carl will you please make that the blog tagline

  98. @Fred: you'd better. Most people forget the spur-of-the-moment non-sequitur promises they make on blogs. I never do.

  99. @Fred
    You didn't like the sudo comic? Well, pff to you good sir.

    Also, raiding and trolling are two different things. I imagine a "raid" from xkcd fans would be them trying to convert us with bullshit arguments like they always do, and frankly I would love to see some of Randall's sycophants post their diatribes and be all butthurt. Just like the good old YWIBAYSFB days...

  100. Many XKCD fanboys, much like Randy, thrive on pretending that they are morally superior, mocking those who hate them with what they imagine are Logical and Intellectual arguments that Prove that we are Inferior, Irrefutably. They rely desperately on acting as if they have the moral and intellectual high ground and are not emotionally affected by the attacks--something they couldn't do if they raided here, unless they are very skilled at self-deception. Even then, they end up looking pretty silly.

    The ones that come tend to do so alone or in pairs, and they quickly find themselves overwhelmed, bereft of support.

  101. It's more that they're up against people who are actually intelligent, as opposed to the xkcd psuedo-intellectual "hey guys I knew what this comic was referencing without needing to Google it can we be friends now please" morons.

  102. Hmm, still. You'd expect more fans of the comic to defend it here.
    I mean, do you have any idea how many absolutely fucking CRAZY fanboys Xkcd has?

  103. Yes, but the fans are too busy being oh so Ker-razy with their google and their stalking.

  104. Eh, fuck the fanboys. They're way too easy to bait, and they're not worth the effort anyway.

  105. Goddamnit, I fucking hate fanboys.

    did I mention, "fuck fanboys"?



  106. ok does anyone know where this "Belial" fellow got that quote from Randall about being "pretty ok" with this blog? I assume he was referring to this blog, possibly it is just "criticism in general" and I am being full of myself again. In any case - if anyone knows a place Randy has mentioned this blog can you link me to it? this is important because I happen to know for sure that randall is emphatically not ok with this blog.

  107. Randy probably posted it on echochamber, to show off to his biffle fanboys that he was totally cool with us so they would all think we are supersadface.

  108. oh amanda that is truly a great tagline, but I think it would only confuse new people...but it can be our offical motto or something, remember-the-alamo or remember-the-maine style

  109. I -think- Belial let it slip a couple of times that he occasionally speaks with Randall in person. Because he's the kind of person that would like other people to know that he speaks to people like Randall in person. So he might have heard it from him there. And since Randall presumably doesn't read or post in the forums, he won't call Belial out on it if it's bullshit.

    Also, regarding 'remember the ass turds': I like how much influence on this blog I already have. OMG WHAT IF I'M RANDALL IN DISGUISE!

  110. Also Carl how do you know for sure that he's not okay with it?

  111. perhaps whenever a troll becomes apparent and one of us is arguing with said troll, unaware in the heat of the moment that troll is a troll, another one of us can put a halt to the fight with "guys. Remember the ass turds."

    But then it is possible that we will get bombarded with questions like WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT CUDDLEFISH AND ASS TURDS WHAAAAAAT

    iono if it's worth it

    captcha: bored OMG BLOGGER GET OUT OF MY HEAD

  112. also Fred doncha know that Carl knows the truth about Randall cuz HE IS RANDALL AND NOT YOU



  114. hahahhahahhahaha


    you said "dickian"

  115. I'll show you dickian. Wait what does that even mean?



  117. Megan is the black-haired girl.