Wednesday, July 30, 2008

come quick! shitty new clothes for you to buy!

Ah, the xkcd store. Where loyal xkcd readers can prove their unabashed love for the comic by buying a shirt or some other crap. HEY KIDS, don't you want to be as attractive as this dude or possibly girl?
I'll say you do!

Anyway the store is the thing which keeps Randall going, which lets him put all his effort into his little comic so he doesn't have to get a job and do something more productive, like be a Wal-Mart greeter.

Anyway the point is only a limited number of people want to read a dumb non-comic about people who wear hats and they will only buy a certain number of copies of the same old boring shirts, so he needs to always make new shit to sell these people. (Yes, I just wanted to add a link in to yesterday's post. I am proud of it.) HENCE the new shirt, which looks like this:

What it is is a linux cheat sheet, basically a list of some commands that the 1% of you who use Linux (ok, ok, the 1% of us, because I am one) might want to use but not remember. The idea is that is upside down, so you can read it while it is on your body. Obviously, this is a useless shirt.

FINE I will list the reasons it is useless:

-When you are not wearing this particular shirt, it is not useful

-When you are wearing it is basically no more convenient than a piece of paper, or a file on your computer with the actual cheat sheet.

-If any of the ink comes off, good luck reading those commands - they're pretty tiny

-COME ON you are using Linux, you should be nerdy enough to memorize these.

-How many people are actually going to think "Ho ho, it's computing day for me, why don't I make sure to put on my special computing shirt to help me!" ? I suspect it's more likely that these people never leave their homes and never change their shirt.

SO the shirt is worthless, or at least the image on the shirt is worthless. What's the point? I posit: To prove to other people that you are a fan of xkcd and a nerd. This shirt, like using the godforsaken word "blag," is just a way to telegraph that you like xkcd to the tiny percentage of people you will meet in the real world who will know what the hell it is. Wearing this shirt, in other words, is the clothing equivalent of correcting people on their use of "there's" vs. "there're" in casual spoken language. You might feel good about it but everyone else thinks you're a dick.

In other words, you might as well just buy this shirt instead:

For those of you wondering what I think about another certain new shirt, I think that the new Dinosaur Comics shirt is awesome. Why do I think that? I'm not going to tell you; this is "xkcdsucks" not "dinosaurcomicsrock."


  1. I think that the "just XKCD" shirts are worse; at least this one pretends to be amusing.

  2. Aww... that shirt isn't actually for sale! Not that I'd buy it, but it's several levels funnier than the stupid linux one.

    OT: just stubmled across this blog, and I love it (I also don't think XKCD sucks) - keep up the good work!

  3. Anon 1 - I must disagree. Nothing is wrong with a shirt that isn't trying to be special, just like there's nothing wrong with just saying "oh yeah I know about xkcd." I think it's when you try to be funny or cool or in the secret club for people who like this one comic and then you fail- that is when you deserve to be made fun of.

    Anon 2- Thanks! Spread the word to your friends and enemies.

  4. wow. a site for stalking the maker of crappy comics. almost as bad as a site for crappy comics.

  5. wow, an anonymous commenter on a site for stalking the maker of crappy comics. almost as bad as a site for stalking the maker of crappy comics.

  6. Why not just make your own comic using your obviously superior intellect and sense of humor instead of criticizing someone else for doing what they love.

  7. uhhhhhh....the same reason Chris Orr doesn't make movies, he just writes really good reviews of them?

    Look - Randall has no more talent than thousands of other webcomic artists out there. He just got lucky - some important people happened to find his comic and link to it and a key time.

  8. THis is a stupid blog post. The guy who does xkcd is a genius.

  9. WEll shit you are right. I Take it all back. RAndall is pretty great after all. YEah.


  10. Anon: Seriously, why even bother? It's an "xkcdsucks" blog. You're going to get shot down in a matter of minutes. Why waste the thirty seconds of your life that it took you to write that? You could do something useful in that thirty seconds, like learning to use the English language in a slightly more interesting manner.

    Disclaimer: I am fully aware that I am wasting time here telling you this. I consider it a Good Deed towards you.

  11. Rachel Q: sometimes a man just has to express his love for Randall Munroe, so he won't cream his pants for the eighth time today.

  12. Hey! I resent being ostracized for using the word 'blag'. The word has legitimate meanings too. When I use it, the definition could be described by entries 1,3,4 or 6 from Entry 2 isn't the only definition of 'blag'.

  13. ok FINE, resentment is withdrawn, but just for you. Clearly, I was not aware of those other meanings, and my statements apply only to the word when used in those meanings. It's actually a pretty good concept to apply a word to.

    Though my favorite is #7 - I hope I have occasion soon to ask someone, "Dude - are you going to drink your '40 in the blag? "

  14. Wow. You sure put a lot of effort into hating a webcomic. Why are you so butthurt?

  15. WOW, did you learn that word on 4chan? That is so cool! I'm sorry, that's "that is teh cool!"

    I am not able to be on 4chan, I am not cool enough, so I have to learn all these things second hand, from helpful anons like yourself.

    SO COOL! gaaah, i am just so excited by your presence here!