Sunday, July 13, 2008

Comic 448: Global Nonsense

Again, a wholly boring comic. First of all, in what way could it possibly be easier to figure out the timezone where people sleeping from midnight to 8 would have sleep schedules concurrent with yours? Why not just say "DUDE I totally was up till like 6 yesterday I totally like ate dinner FOR BREAKFAST." Obviously that isn't funny; neither is this comic. Oh and it goes without saying that this only works if you sleep exactly 8 hours a night (or some other standard length). Usually, when my sleep schedule is messed up it also affects how much I've slept, so I would have several options of time zone.

I wonder why he didn't make this a "My Hobby:" comic? It seems pretty natural - "My Hobby - Referring To My Internal Clock By Where It Seems To Be." Whatever.

Seriously - and I won't mock for this because it's not something I can argue about - did anyone actually find this funny? Not just "cute" or "amusing" but if you read this and actually laughed or something close tell me. I just can't believe it's possible.

By the way - if any of you loyal readers are on the xkcd forums, I would totally piss my pants in excitement if you started a thread on this blog. Yeah I'm full of myself, is that not OK? Send me a link -


  1. High five for recognizing an old format dressed up into a different delivery. Hey, at least this means fewer "Look At Me" starts to comics.

    I seriously hope your entry here isn't the end of an era before you get name-called out of existence. WHY MUST YOU HATE OTHER PEOPLE'S WORK CARL, THAT'S JUST SAD.

  2. Never fear, I will not be name called out of existence. I've found the last bunch of comics truly boring, so that's why I've been kind of lame recently. Maybe I should make the pie chart about Romance vs. Sarcasm vs. Math vs. Language I keep talking about.

  3. Read Eastern Standard Tribe, then you'll get the joke.

  4. i happen to live with Non-24-hour circadian rhythm disorder and thought it was hilarious.

    Because that is my life, that is how people greet me when they see me in their mornings. they ask me what time zone I'm in this day or this week.

  5. I think any sentence can be improved by starting it with "Because I happen to live with a non-24-hour circadian rhythm, ..."

    "Because I happen to live with a non-24-hour circadian rhythm, I couldn't finish that pizza."

    "Because I happen to live with a non-24-hour circadian rhythm, I killed your dog."

  6. Whoever wrote this obviously has no taste in good sarcasm